December 21, 2008


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 12/21/2008 11:17:00 PM
lot of people are wondering why I only stayed for one night in Johore.
here's what happen.

I arrived at around 2-3pm at Johore on Friday. Theres been miscommunication between kak Leen and the hotel management. even though kak Leen didnt go with us but she's the one that made the hotel reservation. She booked for the standard room, which is the cheapest, I think. But once we got there, the hotel people told us that my sister booked for the deluxe room, and that cost about rm400 per night. Its not that Baba is cheapskate but its not worth it. The room is so-so only la. Not that big, no sofas, just a queen bed. yup, pretty much that is, and they call is deluxe? WTH. so. yea. I told Baba we should only stay for one night but if you still want to stay for another night, we can get another hotel. But then, my cousin that lives in Johore told us that most of the hotels are fully booked, due to Mawi's wedding. demit. That kinda ruin our mood, so Baba said just let it be. we see how it goes.

so, on the Friday night, I met Syasya. She came and fetched me at the hotel while Bab and Mak left to my cousin's house. Later, I met few of her friends, nice but VERY shy people. Its really hard for me to communicate with shy people because, I'm not that shy. haha. Ask Syasya, I talked a lot. Attention peoples, if you're just too shy to meet me or cant stand a talkative woman, dont ever try to meet me. haha. Dont tell me I didnt warned yaw.
okay, back to my story.
Syasya then send me back at the hotel. Once I got to the room, my parents wanted to go wherever place that I went with Syasya. I told them, I only remember the way to Danga Bay, the rest, I'm not really sure because I just talked and talked and talked with Syasya. They said okay. Off we went to Danga Bay and lepaked at Singgah Selalu for a while. The clock striked 2-ish am and we're headed back to the hotel.

When we arrived at the hotel, I make a u-turn, because I noticed that the hotel carpark was already close. Yup, I drived that night. Baba wanted me to parked the car behind a bus because he said we can see the car from our room but I insist to parked the car right in front of the lobby, we cant see from our room thought but that parking is just below the road lamp. I made a u-turn and I heard mak said, ' Ya, tengok belakang ade kete tak'. and I did look, NO VEHICLES at all. set the gear to D, tak lepas. I looked at the back and side mirror, NO VEHICLES. set the gear to R, turn my stering. the moment I glanced at the mirror, I saw a motor stopped, about 3-4meters from my car.

The motorcyclist just jumped out from him bike, shouting and took off his helmet. SHOUTING AT OUR CAR. I was like. HUH. He walked to my car and BAAAAAAAAAM!. DIA HENTAK CERMIN TEMPAT DUDUK BELAKANG WITH HIS HELMET. demit. That guy just ran amuk. watafak. He just shouted and yelled. He came to my window and stared at my face and shouting at me and trying to open my door. Me, Mak and Baba were all shouted 'SORRY' in the car. there's no fucking wayy we're gonna open the door. like hello. somebody gonna get hurt. Baba hit the honk and then that guy moved to Baba' side and tried to open his door. and Baba wanted to open his door and I shouted NO. He's gonna get hurt if he do so, right. I continued honk for such a long time. That guy is still there, jerit2, is like I dunno. SCARY. after about 5mins of hitting the car, shouting and yelling, and trying to open all the doors, he finally gave up and went off. He maked like tunggu-tunggu-jaga-la-kau punya sign to us. I was shivering. I told Baba, I want the hotel to open the car park, no matter what. we didnt moved our car at that time because we're afraid he might follow us. So, I told Baba to get off from the car and ran to the stairs to the lobby entrance. Baba ran so fast. I immediately move away from the place and drove to the lobby hallway. Once I got there, I off the light. and hid beside another car. Baba entered the lobby and informed the hotel security. They immediately open the car park for us.

Once we parked the car at the car park, I noticed that the stairs are locked. We need to walk to the hotel lobby. demit. I lead the way and tip-toed outside. No sign of motor or peoples and noticed that the guard was outside, guarded us. Alhamdulillah, we're savely entered our room that night.

My parents are so scared. I just tried my best to act like I'm so brave, like I can handle it. But deep down inside, god knows. I hugged my mom, and said I'm sorry. Baba and Mak told me that its not my fault. That filthy man just too stupid. because I did looked back and theres nothing. Clearly, he drove soo fast. besides, I didnt hit him wth my car, he even stopped by himself. Its not my fault. no. its not my fault.

I got to the room, and felt soo scared. I just kept my mouth shut. I'm scared. Mak asked me if I'm okay, I said yes. Takpe la. Kite takde ape2 pon, keling tu giler. yups, its Indian. that guy is Indian. cakap la I'm racist or whatsoever, I dont give a dem. Mak and Baba off to bed. I had to slept on the floor because the room had only one queen bed, no sofas. so, yea, slept on the floor. Mak bought me comferter and gave me 2 pillows and her kain batik. jadi la kan.

But I couldnt sleep. I'm scared. What if that guy took the car plate number and tell his gang bout it. What if that guy wait for us until the next morning. What if, what if, too many what if.
I texted Pole, and said I need to talked to him. He replied and told me to call Yum's number.
I called him and I cried. I'm scared. That night, I can only remember that filthy guy face. Even until now. I remember the way he look me throught the mirror, shouting and yelling. Knocked the windor and tried to open the door. I remember exactly how he looks like.

Pole comfort me, talked to him until I felt relieved.
and I off to bed.
and I dreamt of Qayyum.
luckily it was a nice dream


4 extra blabbing on "experience"

syaa on December 22, 2008 at 12:32 AM said...

omg serious r.. bhy tul, like i told ya, the place was kinda bad bad area...hmm

ssin on December 22, 2008 at 2:11 AM said...

gila r keling tue

bee on December 22, 2008 at 1:54 PM said...

alhamdulillah...nasib baik amira & parents x apa2...memang giler ar...bee pun penah kene camtu...tapi rasanya kes amira ni lagi scary...sabar ye..kuatkan hati...dah selamat dah...

fikri frantic on December 22, 2008 at 5:53 PM said...

sumpah kasi jb malu je

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