March 27, 2008


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 3/27/2008 03:37:00 PM
gaaah. maw sgt nk update blog en. fine. ya update okay. bluek !

the next day, that is on Sunday, we went to Victoria Market. its like brng mcm2 murah2 la kot thn bule bargain. it was fun. kene pndai bli coz ade certain things is considered mahal. so. pndai2 la fkir gne kepale hotak. haha.later, we had lunch with Ezan, my bestfriend and her mom at Es Teler, an Indonesion restaurant. We met up at 1.30 pm in front of the restaurant, salam2, kenal2 a bit then msok dlm hotel. IT was so fun as everyone was getting along very well. Makan pon mmg sedap2 je en, yela. indonesian food. Mmg gerenti gemok punye la tp mmg la mahal bagai if ou convert RM. mcm dh mkn kt EDEN or Mdm Kwan or Chakri Palace je. padahal rstaurnt biase2 je taw. Grr. btw, the lunch was kak Maria's idea. (:
after that, I followed Ezan back to her hotel that she stayed wth her mom. && on the way back, her mom as in Auntie Rosnah bought me a Keds pump. OMG. the thing is I always saw the pumps in the Australian mag (Dolly, Girlfriend) so, when she bought that pumps for her daughter, I was like jakun giler.Tht pumps is like mahal la whn cnvert to RM so its like no way i'm gonna buy it. So, she said to me tht she wanted to buy it for me. awww. thanx auntie ! so i chose the same design as Ezan's. kate pon kembar kan. hahah. during that time, kak Maria, cik Enon and kak Yani went to Victoria Market. again (:
at around 5pm, they all arrived at the hotel. Auntie Rosnah invited them for tea. they came and chit chatting for a looooooooooong time. haha. frm current issues to health, frm entertainmnt to politic. ayoyo. lme btol. kami pon mngundurkn dri at arond 8pm sumtin kott. thn we head on to Nandos for dinner, tp take away je. Nandos is halal kt sni. so mmg la rmai Islam yg mkn kt stu. We arrived home, had our dinner and then, its packing time.

Our flight tp Sydnes was early in the morning, 7am. gooosh. ngantok bagai. the journet took about 1hr30min but somethng hppen. We had to land in Canberra due to storm ( i think) in Sydney. so plane mmg tak bule nk land, so. benti jap kt Canberra, plane isi mnyk, thn we continue our journey to Sydney. we finally arrived there at 10-11am something.
When we arrived, took a cab to our hotel at Liverpool Street, Radisson Hotel and Suite.the hotel was booked by Bill, kak Maria's hsband. so tmpt mmg strategic giler. nk pgi mne2 jst jln kaki je. frm our hotel to Darling Harbour is like 10 min walk (to dh kire slow dh tu).
Frst day was nothing, went there,jln2. mkn2, snap2 gmbr thn we went to Powerhouse Museum, a museum for Princess Diana. best giler laaa !

so. now its the best part. we went to BONDI BEACH. omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg YA ALLAH ! haha. amek kauu. mmg jakun dugong aku lah haha. excited bagai giler nyaaah. frm our place to Bondi (pronounced as Bon-dai) takes a bout 15mins. dekat je kan. mmg best giler la. ingt lg dlu2. kak Leen bgtaw psl Bondi beach. mmg popular giler en. then slalu tgk2 gmbr je and now. I went there okay. OMG. hahaha. mmg syok la. cuci mate habes. fhm2 je la mat2 minah2 saleh tuh eh. tuh pon we went there on the evening, so mmg tak ramai sgt coz tak brape pnas. weather is like chill. sif like realy hot like on the afternoon mmg rmai gler mreke berbaring2 kt pntai tuh. sun tanned lah kate kan. haha. bodo2 je. we went there. lpk2. ate all the junk food. lpk2 there. snap2 pic. gelak2 bodo. haha. it was fun !
haaaaaah. enought about Bondi. we headed back and its dinner time. we ate kebab. haha. halal la kaaan (:

the nxt day, we went to Sydney Aqaurium. biase lah. tgk segale menatang dlm air tu en.we went to see the.......Sydney Opera House. and also the bridge. we didnt cross the bridge. mls la kan. takde ape pon. took a looooooot of pic.lepak2. i love seeing the local people buskering around the area plying the didgeridoo.( sory. no pic. its in my own cam). mmg best giler la. love it. Bill belanje kitorng dinner kt Captain Cook Cruise. best jgk la. tak mkn sgt pon. mnom2 tgk view. awwwwh.. (:
&& Memy, ade penguin kt aquarium tu tawww. while waiting to go to the dinner in cruise, kitorng pgi lpk2 kt garden. cant remmber the name. but its around the opera house. cantek sangat. mmg best giler. oh. and our lunch was fried seafood, we ordered mcm dkt this one stall. ade fsh n chip, fried calamari. crab stick and fries && i ate it with ketchup. haha, frst time you. tp nseb la sedap. kt sni ktchup diorng mcm lain sket la. tuh la yg bule trime ank tekak ni. kalo tak. jgn hrp la. mst cri chillie sos nye en.

haha. pic yg kt ats ni kitorng try nk buat muke mcm yana kalo suro senyum. ahahahahahahaha. sume2 tak jadi en. wawawa :D

at night, we went out to watch 3D movie, Haunted Castle at IMAX theatre at Darling Harbour. Our movie was on 10 pm and its raining. so mmg amat2 la freezing cold. Grrr.

so. that is my last nite at Sydney. gaaaah. I wont be able to go there anymore but alhamdulillah, smpai jga akhir nya. it was fun. overall,
guys in Sydney is much much cute than Melbourne. haha. mse on the way back to Melbourne, in flight en , I sat next to this hot guy in suit. haha. kitorng blek on weekdays kan, so mmg flight full with people travel in suites i mean, travel for business. haha. syok. && ingt lg. mse kt Bondi Beach tu, we saw this one hot guy. mmg hot giler babeng la (kak Yani prasan kate tht guy pndang dia. haha. dia pndang Ya dgn kak Maria jgk la. haha :D). hensem giler dowww. kitorng nk blek dia plak bru smpai.nk surf la. he was wearing the surfer suit tu kan. tp he unzip la until his waist. mmg hansem gler babeng. kak Maria selambe je ckp 'comel nye Yaaaa' in front of him. haha. dia bukan fhm sepatah haram pon kan, and as for me. I was like stunned giler. mmg tehenti tros nafas. hensem gilerrrr. rugi btol tak snap his pic kan. al maklum la. tepegun benar. haha. so tht is my pic of my last day in Sydney. rawksome !

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k.leen said...

I'm sssssooooooooooooooooo jeles..
wish i will go there instead of U!!
apsal lar x amik gmbr mamat eshem tu..ckp je lar nk amik gmbr together.. org pun nk nengok jugak..
dah besar dah adik k.leen ni..
lawa dah...

Amira Zafirah on March 28, 2008 at 8:26 AM said...

eeeee. kakak ni suke je wat org touching2 taw. nympah btol. haha :D
alaaaa. tak bule la nk amek gmbr mamat hensem tuh. mmg mse tuh tkejut giler. tepegun la katekan. haha.

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