December 29, 2008

ML tagged me.

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 12/29/2008 12:42:00 AM
1. What's Your Most Favourite Colour?
; black . red .

2.Who Is The Most Important To You?
; families && friends .

3. How Often Do You Think Of Commiting Suicide?
; neveer

4. Do You Think You Have Enough Confidence?
; naaaah.

5. How Many Babies Do You Want?
; max 4

6. Do You Believe In Seeing A Rainbow After The Rain?
; I've seen one. so?

7. What's Your Goal Next Year?
; higher pointer. please oh. please.

8. Who'll You Miss The Most, If You Don't Talk To Them?
; huwm. huwm. *thinking* huuuuwm.

9. Do You Think The Person Who Tag You, Like To Play Kidnapping?
; Luqman? myGod. no wayy. dia ni penakot siak. besides, no one can kidnap her. fat kids are harder to kidnap aite? takp dow. aku pon same. sep sep :D

10. What Do You Want For Christmas?
; I dont celebrate christmas. thank you.

11. What Is Your Bad Habit?
; nail biting. shit. my thumb's nail is too short. demit.

12. Do You Have A Secret Crush?
; hahha. paass.

13. Do You Cherish Every Single Friendship Of Yours?
; I guess so.

14. What Does Flying Mean To You?
; I'm flying without wingsss *singing*

15. What Do You Crave For The Most Currently?
; just gimme the moneyy. I know wht to do. haha

16. Are You Single/ Relationship?
; totally single. anyone? haha. STFU.

17. What Have You Done To Yourself To Make Yourself Happy?
; erk. what is happy. :|

18. How's Your Day?
; fine.

19. If You Were Asked To Make A Wish, What Would You Ask For?
; moneyy.

20. I Tag :
IzzaFadzlani, Dann && Ssin :)

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