March 29, 2008


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Its the last day. Its the last night. It would be a great lie if I said that I wasnt feeling sad at all. geeeeezz..of course I'm sad. dol.

We spent our last day, as in Friday, in the city. We didnt do anything much. We went to Direct Factory Outlet, about 5 blocks from Melbourne Central (where we parked our car). DFC is a place that sold branded stuff but in cheaper price. Most of it are half price. Its a really good place. Then we walked back to Melbourne Central &&& we stopped at this one amazing place.

Max Brenner, never heard of it? hah. mmg korang tak pernah sampai Melbourne lg la ni. hahah. poyo gilerrrr. Max Brenner, The Chocolate Bar, its an amazing place. They only serve food that involved chocolate. Everything is chocolate. Amazing is it? yeaaaaaa. surely is ! We ordered Tutty Fruity Waffle and Chocolate Soufle. gooooosh. stone kambing kate kt kak Mariah. haha. enough said. We drank Hot Chocolate. They served in Hug Mug. (hug it to drink it :D)

There goes our dinner actually. haha. Planning nk msk pasta la ape lah. tp dh melantak segala choc2 tros la kenyang. We headed home, lepak2 a bit , but before that I've told kak Mariah that I wanted to go out at night. Its my last night in Melbourne, so I really wanted to chill and just hanging out. So, blik la rumah. Smpai2 je, me and kak Yani tros posing2 kt balcony apartment kak Maria, ala2 model gitu. wawawa. we snapped pic like a lot.Later on, we lepak2 a bit, borak, kemas2 and apparently we ate, again. haha. Due to cik Enon yg asek la bebel2 suro makan nasi. we ate la jgak. kak Maria siap suap2 lg you. Naaaahh, she missed her hubby so much, so her mom spoiled her a bit. ngade2 je. *wide smile.

After we finished our dinner, we went out. It wasnt THAT cold, but its okay. Some of the Aussie's can still walk with their mini skirt and sleeveless dress but for us, sweater is much much better. We didnt went out by car, but we walk. Yes, walk. I told kak Mariah that I wanted to walk. I'm bored with car. So, from our apartment, we went to Crown, the most famous casino in Melbourne, just a 10min walk frm our apartment. We went there, jalan2. At first I didnt knew that kak Maria wanted to go to Crown, so I was like wearing PJ's je. haha. nsib la my sweat pants is nice taw. (later2 I show you the pic okay). Crown is like one big building. It has hotel, casino (duuuh .) lots and lots of clubs, food court (ade food court doww ), cinema, shops etc.. Its like a shoping complex but it has a lot of clubs and casino, all in one building. And we actually went there on Friday night, so its like theres A LOT of people there, clubbing, gambling, eating, dating etc. Its a great place for a non-Muslim (haha), enjoyable. Then we went out from the building and sat dow by the river. At 10pm sharp, we watched a fire show. Its like theres a big fire like a fire blow. It happened every 1 hour on the weekend, its like a trademark of Crown (hah! so much ofr the save the earth la. padahal bnde tuh mcm big cause of global warming je. LOL ) Its really nice. Even though its like so high in the sky, but when you sat down by the river, you can feel the heat, mmg panas giler taw. Then, we just jalan2 kt situ, then en, ade this one group taw. yg sorang tuh maybe mabuk kot. So, when he saw cik Enon pkai tudung en, then he's like "Assalammualaikum !" haha. bodo giler. gelak besar ktorng. One thing that I really like is theres a lot of OLD couple, dating, having dinner with their partner, walking together, holding hands. Sweet izzit? mcm alaaarww.. they like old, like 50-60 yrs old, but they still romantic wth their partner, jl2n pgg2 tgn lg you, cube kalo kt KL, nmpk orng tua pgg2 tgn mule la orng ckp "eee..buang
tebiat ape orng tua tuh". haha. dtg la Aussie, rmai btol orng tua buang tebiat weh. bongok tol. We jalan2 kt situ, took a lot of picture && menikmati keindahan alam :)
haha. so there goes my 7days in Melbourne and 3days in Sydney, Australia, a country that is well-knowed of their kangaroo. Seriously, I've felt like it was only a day that I went there. Time flew so fast. I've changed a lot in those 10days, gain much much more spirits, experience and memories. To kak Mariah, thanx a million for everything. Love you babe ! Before I flew back to KL, ve told myself to be strong, remind myself that when I reached KL, I will be the new version of me, not the old anymore. Forget about the past and start a new great life with the loved ones. Dont ever think about the past, the memories especially about HIM, and so here I am now, back in KL, at my home, typing this blog and I'm feeling so happy. I've gained my spirit back, move forward, never look back. Dont worry about your past, theres a reason why they didnt make it into your future (took that from Ezan's blog). That's deep is it? Really deep. I've decided to ditch those terrible peoples that made my life miserable. Thank God that God lend them for me just for a while. Now, I'm back in KL, waiting for any local uni promotions, I am so excited to study again, meet new people, gain more experience. I am so ready for the future, I mean at least now I know who that I can count with.So, goodbye Australia. Thanx for making my life brighter again even though I've lose my bulb, but Australia has lighted my life in natural way. Thank you Baba, for paying my expenses, thank you kak Yanie, for accompanying me, thank you kak Mariah for treating me well, buying me stuff (Ya baru ingt tshrt Billabong dgn purse Volcom tu Ya tak byr pon. haha. sory babe like seriously :D) and thank you cik Enon, for taking care of me really well. Thank you kak Leen for consoling Mak so that I can go to Aussie (love you !) Thank you Chin for the full support you gave to me and hey. its worth it okay and thank you Daniel for always lift my spirit up up to sky and thank you Pole for always hearing me cry like shit whenever I'm lonely. To those whose name are not mentioned here, I'm sory its just that you guys are to great to be mentioned but nevertheless, my love is flying to all of you (:

Amira Zafirah

March 27, 2008

Building a New House

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It's 12.37 a.m in Melbourne and I am sitting all alone at the hall in this apartment. Everybody has gone to bed while I'm writing my blog, with earphone stuck in my ears, loathing out a remembering song titled I Remember sang by Mocca.

Its really weird because my lips just wont stop smiling *pause* and just now, I just set my Creative Zen Micro Mp3 player playlist to 'repeat track'. Yes, I am listening to the same song over and over again.

As today, its March 28th, 2008. It'll be last day here in Melbourne, Australia. Tomorrow, March 29th, 2008 at 3.30pm, I'll be flying off in 8hours flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Home sweet home is it? My home is sweet, really sweet. Only God knows how I miss my family

Sometimes when I'm alone, I'm thinking and wondering, how can I get here? I have never imagine myself being away from my parents for such a long time. I have never imagine myself being thousand miles away from my parents. Never Ever in my entire life. But here I am now and frankly to say, I really like to stay here. As in permenantly. Selfish? I'm sorry.

I've been through a lot. Yes, I am not suffering from any kind of abusive, any kind of family crisis or any kind of juvenile crime. I am suffering from a total mentally breakdown. I am suffering from a total emotional breakdown. I am suffering from a devastating of livingness. No. I WAS sufferring from a total mentally breakdown. I WAS suffering from a total emotionally breakdown. I WAS suffering from a devastating of livingness. It had happened and I learned my lesson.

I have it all. Great families, supporting friends, superb bestfriends and adoreable boyfriend. Yes. I HAD a boyfriend. Its not a big deal. I'll be 18 this year and girls on my age DO dating. Please. Do not be shocked. Its normal. VERY normal.

Things went wrong when I lose it one by one. I found out that one of my supportive friends backstabbed me. I have found out that my superb bestfriends been bitchy towards me and my adoreable boyfriends was actually gone. Hard is it? With SPM just around the corner. I really thought they can lift my spirit up but eventually is totally the opposite way.

But, things just keep getting better. I started to face the fact that people make stupid mistake and they can have the second chance. I face the reality eventhough its hurt. I tried to get them back in my life and I did. I even get my boyfriend back, but not for long.

Everythings happen for a reason. Thats the only phrase that I can truly live with it. When my boyfriend left me, I felt empty. Yes. I still had my families. My friends are always with me but nevertheless, it isn't complete. But its okay. I confessed that I did some stupid actions in order to made myself feeling better but it wasnt worth it. Again, everythings happen for a reason. *whispering to myself

My life was really hard after he leave me. We are bestfriend before until one day he made a decision to take it to another level. I was worried but I trust myself. Everything is gonna work out. I tried so hard to keep the relationship going on. Soft but strong. Rough but smooth. Hard but enjoyable. Pain but happiness. I've tried my best but still, negative response.

Yes, yes, I know. I'm only 18 and theres a lot more to come. Just move on and forget the past. It's easy to said but it definitely hard to do it. Believe me. Get yourself in my shoes then you will know exactly how hard it is. Our relationship is serious. Plans and hopes and future. Gone

As for now, I'm getting better. I went to Melbourne with my broken heart and hoping that it stop bleeding. Alhamdulillah, it did. It leaves scar but I've covered the scar with beautiful memories. I started thinking on the positive sides. I lose him, but I gain other happiness. I got the chance to go to Melbourne and my SPM result wasnt that bad. BTW, I didnt lose him. He lose me, right?

I'm a karma believer. He left me like I'm some piece of sh** and one day he will get it back. I gave him all. Love, life, soul but I guess, that is still not enough. Ah! Who cares now. I have absolutely no regrets in lives, just lesson learned. But you know what, if I got the chance to be with him eventhough for 10mins and I definitely know that I'm gonna get hurt at the end of it, I'll take it. Call me stupid, I won't mind because I know I am. As I'm listening to this song, I felt happy, remebering our moments together. Ya Allah, thank you so much for giving me chance to get to know him, even for a while.Thank you. You lend him for me, just for a while but it's okay. I get through with it.

Now, I am moving on. I want to be the new Amira, not the old one. I want to be the one that is willing to take risk and think optimistic about her life. But I admit, my life has been exhausting. Mentally and emotionally exhausted, but it's okay. Take it easy. Take it slowly. I want to wake up every morning smiling, not crying, I want to think about my future, not my past. I will be strong, not weak. I want to build my life again, ditch the peoples that gave me the pain in my live and still hanging with the peoples that kept on striving with me.

10 days in Melbourne brings a lot to me. He is my past. He is my memories. He is my ex-boyfriend. To him, I pray for your happiness everyday. You wont find the other me. I'm not losing you. You are losing me.

For everybody else, thank you so much. No names to be mentioned. You know who you are. I am so over him. OVER.


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gaaah. maw sgt nk update blog en. fine. ya update okay. bluek !

the next day, that is on Sunday, we went to Victoria Market. its like brng mcm2 murah2 la kot thn bule bargain. it was fun. kene pndai bli coz ade certain things is considered mahal. so. pndai2 la fkir gne kepale hotak. haha.later, we had lunch with Ezan, my bestfriend and her mom at Es Teler, an Indonesion restaurant. We met up at 1.30 pm in front of the restaurant, salam2, kenal2 a bit then msok dlm hotel. IT was so fun as everyone was getting along very well. Makan pon mmg sedap2 je en, yela. indonesian food. Mmg gerenti gemok punye la tp mmg la mahal bagai if ou convert RM. mcm dh mkn kt EDEN or Mdm Kwan or Chakri Palace je. padahal rstaurnt biase2 je taw. Grr. btw, the lunch was kak Maria's idea. (:
after that, I followed Ezan back to her hotel that she stayed wth her mom. && on the way back, her mom as in Auntie Rosnah bought me a Keds pump. OMG. the thing is I always saw the pumps in the Australian mag (Dolly, Girlfriend) so, when she bought that pumps for her daughter, I was like jakun giler.Tht pumps is like mahal la whn cnvert to RM so its like no way i'm gonna buy it. So, she said to me tht she wanted to buy it for me. awww. thanx auntie ! so i chose the same design as Ezan's. kate pon kembar kan. hahah. during that time, kak Maria, cik Enon and kak Yani went to Victoria Market. again (:
at around 5pm, they all arrived at the hotel. Auntie Rosnah invited them for tea. they came and chit chatting for a looooooooooong time. haha. frm current issues to health, frm entertainmnt to politic. ayoyo. lme btol. kami pon mngundurkn dri at arond 8pm sumtin kott. thn we head on to Nandos for dinner, tp take away je. Nandos is halal kt sni. so mmg la rmai Islam yg mkn kt stu. We arrived home, had our dinner and then, its packing time.

Our flight tp Sydnes was early in the morning, 7am. gooosh. ngantok bagai. the journet took about 1hr30min but somethng hppen. We had to land in Canberra due to storm ( i think) in Sydney. so plane mmg tak bule nk land, so. benti jap kt Canberra, plane isi mnyk, thn we continue our journey to Sydney. we finally arrived there at 10-11am something.
When we arrived, took a cab to our hotel at Liverpool Street, Radisson Hotel and Suite.the hotel was booked by Bill, kak Maria's hsband. so tmpt mmg strategic giler. nk pgi mne2 jst jln kaki je. frm our hotel to Darling Harbour is like 10 min walk (to dh kire slow dh tu).
Frst day was nothing, went there,jln2. mkn2, snap2 gmbr thn we went to Powerhouse Museum, a museum for Princess Diana. best giler laaa !

so. now its the best part. we went to BONDI BEACH. omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg YA ALLAH ! haha. amek kauu. mmg jakun dugong aku lah haha. excited bagai giler nyaaah. frm our place to Bondi (pronounced as Bon-dai) takes a bout 15mins. dekat je kan. mmg best giler la. ingt lg dlu2. kak Leen bgtaw psl Bondi beach. mmg popular giler en. then slalu tgk2 gmbr je and now. I went there okay. OMG. hahaha. mmg syok la. cuci mate habes. fhm2 je la mat2 minah2 saleh tuh eh. tuh pon we went there on the evening, so mmg tak ramai sgt coz tak brape pnas. weather is like chill. sif like realy hot like on the afternoon mmg rmai gler mreke berbaring2 kt pntai tuh. sun tanned lah kate kan. haha. bodo2 je. we went there. lpk2. ate all the junk food. lpk2 there. snap2 pic. gelak2 bodo. haha. it was fun !
haaaaaah. enought about Bondi. we headed back and its dinner time. we ate kebab. haha. halal la kaaan (:

the nxt day, we went to Sydney Aqaurium. biase lah. tgk segale menatang dlm air tu en.we went to see the.......Sydney Opera House. and also the bridge. we didnt cross the bridge. mls la kan. takde ape pon. took a looooooot of pic.lepak2. i love seeing the local people buskering around the area plying the didgeridoo.( sory. no pic. its in my own cam). mmg best giler la. love it. Bill belanje kitorng dinner kt Captain Cook Cruise. best jgk la. tak mkn sgt pon. mnom2 tgk view. awwwwh.. (:
&& Memy, ade penguin kt aquarium tu tawww. while waiting to go to the dinner in cruise, kitorng pgi lpk2 kt garden. cant remmber the name. but its around the opera house. cantek sangat. mmg best giler. oh. and our lunch was fried seafood, we ordered mcm dkt this one stall. ade fsh n chip, fried calamari. crab stick and fries && i ate it with ketchup. haha, frst time you. tp nseb la sedap. kt sni ktchup diorng mcm lain sket la. tuh la yg bule trime ank tekak ni. kalo tak. jgn hrp la. mst cri chillie sos nye en.

haha. pic yg kt ats ni kitorng try nk buat muke mcm yana kalo suro senyum. ahahahahahahaha. sume2 tak jadi en. wawawa :D

at night, we went out to watch 3D movie, Haunted Castle at IMAX theatre at Darling Harbour. Our movie was on 10 pm and its raining. so mmg amat2 la freezing cold. Grrr.

so. that is my last nite at Sydney. gaaaah. I wont be able to go there anymore but alhamdulillah, smpai jga akhir nya. it was fun. overall,
guys in Sydney is much much cute than Melbourne. haha. mse on the way back to Melbourne, in flight en , I sat next to this hot guy in suit. haha. kitorng blek on weekdays kan, so mmg flight full with people travel in suites i mean, travel for business. haha. syok. && ingt lg. mse kt Bondi Beach tu, we saw this one hot guy. mmg hot giler babeng la (kak Yani prasan kate tht guy pndang dia. haha. dia pndang Ya dgn kak Maria jgk la. haha :D). hensem giler dowww. kitorng nk blek dia plak bru smpai.nk surf la. he was wearing the surfer suit tu kan. tp he unzip la until his waist. mmg hansem gler babeng. kak Maria selambe je ckp 'comel nye Yaaaa' in front of him. haha. dia bukan fhm sepatah haram pon kan, and as for me. I was like stunned giler. mmg tehenti tros nafas. hensem gilerrrr. rugi btol tak snap his pic kan. al maklum la. tepegun benar. haha. so tht is my pic of my last day in Sydney. rawksome !

March 25, 2008

sorry buddy.

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MALAS nk UPDATE blog. hahaha
kong asam en. nanti nanti lah.
dgn adapter yg takde. sakit hati je.
wawawa. tgg la eh. mane taw.
tibe tibe saya terajin ke.

March 22, 2008

Elliot & Anna

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gooosh. I'm exhausted ! now its already 1.30am here in Melbourne. We came home very late today because we went driving quite far from Melbourne.

todays activities are great ! our first stop is the Ballarat Wildlife Park situated in Ballarat where I met all the animals again. but the best part is the animals are not in cage (only some of them are). Kangaroo is everywhere in here. They kangaroo is very tame so they wont attack peoples (hah. yea rite !) we bought 2 packets of kangaroos food so that we can feed them. But the thing is, all the kangaroos that I fed is aggresive. (Grrr). Whenever I offered them their food, I used my hand as the plate and they will hold my hand && they actually used their nails ! so, i have to like bent a bit so that I can place the food on the ground but they wont let me did. The more I bent, the tighter they wanted to scratch my hand, so I have to do it very slowly. aaahhh. forget about that. The best part is, we get to meet the koalas. yey yey yey ! Their name is Elliot and Anna. We took a picture with them (yup. kne bayar AUS$20 ; RM60. mahaaal !) the koalas are so so so cute and adoreable. We cant hold the koala because it against the Victoria's law. So we can only touch them. Anna is the mother of twins and she is very choosy. Elliot is so adoreable because he is big and more furry. All of us took a picture each wth both of the koalas. It was so much fun as they koalas are very tame and they both just busy eating the leaves. The wildlife park was a bit smelly as the animals are all over the place and so does their poops. haha. mind your steps when you go there.
our next stop is the Sovereign Hills Park but before that we had our lunch at the parking lot. haha. ade la mcm bench kt stu. so kitorng dduk la mkn kt stu. We brought nasi grg, apples, pears, roti pratha and junk foods (as usual). Its actually quite hard to find a parking because the parking lot is already full. We arrived there quite late actually. its already noon and today's weather is hott. Sovereign Hills Park is a very very interesting place to be. The park was actually a gold mining place back in the old times. The props are awesome !They hill is transformed like the old times, completed with the old building, its actually look a bit like a cowboy place. The people that work there including at the ticket counter and all that worked in the shops are dressed like the old times. Diaorng pkai yg mcm gaun2 yg tebal, kembang2 tu kan. lelaki pon sme la, pkai yg mcm suar ketat tu en. They even have the horse carriage but I dont want to ride it. Kesian la tgk horsey tu. mcm berat je nk bwk carriage tuh dgn orng2 yg dlm tu lg, berat kan. The shops also selled stuff in the old times. All those handmade knitted sweaters, brass pan, handmade candle, kangaroo leathered hats, old bars, crosstiched, etc. sume mmg brg2 yg old la. best giler. rse mcm dlm time mchine pulak. they even had the gold mining machine and people actualluy still mining there, I mean the people that came there, mcm ade sikit2 je lgi gold yg left, so mcm nk mrase la mining gold style dulu2. It was so so fun. The gift shop is also interesting. They sell those gold and of course the price is very expensive when you convert the money to our RM. The weather was friggin hot, we all are sweating because its already noon and theres no wind. its like my first time tht I sweat since I came to Melbourne.
Our next stop was supposed to be this one lake, I dunno the name but ble dh smpai tht place. ape pon tarak. no lake at all. why? dh kering kontang. it was too hot so dh jdi mcm drought. giler ah. I've never since such things.Then we headed on to Yuulong Lavender Farm. hahaha. this is the fun part. we dont find it !wawawa. Kak Maria's GPS was a bit fakap. dunno why &&& we did find other lavender farm but you know what, the lavender is dead. haha. I thought so coz all the way it was like hot hot and hot ! dkt Ballarat was actually drought. no wonder la lake pon jdi kering kontang. hahaha. pnye la jauh drive skali ape pon tarak. adoyy.

It was already 3pm, then Kak Maria said we better go to the Phillip Island, to see the little penguins. But the journey took so long, 3hours !. gosh. I slept in the car.But its worth it. We arrived there at 6pm and line up to buy the tickets. We waited patiently by the beach to see the little penguin. And biler hari mcm dh nk mlm, sejuk nye yg amat bgai nauzubillah punye lah ! yelah. dgn windy bagai, then dkt island en, pastu dduk pulak tepi beach tu. mak aai, sejuk giler ar. but we dont care. We want to see the penguins.We sat there for about 2hours and like at 8 something, the penguins finally came out frm the water, every body was really excited to see the penguins and so did I. heeee..comel nk mampos baai, geram giler ah ! but sadly, theres no picture tht I can show you guys, tpt tu mmg tak bule lsg nk ambik gmbr coz the flash will scared the pengiuns. so browse the website to see how the little penguins look alike. We can touch or hold the penguins coz it is very aggresive, It can bite us roughly and it may bleed. so theres no way we can touch it. but theres lot way that we can see it. haha.

so yea. kitorng smpai rumah dlm pkol 11pm sumtin. penat bagai. ddok2 jap. lpak2, tgk gmbr thn mseng2 tros pi tidoq. tmrw I'll be having lunch wth Ezan at some indonesian restaurant tgther wth her mom, Kak Mariah, Kak Yanie and Cik Enon.
p/s : as usual, all the pictures above are from kak Mariah's cam because I didnt bring my adapter or cable. I will upload picture from my cam later, when I get home in KL. :D

March 21, 2008

I met Mr. Roo :D

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geeez. I woke up at 6.45 am today and that was like 3-4a.m in KL. We didnt go to Ballarat but we went to somehwhere else. much much better.

As we checked the weather, its goin to be pretty windy today and its sejuuuuk nye ! our frst stop of the day was Healesville Sanctuary to meet the wild animal and I am so so excited. as everyone knows, I really wanted to meet the kangaroo and koala. So i did !in fact I met platypus and wombat too and many other Aussie wild animals. it was so so fun! the koala and wombat is so cute and kangaroo is even better. comel nk mmpos !mule2 ingt kn kangaroo ni garang taw. cm attack kite ke. kejar2 kite ke en ( i mean by jumping la . ape daaa..)but they not. mmg friendly giler la. tak pon mybe that species mmg yg agk tame and friendly la kot. they kangaroo came to us ( to kak Maria actually, i guess even the animals interested in her, talks about mens. haha)

so. our next stop is actually Puffing Billy, an old railway stations with an old trains but we skipped that. malas la nk hbis kn one hour dlm old trains jln2. dlm hutan.then we head off to Dandenong Ranges National Park. jalan2 kt dlm hutan thn picnic kt situ. sejukk nye aii. we brought mihun grg, nugget, corn and a lot of junk food. it was so chill and great. lotsa people was there was so amazing here as the natinal park is so clean and dry. you wont find any creepy crawlies or any reptiles. && dkt stu mmg takde dustbin, so you hve to bring you rubbish back home and throw it away.
makan makan makan. kt aussie pon. mkn mkanan melayu jugak (:

then we're like sesat a bit coz kak Maria's GPS mcm bengong je. haha. ow and yeh. in Aussie mmg tak byk signboard. so mmg la orng2 kt sni gune GPS. if ade signboard pon mcm kecik bagai je. dgn road nye yg sgt la confius. ayoyo.

then then then. kitonrg pgi St Kilda beach. wooooohoooo ! giler la. evnthough its sunny and beach. mmg la sgt2 windy so sgt2 la sejuk. if korng melayu benar la en mcm aku ni ha yg bru frst time pgi overseas, pkai la sweater, gigil2 you, tp mse kt beach ni dh tak bpe gigil sgt la coz mcm dh bule adapt weather en, chewaaaah. poyo giler. jst tht mse kt sanctuary tu je mmg sejuk yg amat ! kaki pon mcm dh tak trase je taw. oww. the beach was awesome. sgt la cantek. dgn angin yg kuat bagai nyee. ade jgk orng yg mandi tp mmg tak ramai (dh la kitorng jmp ths Bangla GAY couple mndi2. eeewwww !) mmg syok betol. mmg aku jakun lah. haha. call me anything you want. I dont care. dh pnat jln2 sume, then we headed home. kak Maria nk basuh kete pulak. and it cost AU$14. mahal doww. bkn bersih pon. cekik darah je en. then pgi isi mnyk plak. she drove a mini cooper, and that car mmg kuat mkn mnyk taw. nsib la best. merase I naik mini cooper. my dream car. oooww *drooling. haha.
actually, I'm sorry if my entry was like tak teratur coz I'm using MacBook. lain la. then it views differently. my view from this MacBook will be different from Windows XP or even Firefox. so if korang view je thn tgk mcm burok en so, fhm2 je laa.

p/s: I didnt upload too many photos coz all of these photos are from Kak Maria's cam. as I told you earlier, I do not hve any adapter to transfer my photos frm the mmry crd to the lappy and I didnt bring my cable. Grrr. when I come back, then I will be update my blog in a proper way :l

March 20, 2008

&&&& ALSO

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I miss my prasan-comel-benar Chin, I miss my talk-cock-second-partner, Pole, I miss my minah salleh-now-is drama-superstar-who-thinks-I'm-desperate-for-aussi-guy, Biha, I miss my ex-boyfriend-that-dont-want-to-know-anything-about-me-and-really-happy-coz-i'm-going-to-aussie-so-he-wont- surely-see-me-anymore-in-KL, Qayyum, and I miss my lovey-shopaholic-gosip-partner, Daniel.

RINDU bagai giler okayyy !

it has been a day

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so, now its already 0025hrs in Melbourne. everyone had gone to sleep (acc. kak mariah and kak yanie are still talking in their room) but I am so so so not ready to sleep. mate langsung tak ngantuk bai . .

I miss Mak so much. I wonder how she is. I missed Baba calling my name to do his resolusi. I miss eating dinner with kak Leen and talking about how fat are we getting each and every day. I miss Memy with his sarcastic jokes. I miss abg Anip that always likes to fart and talk about the same thing evryday. I miss kak Nana that always smack my ass AND I miss my hyper energetic have-ears-but-act-like-he-aint-got-any-coz-he-never-listens-to-what-we're-saying, Eman, the non stop-talking-eating-walking-chewing-screaming Yana and my jendul-but-sweeeet-face Oni. haha. its only been a day but I missed them like hell.

I'm having fun here. the weather is quite okay but its really cold eventhough its sunny.
I'm helping myself not to spend a lot here eventhogh I am.haha.

Well, tomorrow morning I'm off to Ballarat, to see the suburban side of Australia. I'll update later

p/s: I get the chance to hang out wth my bestfriend Ezan, just the two of us, walking through the streets in cold and windy weather. it was so much fun !


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I am safely arrived here in Melbourne, Australia.
I was arrived at 8.20 a.m, Melbourne time. Everything was fine. 
8 hours of flight, a it dizzy but I enjoyed it.
I cant upload any pictures right now because I dont have the adapter.
I try to find it and upload ASAP

p/s: fly to Sydney on Monday morning.

March 19, 2008

3.00 a.m story

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We talked last night at around 3.30 a.m
I called him twice before, he didnt pick up (the second time I called, its a girl that picked up, saying that he's in toilet ; BULLSHIT)
I called Biha, told her I'm going today and that I love her so much (we was a bestfriend) and I asked her to tell him that I'm going and if theres something ever happen to me, I want him to know that ILYSM.
Later on, he called me. But I didnt heard the phone rang because I was downstairs, updating my blog.
I went up, and I saw miscalled from him. I called him back.
And we talk. After almost a month, we talked.
He sounded happy, I guess he must be happy knowing that I'm going.
He knows my intention of going there (Biha told him, thanx babe) but he asked me what I wanted to say and I told him theres nothing to be said, he already know right.
He told me to take care of myself. If theres something that he needs to know, then let him know.
FAKAP. Theres nothing you need to know anymore you jackass, except when I'm dying then I hope you know and you will regret because you leave me dying all alone .

I'll be flying off tonight and I'm feeling numb. Its not that I'm not excited at all. I am excited. really do but theres this feeling in my heart. I dont know what it is. Scared maybe. or worried or scared. yes. maybe I'm scared.

10 days. only 10 days. owh. I wished I can stay there forever. Not coming back here. But I cant, i wont leave my families because of him. Its not worth it.Right?

*sigh* *loong sigh*

Pray for my safety.
Dear GOD, protect me from unwanted situation. Amen

I'll be meeting kangarooos

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foreign coutry moneys and passport?

hahaha. helloo Australia !
yes. I'm leaving in Mar 19th
toodles :D
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