January 13, 2009

Day 21

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 1/13/2009 03:24:00 PM
yeeey. finally dapat jumpa Yana today.
and and and and, she is soooo nice with me today.
haha. sangat la excited okay.

ntah mcm mane, kak Leen left me and her in the room. just the two of us.
at first, aku tak prasan taw. then I was like, e'eh.
Its just me and her. hehhe. okay. agk cuak disitu sbb takot dia mcm mengamok or whtsoever la kan.
luckily dia okay. hehe. layan2 dgn dia, sembang2 dgn dia. syok je taw.
dia tanye jgk la mama dia mane, tp pndai2 la temberang kan. ckp la mak dia pg mne2 ke ape ke. so dia cm okay.
tgk la cite SpaQ lah, tom tom bak la. mcm cite la tgk. dia nk tuka cd sume. lantak la, asal kan dia diam. hehe.

I left the hosp pon like at 7.30pm kott. tu pon sbb Ady dh text kate dia dh smpai LRT BTR. I promised him meyh nk balik dgn dia.
padahal, hops visiting hours until 7pm je kott. haha. aku buat bodo je. tp agk cuak sey turun sorang2 kt hosp tu, sbb dh tade orng en. haha.
tp takpe, Yana punye pasal, tak balik pon takpe taw.

anyway, Yana tak demam dh. alhamdulillah.
td masuk darah lagi.
and the best part is.
her immune system rate is now 0.1. yeeey.
hello. its been 0 for 3 days okay. now dh naik 0.1
sikit pon, still. its increasing, meaning, theres hope

Yana, Yana, Yana.

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Dancer on January 14, 2009 at 7:27 AM said...

yayyy! for she's the jolly gud fellow! ceh ceh nyanyi lak gue xD

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