March 21, 2008

I met Mr. Roo :D

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 3/21/2008 06:47:00 PM
geeez. I woke up at 6.45 am today and that was like 3-4a.m in KL. We didnt go to Ballarat but we went to somehwhere else. much much better.

As we checked the weather, its goin to be pretty windy today and its sejuuuuk nye ! our frst stop of the day was Healesville Sanctuary to meet the wild animal and I am so so excited. as everyone knows, I really wanted to meet the kangaroo and koala. So i did !in fact I met platypus and wombat too and many other Aussie wild animals. it was so so fun! the koala and wombat is so cute and kangaroo is even better. comel nk mmpos !mule2 ingt kn kangaroo ni garang taw. cm attack kite ke. kejar2 kite ke en ( i mean by jumping la . ape daaa..)but they not. mmg friendly giler la. tak pon mybe that species mmg yg agk tame and friendly la kot. they kangaroo came to us ( to kak Maria actually, i guess even the animals interested in her, talks about mens. haha)

so. our next stop is actually Puffing Billy, an old railway stations with an old trains but we skipped that. malas la nk hbis kn one hour dlm old trains jln2. dlm hutan.then we head off to Dandenong Ranges National Park. jalan2 kt dlm hutan thn picnic kt situ. sejukk nye aii. we brought mihun grg, nugget, corn and a lot of junk food. it was so chill and great. lotsa people was there was so amazing here as the natinal park is so clean and dry. you wont find any creepy crawlies or any reptiles. && dkt stu mmg takde dustbin, so you hve to bring you rubbish back home and throw it away.
makan makan makan. kt aussie pon. mkn mkanan melayu jugak (:

then we're like sesat a bit coz kak Maria's GPS mcm bengong je. haha. ow and yeh. in Aussie mmg tak byk signboard. so mmg la orng2 kt sni gune GPS. if ade signboard pon mcm kecik bagai je. dgn road nye yg sgt la confius. ayoyo.

then then then. kitonrg pgi St Kilda beach. wooooohoooo ! giler la. evnthough its sunny and beach. mmg la sgt2 windy so sgt2 la sejuk. if korng melayu benar la en mcm aku ni ha yg bru frst time pgi overseas, pkai la sweater, gigil2 you, tp mse kt beach ni dh tak bpe gigil sgt la coz mcm dh bule adapt weather en, chewaaaah. poyo giler. jst tht mse kt sanctuary tu je mmg sejuk yg amat ! kaki pon mcm dh tak trase je taw. oww. the beach was awesome. sgt la cantek. dgn angin yg kuat bagai nyee. ade jgk orng yg mandi tp mmg tak ramai (dh la kitorng jmp ths Bangla GAY couple mndi2. eeewwww !) mmg syok betol. mmg aku jakun lah. haha. call me anything you want. I dont care. dh pnat jln2 sume, then we headed home. kak Maria nk basuh kete pulak. and it cost AU$14. mahal doww. bkn bersih pon. cekik darah je en. then pgi isi mnyk plak. she drove a mini cooper, and that car mmg kuat mkn mnyk taw. nsib la best. merase I naik mini cooper. my dream car. oooww *drooling. haha.
actually, I'm sorry if my entry was like tak teratur coz I'm using MacBook. lain la. then it views differently. my view from this MacBook will be different from Windows XP or even Firefox. so if korang view je thn tgk mcm burok en so, fhm2 je laa.

p/s: I didnt upload too many photos coz all of these photos are from Kak Maria's cam. as I told you earlier, I do not hve any adapter to transfer my photos frm the mmry crd to the lappy and I didnt bring my cable. Grrr. when I come back, then I will be update my blog in a proper way :l

6 extra blabbing on "I met Mr. Roo :D"

Anonymous said...

oyt..chanteknyer gbr..
biaser r tue jd jakun sebentar..

Amira Zafirah on March 21, 2008 at 8:18 PM said...

agaga, yelatuh. :D

Memy said...

i'm sooooooooo jeles la. just call mak (slighty at 2030 +8.00 GMT) and she reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally miss u. asal x post gmbr bangla yg gay 2. hahahaha...

Amira Zafirah on March 22, 2008 at 9:13 PM said...

to Memy:
gosh. you didnt type tht dont you? haha. mcm tak prcye je.
laaaa. i missed mak like hell !tuhan je yg tahu taw. giler la lme2 kt sni evn tho kdang2 rse mcm tanak blik je. hehe
gaaaah. tanak la post. i mean kitorng tak snap pon. tgk je. geli bgai :D

Anonymous said...

amboiiiii... mcm bintang pilemm ... mak cakap...
x hingattt anak buah ker?

Amira Zafirah on March 23, 2008 at 8:20 PM said...

msti lah ingt. siap buatblog lgtuh ckp rndu kt spe. haha :D

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