December 31, 2008

bye 2008

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some of the 2008 highlights, that I remember lah :)
  • On the eve of 2008, I sleptover at Alia's house. konon nk sneak out so that we can celebrate new year, tapi tadapat pon. We end up duduk rumah, and her mommy bwk pg tgk fireworks dkt simpang rumah dia. Once we reached home, I had this crazy idea. hehe. We asked kakak, Alia's maid, buat kan air teh o, in the big bottle. when its done, we shaked it, pretend that its a Chivas. HA HA HA. ngengg. on the Jan 1st pulak, we went to Ezmira's house. Its my first time meeting her tp rase mcm biase je. haha. we hang out at OU the whole day.
  • Jan 6th, Qayyum's birthday. I bought him a present. agak expensive la. for me. hehe. oh. its my first time EVER kumpul duit. I didnt shop for like 2-3months.
  • and on the Jan 26th, me and Qayyum were officially broke up. hello devastation. haha.
  • in 2008, theres couple of huge fight between me and my besties. mostly are between me, Pole and Biha. that really effect us. alhamdulillah, me and Pole are getting better but things are still rough between me and Biha.
  • I went to AUSTRALIA. weeee*. haha. only for 10days, without my parents. I went with kak Yanie. hehe. stayed at Melbourne for 7days and Sydney for 3days. I touched kangaroo and koala. they are soo cute. I've seen the famous Opera House, the Harbour Bridge. huwm. what else. lotsa things I've done and seen. Including lil bad things. Oh. when I went there, Alia was there too. yeeey. we hang out by ourselves. huuu. scaryy. haha.
  • Coach is my first well-knowed branded bag that I have right now. Guess ke ape ke, tolak tepi la eh. hehe. It was a gift from kak Mariah and her hubby, Bill. I got that after I was their photographer for their engagement party.
  • Alia went off to study. She went to Aussie for her foundation. sedih giler okay.
  • I cant remember the exact that I snucked out. haha. First time I snucked out was with Pole. eh. chop. this was last year lah. haha. late last year. ceit. cancel :D
  • while waiting for my SPM result, I was a babysitter. hehe. I babysit Oni for few months.
  • starting from July, I'm a college student. weeeee. haha. no more homework okay. assignments sudaaa. haha.
  • I have driving license now. yey. sekali pass je taw. hahaha. vangga vangga :P Johor and Perak is the furthers state that I drove.
  • I made my own cupcakes. It turned out to be good. haha. My first customer is Dann. thanx nyah for believing in me :)
  • I went to Summer Splash. It was hectic. me and Alia did some drama in front of the policeman in order to get in. haha. Its my first time wearing bikini. waaaaah. haha. I met a lot of new friends. Thanx a lot to Biha.
  • I remember this one time yang kene kacau dgn nigga dkt KlCC. yeaaa. the one yg mse dkt Topshop tu. sumpa scary siak. haraaaaaap sgt it wont happen again. until now, mmg phobia gilos tgk nigga.
  • first time I bowled. haha. I've never done bowling okay. Thanx to Luqman and Fatin, they both encourage me. so, I bowled lah. It was at Alamanda. hehe.
  • I got HTC TYTN II, a PDA for my birthday. thanx Baba, and oh. not to forget my all-time-favourite Swatch which I've been aiming for long time. Thanx Baba, again. hiks.
  • 2008 is year of kebaya for me. haha. I made a promise to myself that I will only start to wear kebaya when I'm 18. so, yup I wore it during Raya. until now, I have 3piece of kebaya. cukup la.
  • after like 3months I think, Chin finally surprised me. haha. She bought Paris Hilton purse for my belated birthday present. yeeeey. thaaaank you.
  • now I have my own SLR. eventhough its only Sony Alpha 200, but I'm blessed. cukup la. canggih2 pon bkn nye reti gune. huwm. nnt nk beli lens la. haha. mcm la lens murah kan. haaaaktuii :D
  • Atok passed away, few days before Aidiladha. Yaa rindu sgt kt Atok taw ;(
  • Yana confirmed diagnosed with Acute Leukimia. until now, we're strong to get through it.
  • lastly, in 2008. I have blog. // Little Voice is born :D
thats all I can remember for now.
past is past. lets make a new memories.

dear 2009,
promise me one thing please? Dont let me down.
EVER again.



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all of these pictures is from other bloggers.
aku curiik :D

from RedMummy. she said ' 4 orng gila.' haha. takesah. sbb 4 including her la kan :P

this one pulaj, from kak Attyfir. akak ni kate aku senyum sweet. HA HA HA. gelak guling guling Mira baca kak. hahahaha.

taken from kak Ayu. she labelled me 'si cantik manis'. HA HA HA. mmg aku tido kencing mala la mlm ni, asek gelak je. hahaha. sembang2 dgn dia syok okay. mmg bule layaaan :D

and all of these pictures pulak is from kak Yatie. anak dia la yg aku ckp mcm Yana tu. mak aaih. mmg sekali imbas mcm same je. mmg aku menahan diri je la en. hehe. anw, tataw la bile mase dia snap all of these. sangat la candid. kalau burok tu, buat2 tak nampak je lah okay. haha.

December 30, 2008

Day 8

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finally, abg Anip agreed to do it.
and that was only after the doctor came and talked with kak Leen and abg Anip face to face.

but. something happen.

mase Yana dh bwk masuk bilik nak do the procedure la kan. doc pon inject la anesthetic a.ka ubat bius.
Yana tak tido okay. she managed to actually defend herself from the anesthetic.
sangat teror okay. after like half an hour okay, the bius still doesnt work.
Yana nangis jugak.
deem. until now, I wonder mcm mane ubt bius tu can not work wth Yana's body.
pelik. sangat aneh.

tak jadi la nak amik air sum sum tulang tu today, kene la amik esok.
Yana pon nangis la all the time. sbb dia super duper lapa.
dia kene pose kan, tabule makan.
even dia tak pengsan after dh kne bius, still tabule mkn jgk. kne tgg after few hours dlu.

here's the funny part. hehe.
Yana mcm mamai taw, she cant really opened her eyes. tpi, dia still mcm jerit2 nangis2 sume.
mintak nk makan, nak nasi la nak susu la. mmg la kesian, takkan la tak kesian okay. but at the same time, she looks funny. mamai2 mintak mcm tu.
hehe. dia jerit2 pnggil Opah, mntak suro buat susu. then, when I came. she looked at me dgn penuh perasaan sekali. then she's like "ashu, ashu. nak susu. buat kn Yana susu, Yana nak susu. ashuuuuuuuuuuuuu'.
I ran away. hehe. theres nothing I can do pon.
kang, lame2 aku tgk, berair lagi mata aku. naya je okay.

but, theres something pissed me off.
aku mcm terdengar la abg Anip said something to mak. something like,' kalau Yana ni hidup, hidup la. kalau tade, tataw la mcm mane'.
I was like. fakyu. demyu. mulut choyyyyyy. butoh pak hang.
I looked at him and I walked. kang lagi lame aku dgr, mmg kne jgk sebijik dgn aku en. haa. so, left. taw la mak nk ckp dgn dia en.

anyway, kakRed dtg today. dia dtg dgn hubby and her 2 kids lah.
thanx kak for coming. sorry sgt sbb td mcm bad timing, Yana dh mcm tu kan. kak Leen pon ckp dia pon sorry sgt tak dpt nk borak sakan dgn akak sume. tp, akak dh dtg, bwk pressies for Yana skali, terima kasih byk2 from RedMummy. ntah bile mase Sirman snap pon tataw lah :)

thats about it la today.
so, esok kene la try nk amik again sum sum tulang tu.
hopefully, dapat lah.

full result dah dapat.
Yana confirm
; Acute Lymphoblastic Leukimia
; Regimen A

insyaallah. everything will be fine.

*mata pejam*

Day 7

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today, masing masing bertekak.

last week doc amik Yana punye sample air dkt area pelvic, and tomorrow pulak. doc nk amik sample air sum sum tulang.
so, now dkt hosp ade 2 group
; agree
; disagreee.

mmg sungguh clise la kan. amik sample air sum sum tulang, confirm nanti paralysed, WTF.
bende sekarang, Yana is a kid. so, tulang belakang dia tu tak sampai bawah lagi, unlike the adults la. so, insyaallah, dia takkan paralysed.
our family mmg totally agree with it lah. takpe. sbb kalau tak amik, mmg smpai kiamat pon, we will never know how bad Yana's condition is.
motif amik air tu pon sbb nk taw whether virus tu dh effect brain or not.
abd Anip and his family disagree with it. nak tunggu.
tell me, tunggu sampai bile?

fine. theres other option. okay. mane?
kalau ade option lain, then you need to act fast. teros buat whatever it is pon.
tadi, Yana punye platelets turun lagi. abg Anip tanak sign document approval.
kak Leen dh risau.

haih. susah la mcm ni.
td ade this one kakak, anak dia just 7months, and ade brain tumor.
she came to us, and told us her side of story.
family dia pon same lah, mmg tak kasi amik sample tu. tunggu punya tunggu punya tunggu.
in the end, anak dia jadi biru. faham? muka, bibir anak dia sume jadi biru. sbb doc mmg tabule nk buat ape lah sbb tak amik sample tu.
nk buat treatment pon tataw dosage medicine. then how?
baru la family dia tekedek2 cari doc, and ckp buat la ape yg patot.

so, diaorng pon nak Yana mcm tu jgk la.
tunggu muka dia jadi biru, tunggu dia pengsan?
nak macam tu.

tadi pon aku sempat bersuara.
aku cakap, this is the first time. so, biar doc amik sample tu. once dia dh detect, then we know effect ke tak. so, doc bule start treatment.
and kite pon dh bule strt jdi alternative lain, sbb we already know the exact effected area.
sample tu mmg kne amik byk kali.
first nak taw stage and nk taw whether effect brain ke tak.
then, first phase of chemo.
after that, amek sample lagi, nk confrim whether the chemo dh kills all the virus or not.
and so on lah.

so, the first one. pertama kali.
bagi la doc tu ambik.

haih. susah la mcm ni.
fikiran kolot.

orang lain leukimia jugak, amik sample jugak, chemo jgk.
okay je. alhamdulillah.

if something wrong, mmg dah takdir lah.

takkan la nnt something bad happen, bru nak regret.
baru rase ralat.

GOD. toloong lah.
berikan petunjuk.
aku mohon.


December 29, 2008

my oooh my :)

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ehehehehehe :P

received this at aroun 1 am, Sunday.OMG.tade handbag, wallet pon jadi lah :D

sape bagi?

its from, Chin Ai Lin, bff.
birthday present katenye. gheeee. haha.
nyah, thank okayy.
sumpah aku speechless.

perfect timing nampak. taw2 je aku tgh hangen dgn kau, dan dan ade Paris Hilton.
nak pujok aku la ney. wah wah. takpe la. sejuk sikit la hati aku ni.
HA HA HA . keji jee.

sayang sayang Ady tu kat kau, AKU LAGI SAYANG KAU OKAY.
shuuuuh Ady shuuuh. suka suki you nak curik bff I.
tade tade. even dia whatever partner pon dgn you,
jgn suka suki je okay. haha. warning ni.
*padahal dlm hati. amik la Ady ooy. sumpah mami takesah. hahahaha. bule? :DDD*

thanks nyah.

RedMummy's Potluck ; 3

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huwm. I did told you guys that I'm not goin aite. ahha. I thought so too.
but then, on the day, I went to hospital, as usual la. kak Leen forced me to go. she said, pgi la. amik gmbr sume. dh ade camera besar *SLR* lg best nk amik gambar.
then I was like tanak la kan. yela. mcm ape je. padahal kak Leen yg super excited kott nk pgi. in the end, dia tak pgi, dia nk suro kite pulak. sangat la tak syiok okay.

kak Leen pujok pujok pujok jgk suro aku pg. haih. aku pon pgi la. actually, bkn la aku tanak pgi, tapi rase mcm tak patot je taw. kesian kak Leen okay.
event start at 4 en. pdahal 3.30 aku kt hosp lg kott. kak Leen halau aku balik. waaaaa. dia kate pgi jugak. so, off I went.

Taman Putra Perdana ni mati2 la aku ingt kt area masjid tu en, rupe nye dkt ats round about besar tu. haha. siot betol. nasib la aku prasan signboard before masok simpang nk ke masjid. kalau tak camno. pkol 6 la kott bru smpai, sbb sesat. haha. tade la. jumpe jgk tmpt nye okay.
oh. I went there alone. seorang diri. haha. berani en. giler hati kering okay. toksah la ditanye kenape aku dtg sorang, mmg di takdirkn aku seorang diri okay. hehe.

sesampai je, dh park kete sume, tgk orng mcm tade je. ade la jgk 2 buah kete kott bru smpai. aku dgn rase tak reti malu nye tanye la kt orng tu, and end up diaorng pon nk pg potluck. haha. kire betol la tempat nye. sekali, bile aku dh msuk park tu, e'eh. kat mane nye. senyap je. signboard pun tade. aduhai. jalan2 dgn ade this one couple jgk, finally jumpe. teros nmpk muka Sirman, hubby kak Red. nasib la dia kenal aku okey. haha.

so, aku pon bwk la diri kt stu. sumpah segan siak. everybody is like knowing each other, at least they hve read each other's blog. aku? hareeeem. haha. takenal dooow. but luckily la, since kak Red ade posted entry pasal Yana in her blog, rmai jgk her readers jenguk blog aku. sbb nk taw Yana punye progression kan. hence, diaorng knal aku. haha. bkn la nak prasan okay, but they noticed la yg aku ni la si AmiraChaos :)

I have to admit la I was kinda quiet, ala2 tak mesra alam gitu. haha. bkn ape, dh la aku sensorang, and aku tak kenal sape2 meyh. diaorng kn sume dh mcm taiko2 bloggers gitu, aku ni? sape je la en. so, agak rendah diri di situ ye. haha. tp, thank god AyuSolo approach me very well. hehe. so, starting from that moment, I tried my best to be mesra alam sikit la. hehe. sbb tu la first 1 hour mcm tu, keje aku snap gambar je. sbb aku tataw nk buat ape. dh la tak kenal orng sume en, so snaaap je la gmbr muke sape2. but at the same time, ade la jgk senyum2 tegor2 gitu en. hehe. itu harus la wajiiib okay :D

bile dah lame2, bru la start to mingle with everybody. borak2 la dgn kak Ayu, Mayang a.ka. Adenium, AyuSolo and her friends, sape eh, sory. lupe name and kak Red too. diorng ni mmg sgt la sempoi. borak2 mmg takesah, mcm dh kenal lame je. well, act diaorng mmg la dh knal lame wth each other. aku je la yg tak. haha. and 'Lil Red, if you were there, mst lg best okay. and thanx for the goodie bag for Yana taw.

ape lagi eh nak cite. huwm. ooh. mase kt situ en, aku tak makan pon doww. haha. aku mkn karipap sebijik je. haha. walaupon punye la banyak makanan yg ade, mmg sgt mengiurkan tp takpe la. dh sensorang en. dgn camera gabak ni, orng sume dtg bwk tikar, aku dtg melenggang. haha. segan ooh. malu lgi. sume lah. so, aku minum air je lah. hehe.

aku balik pon almost 7pm dah. ingt nk la jgk tolong2 diaorng bekemas en, but then teringat pulak Baba. kang aku blik lmbt sikit je, cnfrm dia hangen en. so, mintak la diri dlu utk pulang. mmg ngam ngam toi pon. haha. otw back to, Baba dh call tanye kat mane. and nasib la aku smpai dulu dari dia, klo tak. haih. tataw la cmne. bebel lagi la gamak nyeee.

anyway, Potluck was a success. best okay. as long as you pndai to mingle around, pndai bawak diri, jgn sombong2, ala2 sempoi2, confirm tade hal. contoh nya, aku. haha. chill je dtg sorang. padahal dlm hati. my god. haha. oh. a day before, aku dh hntr brng kt umah kak Red. dia suro tnggal kn kt kedai area pool rumah dia. mmg selambe dek je aku nyelinap masuk VA. hehe. guard tak nmpk kott. or tak kesah aku tataw la en. aku dh la dtg dgn bju kurung, wth 2 plastic besar full of party pack, pg kt area kedai mkn. orng mst ingt aku makcik kelantan jual kropok en. haha. dgn muka yg penuh tebal skali, pg kt kedai tu, jmp ownernya yg tnggal kn brg tu for kak Red. haha. teros cabut. lantak la orng nk ckp ape pon.

haih. itu je kott. sudah2 la en.
kak Red, next year buat lagi taw :D

RedMummy's Potluck ; 2

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here comes the people.
those yg ade muka nya di sini, leave comment keh.
so that, I can link you here.

seriously, remembering peoples name is kinda hard for me. so, if I forgot your name, a thousands of sorry as apology for you okay :)

this little girl reallyyy reminds me of Yana. she looks exactly like her okay. dgn pose nye. aaaw :(

nak curik pun bule, as long as you give me credits lah.
those yg nk original copies of their photos, drop yg email keh.

next entry, is about me.
what happen to me on the day :)

RedMummy's Potluck ; 1

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aku memang tanak ngular banyak2 psl potluck. tengok gambar je yeh.
nak taw full story. click here. sooonang keje aku :)

fist part, random.
banner sponsor. cantik okayy :)

GAMES section peoples.
kak Yatie, sungguh2 dia nk habis kn apple tu taw.

Sirman, hubby kak Red. he's soo nice okay.
FOOOOODS :) *only some of it. trust me. theres A LOT*and lastly, clean up session.

Day 6

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nothing much about Yana today. dia mcm tu jugak.
still no progression bout her treament. doc said nk start chemo tonight, but takdak pon.
cakap gebang betol la.

kak Leen dah start plan what will happen mase dia keje nanti.
one big problem ; Yana tanak dgn sape2 except her mama.
oyyyh. susah okay.

td at noon, I send Mak to HUKM, and kak Leen balik rumah.
at hosp, Yana nangis all the time. sbb kak Leen tade. aduhai. sudah kan mcm tu. mmg lsng tabule berenggang dgn mama dia.
dia punye la ngamok, end up nurse dtg and kene bukak bandage kt tgn dia.
sbb, Yana dh mcm meronta-ronta en, dia pulak tgh masuk air time tu. so, nurse mmg kne bkk la, kang tekoyak tmpt msuk air tu, naya je en.

and td pon kak Leen text.
Yana slept early tonight, sbb mmg dia penat pon. seharian tak tido, ramai orng dtg today.
tgh dia sedab2 tido, nurse dtg, nak check BP.
again, dia mengamok. time tu pulak tgh masuk darah. habis terbukak sume. menitik2 darah. habis tilam.
haih. Yana ni mmg. hot tempered sikit. mmg sgt la genetic kan. hehe :P

thats all. nothing much.
mane la result nye ooooooy.

ML tagged me.

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1. What's Your Most Favourite Colour?
; black . red .

2.Who Is The Most Important To You?
; families && friends .

3. How Often Do You Think Of Commiting Suicide?
; neveer

4. Do You Think You Have Enough Confidence?
; naaaah.

5. How Many Babies Do You Want?
; max 4

6. Do You Believe In Seeing A Rainbow After The Rain?
; I've seen one. so?

7. What's Your Goal Next Year?
; higher pointer. please oh. please.

8. Who'll You Miss The Most, If You Don't Talk To Them?
; huwm. huwm. *thinking* huuuuwm.

9. Do You Think The Person Who Tag You, Like To Play Kidnapping?
; Luqman? myGod. no wayy. dia ni penakot siak. besides, no one can kidnap her. fat kids are harder to kidnap aite? takp dow. aku pon same. sep sep :D

10. What Do You Want For Christmas?
; I dont celebrate christmas. thank you.

11. What Is Your Bad Habit?
; nail biting. shit. my thumb's nail is too short. demit.

12. Do You Have A Secret Crush?
; hahha. paass.

13. Do You Cherish Every Single Friendship Of Yours?
; I guess so.

14. What Does Flying Mean To You?
; I'm flying without wingsss *singing*

15. What Do You Crave For The Most Currently?
; just gimme the moneyy. I know wht to do. haha

16. Are You Single/ Relationship?
; totally single. anyone? haha. STFU.

17. What Have You Done To Yourself To Make Yourself Happy?
; erk. what is happy. :|

18. How's Your Day?
; fine.

19. If You Were Asked To Make A Wish, What Would You Ask For?
; moneyy.

20. I Tag :
IzzaFadzlani, Dann && Ssin :)

December 28, 2008

Day 5

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visit Yana at her new ward.
okay la. not that stress. klau ward lame, dgr bunyi mcm2, siap ade monitor view heartbeat. seram oh.
new ward okay sikit. dlm ward tu sume bdk2 cancer.
special bout this ward pulak, patients mmg tak pkai bju hosp. SEBAB, tade sorang pon patient yg akan stay in the ward for like a week or two. sume nye mesti sebulan dua, at least.
patients mmg pkai bju sndri. ward tu pon ade pantry sume, dh mcm dapor dah. siap fridge sume. yup. Yana will be in there for a long time.

full result of the pelvic thingy is still not out yet. demit. kate on friday, tapi nan ado.
and kak Leen td bgtaw, on tuesday yg buat the sum2 tulang thingy, that one is for nk detect whether her I-dont-know-the-real-terms-of-it that effect brain or tak. gitu lah.
haih. makin lame makin complicated.
I need to study more about this.

so far, Yana looks good. but inside. huwm :

anyway, I did go to the RedMummy Potluck. will update later.


Chin *& Ady too I guess ;
siot ar korang. taw2 je aku tgh ngamok2, pandai je en. such a great timing betol.
haha. thanx guys.
I love you both. equally la kott? haha. bule :D

December 27, 2008

Day 4

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its been 4 days Yana in the ward. 3 junior pine of blood have been inserted to her.

full result is not out yet, but Yana had been confirmed that she have Leukimia.

next treatment is chemotheraphy.

belom start lagi, need to wait for the full result, to know her stage.


news flash ;

Yana had move to a different ward, something to do with Oncology.

4days in HUKM and I know about this :-
  • a baby next to Yana's bed named Umairah. She was healthy born but sadly, she is struggling with heart failure and pneumonia. I've never seen her parents and today kak Leen asked nurse bout it and we both shocked when we heard the answer. Umairah telah dibuang oleh ibu bapanya. Orang jmp dia somewhere somewhere and she had been sent to Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat. haih. aku sumpah mak bapak dia mati tak diterima dek bumi.
  • A girl on the opposite bed of Yana have been staying at the ward for 8 years. She is suffering from various complication. She had only half of her brains and one side of her lungs had collapsed. She cant really breathe.
  • In the ICU, theres this one 7 year old boy. He had been there for one week, in comma. He fell off in the swimming pool for 10 mins. People found him floating. The water had gone to his brain and theres not enough oxygen in his body. Today, doctor had informed to his mother that theres no hope. He is fully dependent on the life machine. Late evening, a lot of people came. kak Leen told me that they wanted to stop the machine, and let him die, peacefully. huwm.
whenever I think about this, I will feel blessed. We still can see Yana, acting normal. Her laugh, the way she speaks, she still can move, eat, breathe. She is still normal, at least from the outside.


sesiapa yg turut simpati bout Yana's condition, terima kasih banyak banyak.
Allah yg dpt membalas budi sekalian.

*eyes closed*


*tears dropped*

kuat Mira kuat.
at least for Mak and kak Leen.

I know I can face this.

*smug face*

December 26, 2008

Danang Joyo Prakoso

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Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Danaaaaaaaaaaang
Happy Birthday to you
haha. I cant say have a great time through all year sbb dh nk end of year dh pon kan.
so, I will say may next year be the best year of your life. may god bless you. and may my love for you will never end.
amek kau, sume MAY nyah. haha.
takpe, tak choyy pon :D
i love you okay. you're the best bapak hitik partnet ever, like seriously =))


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 12/26/2008 12:29:00 AM 4 extra blabbing
I know its boored to just read right. I usually post entry with lotsa pics in it. nowadays picture pon tarak, entry pon sedih sedih pulak tu.

so, here's some picture of today :)

we sat on the floor sbb kerusi sume dh penuhthis is Malek. Aiman kate body abg ni best. dia cakap dh besar nnt dia nk body mcm abang ni, dia nk pg gym. adeyh. ape2 la Man ooi :pAiman surely had fun with them. Thanks guy for coming, nasib la korang lepak lame giler okay. Tade la aku layan perasaan sgt. hehhe.

anw, today birthday wife Memy, kak Nana. yeaa. kesian dia okay. no one seem to be bother bout her birthday. so at night, Baba took us for dinner. even though without kak Leen, abg Anip and Yana, dinner still on. we need to move on right. tade dpn mate je, dlm hati dlm kepale, mmg Yana je yg kitorang ingt.

birthday girl ate this. mixed grill. sedab oh. we went to Sakura Restaurant, Jusco Keramat AU2. best en tempat ni.
surely korang taw ape bendi ni kan?

Baba surprised me AGAIN. this time, he bought me Sony Alpha 200 SLR.

haih. when he asked, takkan nak ckp tanak kan. rezeki jgn ditolak. hehe. but seriously, I hardly bodek him for this taw sbb bnd ni kan mcm mahal. lg pon, none of us ni teror sgt amik gmbr pon. Me and my brother je yg mmg really into photography, but technic still macam hareeeem.
Baba suro pilih nak yang mane. I thought I want Nikon tp mcm mahal je, so Sony pon cukup la. its more than enough kan. harap mahal, tp skill nye tade, gune Auto mode jugak, tade gune jgk kan?

Thank you Baba.
*still. all I asked for is Paris Hilton handbag. wayy cheaper than this okay. tp apakah? Baba ooy*

December 25, 2008


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 12/25/2008 07:38:00 PM 4 extra blabbing
before I story anything about today,
I would like to say thousand of thank you's to Chin, Dann, Zakiyy, Arie, Jaja and also Ady that came to visit Yana yesterday.
Thanks so much okay, with Ady came by taxi and Dann and Zakiyy and Ari and Jaja. goosh. thanx guy.
Chin, THANK YOU, get it? :)

today, I got to see, meet, hug, kiss, touch, talk bla bla bla bla yada yada yada yada with Yana.
god knows how much I tried not to make myself cry in front of her.

she seems healthy. dgn mulut nye yg tak henti2 sembang. she's in High Intensive ward taw, so all the kids in there cannot talk, and like in really bad condition.
tp Yana, she talk and talk and laugh and sume2 lah. alhamdulillah. she's happy as always, although we know something wrong wth her.
more blood was given to her.

today, mmg ramai sangat datang. relatives, friends, office mates.
Chin and Ady also came.
Pole and Malek pon.
your hugs and kisses really comfort me, even just a little.

insyaallah, result will be out tomorrow.
hopefully, nothing serious.
hopefully, we will have plenty of time to save her.

anything, I'll update more.
keep your prayers goin guys.
mine never stop.

*senyum ketat*

p/s : thank you sooo much for all you comments. and thank you kak Red. sorry I cant reply one by one. hope you guys undertand.

December 24, 2008

Yana update

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 12/24/2008 11:46:00 PM 10 extra blabbing

since Yana got admitted last night, tataw la dh berapa kali orng hosp amik darah dia. GOD. dh la bdk tu pucat nye, asek cucuk amik darah je. luckily, tapenah sekali pon Yana nangis mase orng tu amik darah.
and today, after various test
blood cancer = leukimia

ya Allah, makin sayang kau pada kitorang, makin kuat dugaan nya.

tidak akan ada orang yg pertama kali dgr perkara seperti itu, aku terdiam dan kata, takpe, aku redha. cakap sape, datang sini jmpe aku. yakin kan aku.
at first, susah bg kami nk terima. takpe, kami tahu. kami perlu redha.

kun fa ya kun.

td, around 11-ish a.m, Yana was injected with morphine. she was unconscious for almost 5-6hours.
mase dia tak sedar kan diri, doctor telah mengambil her water/blood sample *im not really sure about this* from her pelvic.
this is to detect at what stage is her leukimia.


tiada siapa pon yang dalam rumah ini, kering mata nya dari semalam. aku pon mmg lansung tidak nyenyak tidor, dek teman kan kak Leen through texting with her. aku taw, dia takot.
tuhan, kuat kan semangat kakak ku. teguh kan iman dia.

I'm glad that my sister will tell to me first about everything.

I got a call from her at 1.15am on Wednesday morning. She cried and told me that Yana need to moved from normal ward to intensive care ward, doctor said they need to monitor her 24hrs.


more blood was injected from her body, kak Leen knows something is not right. within an hour, Yana body was coiled with various wires.


I woke up at 6.30 am, get myself dressed up and rushed to college to settled my registration and then I went straight to HUKM.
dengan selamba nye aku rusuh masuk ward, even though bukan visiting hours. tak kire.
I want to see Yana, I want to look at her face.
but, I'm too late. I rushed in. When I glanced at her bed, I only saw her lying on the bed, then the curtain close. I called up kak Leen's name but I found myself been kick out by the nurse. kak Leen heard me and came to me cause she needs to leave Yana at that time, sbb nk kne inject morphine.

kak Leen look me in the eyes and said
'95% confirm ya. benda tu'
she cried, really cried.
I hugged her and we cried together. she said no one knows bout this, I was the first one to know.


we both sat at the waiting area, together with her hubby. abg. Anip just cried and cried and cried. Laki bini mmg nampak tak bermaya.

Ya Allah.

now, the water/blood from her pelvic result will be out on Friday, insyallah.
from then, the doctors will know her stage and they will do whatever they have to do.

doakan utk Yana, saya mohon.
Yana panggil Biha, kakak cantik :)
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