December 12, 2008

oh KLCC.

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 12/12/2008 03:32:00 PM
finally, I went to KLCC on Wednesday. yeyyy.

I left the house at 12 something. fecth Ady at his house. kejam ooh mamat ni skipped class. ish ish ish. then. fetched Chin pulak. went straight to Sri Melaka, hntar my pants for alteration. Then, left to Dann's house at Maluri and finally to KLCC, I arrived.

at KLCC we met Arie, Zakiyy,Jaja and the other one . shit, I forgot his name. sorryy. its my first time meeting Arie, Zakiyy and the other one jugak. but, theyre nice people. no problem to mingle around.

Met them at food court. ingt nk makan situ but effin ramai cause its lunch time. so, we end up lepak2 at starbucks dlu.gooosh. look at that. geram seyyy. it's Zakiyy's SLR. OMGOMGOMG okay.

borak punye borak punye borak. perot lapa sudaah. Ady kott ajak lunch kt foodcourt Ave K. so, pgi je lah. I've never been tu Ave. K okay. haha. tade sebab kott nak ke Zakiyy and Jaja peoples :)thats Arie. oh. he reads my blog too. haha. thanx hunn.
Chin gotta go. She left to her college at like 3pm sumthing because she had test on that day. finally, aman hidup aku bout an hour :]

after Chin left, we went to Pavy. jumpe Mel and kobain kat sane. grrr. lame okay tgg diaorng. rupe2 nye diaong kt Sg Wang. aduyaai. lepak2 di tangge shje.
oh. I met Fiqaaaa. yeeeey. terubat sudah rindu ku pada gadis ini. gheeee :))
*on the screen* I'm Kim Kardashian. Thank youuuuuu. haha. ngengg.oh. geram nyee. weyy, name you sape. haha. sorry. sumpa I lupe sbb we're not like really talk kan. someone, let me know please :D

ngam2 Mel sampai Pavy, Chin text ckp she almost reach KLCC dah. yea, frm cllge dia dtg klcc balik. and mase tu jgk, Nizam sampai. jadi, berarak la kitorng ke KLCC balik.
jumpe jap. bla bla bla bla. and balik sbb my mom dah call. so, Chin, Ady or whoever. hang out wth me when my parents its around is bosaan okay. so, sila lah jangan keluar dgn saya. Dont bother to asked me out, sbb nyesal je korang sbb nnt kene balik awal.
tpi, kalau nak stay until late, stay la. I dont mind at all. ooh. pictures sikit kan. its either blur or have my face in it.
malas la nak jaja my face in this entry. ye lah. I look like the super ultimate drag queen. so, tapayah jaja.

presenting ;ultimate drag queen la kata kan.

p/s : entry ni je tak jaja muka aku. entry lain aku jaja lah. drag queen or not. ni muka tuhan dah bagi. deal with it lah.


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