December 17, 2008

A day in KL with Syasya ; 1

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 12/17/2008 11:26:00 AM
have you ever imagine meeting a friend that you know from this world wide web, all alone, having them over to you house, going out just the two of you and even sleep on the same bed.
oh. you just know the person in less than 2months.
HA HA HA. it happens to me dowww.

well, I cant remember the exact time that I know Syasya. haha. I dont even know which entry that she commented first.
all I can remember is the time when she commented on one of my entries and tell me how much she lovees my blog and wanted my YM. haha.

anyway, she came over to KL on Monday and stay here for one night. We both was shocked when her mom actually gave her permission to come here all alone and meeting me. And and and I was soo shoked too because Syasya was brave enough to actually meet me for the first time all alone by herself and stay at my house. Dem. Can you guys imagine how much she trust me? :)

She called me few times in the morning, just to woke me up. She got on her bus at 8.45am and it took about 2 hours to reached KL. We met at Puduraya, which is so neeew to me. haha. I've never been there alone, I dont know anything bout Puduraya and so was her. So, ye lah. redha sajee. haha. everything went well. The moment I met her, we both couldnt stop talking. haha. Its like we have been friends for 3-4 years. padahal, 3-4 months pon belom lagi taw. hahaha. I took her home and met my parents. My parents was so shocked to see her because, I mean. look at her. haha. eh. jap, nnt I upload her photos. haha. she doesnt look like malay at all okay. dh mcm japanese je. then, we had lunch together at my house.
mase tengah baru je nak makan, I received text from Qayyum. grr. he knows I'm meeting Syaa okay. haha. sabau je lah. Then, I called him and we talked a bit la. bule tahan jugak dow bekas laki aku ni menggatal. haha. tak menahaaaan. Oh. he knows Syaa too. ade la story mory nye. malas nk blog sbb mcm tak perlu je. haha. apekah, even Yum's roomate, Mus which is Izza's boyf pon kenal Syaa jgk. well, duuuh. sbb Syaa knal Izza kan. haha. ooh tidak. pening2. sume nye related je. grr. borak2 la kejap with Yum and Mus. Sya pon dh mcm pelik je.
after we had our lunch, we're off to Kuala Lumpur. I parked my car at KLCC and we jalan and jalan and jalan.

say hello to Syasya peeps :)
oh. if you guys remembered, I had posted few entries bout her. the first one was how flattered I am when she told me she loves my blog bla bla bla, yada yada yada. haha. and then, theres few entries after that bout the skype thingy sume tu. haaa. she's the one lah that I met.
She was soo excited okayy. haha. The last time she came to KL is when she was 12 years old.

She bought Eminem's Autobiography at Kinokuniya, which she had been craving for all this time. Next, went to Apartment to get some cupcakes, but then takde pulak cupcakes for today. Luckily I called Dann and he told me ade lgi jual cupcakes kt dalam. Thanx Dann, I owe youu.

she's soo excited right? haha
Next stop is Pavy. We walked from KlCC. haha. kesian Syasya, baru datang dh kene jalan2. well, you yang nk sgt jalan kan, so I bwk you jalan2 kaw2 punye. hehhe.We spent most of our time in Pavy. both of us managed tu buy the original Little Miss tshirt. yeey. I bought 2. oopsie. hahaha. Later on, we went to Forever 21 and spent maybe half an hour, I think in the fitting room. hahaha. we tried on soo many clothes, duuh. we did buy la jugak some of it. haha.haha. its our first time meeting each other but we had watch ourselved stripped in front of each other. hehehe. tak menahaaaan doww. oh. did I mention that she is TALL? haha. dia tinggi siak. grrrr. hahaha. later on, we jalan jalan jalan and talked talked talked and snappe snappe snapped.

I called Pole because I thought he know that Syaa is coming over, rupenye tidak. haha. kantoi doww. Aku mati2 la ingt Yum bgtaw Pole, rupenye tidak. waaaah. loyal pulak Yum simpan rahsia en. hahaha. konooon. padahal dia nk simpan Syasya for himself kott. hahaha. anyway, Pole was a bit pissed off la and that scared Syasya a bit. aduyai. dh la si Syasya takot pulak nk jmp Pole sbb dia kate Pole garang. hahaha. aduhaai.
well, Pole mmg garang la kan but then the way he talked to me mmg tapenah lembut pon, nak menengking je. hahaha. so, Syasya pon seram je.

ooh. hari sudah malam, almost 7pm I think. cepat2 jalan balik to KLCC sbb kitorng tanak jalan mlm2, takot. haha. tp en, mase nk jalan balik tu, ohh. kaki rase nak putus. lenguh giler. jalan tak behenti taw, aduyaaai. then, dengan jalan jam nye, nk kene drive lg. alahai, takpe la. for Syasya. its that not I can see her everyday aite.

at the parking lot. look at our face. we ar soo dem tired. aiseyy

gheee. mase ni ke parking lot en, rase macam jauuuh je from entrance. konooon la. padahal tade la jauh mane. haha.

okay. next entry :)

7 extra blabbing on "A day in KL with Syasya ; 1"

fikri frantic on December 18, 2008 at 12:25 AM said...

syasya dh mcm star dtg jb. perlu sume org taw. haha.
syasya memang suke buat suprise
pernah skali die tnye i kat ne,
i ckp ah kat umah.
then die trus drive gi umah i.
what a good fren she is.
love u both.

ML; Mohd Loqman on December 18, 2008 at 12:41 AM said...

tak nampak mcm penat pun.
like I said to you.
satu pergi seribu yg baru dtg untuk you.
seribu ke.?

ssin on December 18, 2008 at 2:03 AM said...

syasya cantik

ika on December 18, 2008 at 8:43 AM said...

wow u guys look great 2gether

k.leen said...

syasya mmg cantik

~BEE~ on December 18, 2008 at 1:08 PM said...

Amira...yes the tag is for u...hehe...jangan x buat tau...

syaa on December 18, 2008 at 7:55 PM said...

aku yg serba jakun menjejak kl hahahaha, peh! muke buruk r, lawa habes u. im fat. ill story sumthin later. td u call enn, lupe nak ckp! -___-

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