March 29, 2010

catching things up

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okay. rasa agak janggal ye nak update blog. hahha. tataw la mengape.
serious seyy, nak type ape pon tataw dah.

anyway, I've been off this blog for a about 2 weeks plus. lets see, what have I been up to since then :)

my very first Pavlova
I baked pavlova for the first time. what is pavlova? go google bout it la deyy.
well, it was a try out. Ady wanted pavlova for his birthday, so I try to bake. alhamdulillah, menjadi.

Ady's Birthday Celebration at al-Andalus

celebrated Ady's birthday. yeaaaay. was super fun. everyone that matters were there.
we made a reservation a day before, sebab nak seat dkt atas. oh, I baked him Pavlova. they said it was good. sorry, no picture. it was a bit disaster due to some situation *grins at Kobain
hahahaha ;p
a greaaat time, were just chilling, had great foods, great company.

Dessert at C Club, Pavilion
had dessert at C Club for the first time eveeeeer. thanks a milion Firr for the treat. heeee.
yup, Firr belanja okay, ade laa, for some reason. I had Meringue Sundae, which is like majoorly goood. got Haagen Daaz some more taw. haha.
well, C Club may be very expensive but I'm telling you, its all worth it. maybe you guys dont have to dine for main course or whatever, just go there and have a dessert. that should be enough.
will definitely go again, sooon :)

Voice of the Stars, MMC
Ady masuk singing competition dekat college dia. *duh* mamat ni kan mmg gemar sangat menyanyi kan. haha
well, I made a surprise. didnt tell him that I'll be coming. thanks to his collegemate, Afiq, my secret is save. heeeee.
tekejot benar dia when he saw us walk into the hall. I told him I stayover dkt Bangi, so mmg tak la kan nak pegi KL semata mate nak tengok ni.
but, hello. he's my papi kot. mesti la sanggop.
anyway, he won. first place.
told you, his voice is MAJOR GOOD (:

Leina Hangat's Surprise Birthday Celebration
Leen's had her suprised birthday celebration from us. macam macam plan at first taw but towards the end, everythings turned up to be great !
had delicious cakes from Concorde Shah Alam, and a tremendous steamboat by, US !
okay, Fendi to be exact. hahaha. gigih kitorng sume buat rombongan pegi Giant, bought all the stuffs. sampai kat rumah Leen, Fendi masak tomyam. sedab seyyy !

these are like the highlights lah, ade banyaaaaaaaaaaak lagi things that I did. but oh well, not that important to know. ngeheeee.

will try to update more, sooon. hopefully. no promise.
need to dig my mood, need to find my passion of blogging that I lost. haha.

anything just add me on FB, remember. let me know that youre my reader cause I dont approve strangers, eventho your friends are my mutual friends.

oh. follow me on Twitter also.
i am tweeter maniac. I tweet A LOT. for those who easily get annoyed, dont ever followed. you'll regret. trust me. hahaha.

see you guys soon :)

March 12, 2010

my one and only, Papi (:

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Happy Birthday Ady Adzmi !

papi, you're twenty nowww, the big two zero.
omaigod omaigod. how does it feels eh, to be old among us? HAHA

anyway, as usual. bla bla bla, lalala, dududududu.
all the usual ; maygodblessyou, haveagreatday, mayyourwishcometrue.
yenna, so boring la deyy thambi, eh, anne. ngeheeeehe.

dah la, whatever it is pon, I've always pray the best for you.
no words can ever compared to this

I Love You :)
I dont know how long we're gonna be papi and mami, but one thing for sure, i'm gonna cherish what i have with you now.

eewww, very sentimental. *puke puke.

March 11, 2010

big 2-0

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Izzah a.k.a Jah

Izza Fadzlani


turning twenty, the big 2-0.
zomaigod. later tell me how it feels like okay? haha

anyway, have a great day and may all your wishes come true
and, the most clise sentence ever,
May God Bless You.

amen !

mak's bday !

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Happy Birthday Mak !

she's the greatest mom eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.
no words can describe how i really love her, how i really appreciate her, how i really grateful to have her as my mother

i love you mak !

p/s : so, esok brthday sapeee lah ye. haha

March 4, 2010

too random

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they thought we're together but the real truth, we're not even close.

puas dah fikir on what to update today. ade je bende bende yang bule cite but ended up I decided that maybe I'll update about all of those later.

lets talk something routine, or random.
something like 'hey, I've thought of that but forgot to talk bout it'.

for example, pernah tak rase yang kite macam so close with someone, so close until we trust them with our deepest secret, eventho we're just known that person for like, what, a month?


sometimes kite rase kite dh treat orang sehabis baik but sebenarnye, ade je bende yang tak betol pada mata dia


kite rase bile bawak kereta its important to give signals but sebenarnye bile kite nampak orng bagi signal and nak masuk lane kite, we're gonna be soo greedy. takkan nak bg dia masuk lane kite jugak, dan dan tu teros drive laju.

hehe. okay, yang last tu mcm luahan perasaan sikit.

tadi pon borak borak dgn mak, dgn kak leen, pasal budak budak ni. pasal Aiman dgn Yana. Aiman yg sekarang dh 7 tahun and prasan dia mcm dh pandai dah bace al-Fatihah. tapayah nak dibetol kan ape lagi dah.
macam Yana yang mmg sangat sangat degil. orng suro ape pon dia tanak buat, dia tak tataw ape tiu erti menunggu,. if she want something, she want it NOW.
if she dont know how to do something, she'll cry. if she dont know how to something pon, she'll cry.

macam tadi, kak leen ajar dia main this one makeover online game taw. kak leen had to tutor her all the time, nak pegang mouse macam mane, nk click kt mane.
then, bile kak leen stop kejap sbb nk dinner, Yana ended up click on something else, and she ended up crying of it. sebab ape? sebab dia tataw nak main.

and at that moment, me, kak leen and mak were all agreed at one thing.
its a genetic.

do you know that if I want something, and I know I could have it but because of other simple things that I cannot handle by myself, I will cry.
like macam tadi, I cannot online using my Vaio eventho the wifi mmg dh connect, tp bile bkk Chrome, it said tht tade internet connection. so, I tried to fix that but sampai kesudah, lansung tak bule.
so, I cried. well, not really cried, just meleleh lah. heeee

and do you know that kak leen dont play games. me and kak leen, both of us dont play games like Pacman or any Harry Potter games kat playstation ke, or ape2 game yg ade win and lose.
we're gonna cry taw.
I still remember this one time when PS 1 was so in, baba bought that for me and I was playing Harry Potter punye game taw, and then sampai kt this one stage, I cannot reached to the next level sbb I dont know how to play with it.
end up, I cried. Memy yg tolong main kan sampai I reached the next level. heeee

so, its normal la kan kalau Yana nangis nangis gitu.

oh. kalau mak pulak, she cried when she's angry.
conclusion ; we all girls in this house like to cry :)

and korang penah tak rase yang you guys were really puas hati with you have now, until something happen, everything will turn the other way round.

I still remember when me and Ady were together, I mean not together as an item, together as in like just the two of us.
we both have friends but we're like really comfortable by hangin out just the two us. like goin to movies together, lepak mamak together, everything for just the two of us.
sometimes, in a day, 3-4 times we meet up. dgn call lagi, texting, YM, skype, you know, everything, you name it we have it.
we're like living in a world just the two of us.

and now, we're like in a group. i'm not saying is a bad thing but i'm saying sometimes I need time just by ourselves, you know just the two of us.
but as a friends, you know you that wouldnt happen. lagi lagi kalau dah rapat dengan semua kan. when everytime nak kluar just the two of us je pon, its gonna be like a bit awkward, like, eh, mane sipolan tu, oh, sipolan ni mane.

you guys get what I mean? haha.
what i'm saying is sometimes, changes are good. especially when you're friends like in a group, when something happen you want the whole group to know. why? because we feel like they need to know, they have to know, theyre our friends. kan?

tapi kadang kadang, macam biase la, dalam ramai ramai, sorang dua tu mesti ade yg rapat. like, me and ady. we're close because we've been hangin out together for so long, so many times.
then, when changes happen, when you start hangin out in a group, they'll be one or two people thats gonna feel left out.
honestly, sometimes I did feel that way. like when Ady can always have lunch with Dann like whenever they wanted while I cannot unless my parents are not at home.
or when Dann can always go to Pavy like at 4pm with random people while I cant cause baba forbid me.
or when they can always go karaoke or movies on weekdays cause its much cheaper than weekends, while the only days i can go out is on weekend which is when everything will be a bit pricy.

sometimes, you just gotta think positive. like, hey, its okay. they all can go out today, for like 4 hours but when it comes to weekend, I can go out like for 8hours straight.
or when they go out for lunch together like everyday, then I can go out lunch wth them in just a day, but still have the same topic that they discussed.

tapi, kadang kadang terasa jugak kan when all of these time you were so close with someone, but not until someone new coming in and the other person feels much much more comfortable talking all of the stuff wth that new person.
before this, if something happen, you'll be the first one to know but not anymore. and at that point, you're gonna feel replace, feel so left out, feels unwanted.
but all of the sudden, cute things happen and that magically makes you feel okay in no time.

oh. do you guys agree on the facts that small things that matters the most
i mean, come on la kan. bende remeh mcm ni la yg bule strengthen kan a relationship. like you know, katekan lah between daddy and his daughter, like me and baba. eventho I'm 20, baba sometimes did kiss me on cheek, like this morning, mase nk pegi college. he's like sayin, 'ciom baba, dh lame tak ciom kan'. you knw, bnd yg mcm like 'alaa, perlu ke?'
or, like me and mak. sometimes when she's at dapur, masak, i'll go to her, borak borak then i kissed her on the cheek. you know, just like nak she knows,'hey mak, ilove you'.

or or, you're like jalan jalan, and you saw this one thing that you really reminds of your friend, ape la salahnye, like grab a phone and call and like say 'hey, aku jalan kt Tangs ni, tenampak ade notebook cantik, kalau kau tengok, mesti kau suke, tu yg aku teringat kt kau'.
these kinda things la for me, matters the most.

sometimes, like whenever I went out with Alia, helped her to find things that she wanted, but shes like being cranky ke ape ke kan, then she'll gonna like held my hand and say 'hey, thanks okay, for teman, evn tho i'm a bit cranky, i love you'.
kite yg dgr ni pon teros mcm, haaaa, sedab sikit hati.
kalau mcm me and ady, sometimes we go out, i'll tend to be such a spoiled brat, like papi, this and that, can you do this, can you do that, but in the end, ape la salahnye like sayin 'thanks papi for the day'.

you dont have to buy something expensive or do something big to show your love, a simple thoughts that matters the most.

now, all you guys out there, when was the last time you guys kiss your mom randomly?
when was the last time you said thank you to your friend for willingly to YM with you cause youre bored?
or when was your last time you buy JCo donuts for your classmate cause they always sign for your attendance?

hope you guys really understand what I'm trying to say here.
if korang bace gitu je, it may means nothing. but if korang bace and try to picture what i'm trying to say here, you guys will get the hints.

anwyay, talk to you guys soon.

ciao !

p/s : oh, hey readers. thanks for reading okay.

March 3, 2010

hadap selagi buleh

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basically, ini adalah entry menayang muka.

thats my current look. tetibe bule jadi muka tembikai balik kan. takpe laaaa, layan kan sajoo.
after this nk biar fringe tu panjang, then i'm gonna make it side fringe, again,
and Ady wants me to perm my hair mcm dulu.
worriteeee, nnt rambut I panjang sikit lagi, I perm ye.

aiyooo, tu la rupa mak sekarang nok.
makin gemok
makin bulat
makin tembam
perot makin buncit.

haish, tabule jadi ney. harus berjaga jaga.
nasib ade Osim uKimono. hahaha.

huwm huwm huwm. apeee lagi nak cite kat korang eh?

its not Vday, its Bday !

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as everyone was busy celebrating either Valentines Day or Chinese New Year, I was busy celebrating my bestfriend's birthday, Aliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

her birthday is on the 14th. mak, baba, kak leen sume balik kampung, but I dont want to. I wanted to celebrate Alia's birthday jugak. dah lame okay tak celebrate sesame taaaaw. usually, adeeeeeeeee je yg happened on the day.

but not this time, she's in KL, and its holiday. so theres no reason for not celebrate it okay.

so, what was our plan ye. heeee
having a massive birthday party?
drunk ourselves in the pool?
spend a day at any shopping mall, shopping?
blow our 20 candles on the cake?

all we ever did was, spend our time together, in the big house. THATS IT.

the only shopping mall that we both went to was Giant.
the only place that we went was her cousin's house for kenduri.
other than that, nothing.

sounds boring right?

we both agreed it was a great birthday. why?
gooosh. taw tak betapa susaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah nye kiteorng nak meet up? both of our parents were like not okay taw.
I mean, she's in Shah Alam, I'm in Cheras. its quite far la kan.
her parents mcm tak bagi sangat she drive alone to KL
my parents pon not okay aku drive alone to Shah Alam.
nak meet up on weekends pon takbule, one of us mesti adeeeeeee je plan taw.
sekseeee sangat. eventho she was on hols for a like 3 months, kitorng meet up tak sampai pon 5 kali taw. sedih sangat.
so, on the birthday all we ever did was boraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak, made a total complete idiot of ourselves, gossiping, merintih hiba, segalenyeeee lah !

aku sampai rumah dia like on the Saturday evening. agak lambat jugak sbb on the morning tu, I had to go to workshop to fixed Lola's feet, I mean tyres. hahah. disebabkan Ady tade, he got presentation on the Saturday morning, Leen teman-ed me on that day. thanks babe !

Alia was calling me few times dah, tanye kat mane ape sume. haha. tak sesabau betol kan.
so, sesampai je kt rumah, we borak borak borak and stuff.

thought of goin out that night, tp tadapat sbb we had to go the kenduri. we ended up spend our whole night at that kenduri. haisyooo.

oh. the birthday present. heeee. lets enjoy these pictures first. haha

'OMG yang ! I saw this at Topshop and I know I gotta have it !'

for the first time ever, I bought a present without thinking about the person itself.
it all started when she said I always have a great stuff, she always liked my tshirts my tops and stuff. and so I was brainstorming my brain on what to get for Alia, I decided to buy a tshirt that I like.

then, on one fine day, as I was walking around shopping mall, I saw this one very cute tshirt that I really like, I, me, myself like it sooo much !
instead of buying if for myself, I bought it for her as the birthday present.
the birthday note.

thank god it fits her. well, we're bestfriend. duh. haha
yup, ladybird embroidery (:

after that, she was busy with phone calls and stuff, birthday girl la kan. haha

later that night, we baked together. she wanted me to bake not for her, but with her.
so, i baked, she did all the decos.
I brought all my stuff, even my toolbox. haha.

maggie assam laksa was our supper for the night
she was having fun decorating the cuppies.
yang bestnye, bkn dia sorang je yg suke the cuppies, the whole family likeeees it. yeaaaay.
malam tu kan dh baked, then esok nye baked lagi. tak cukup okay. her mommy suro baked some more.

thats just it, a simple birthday celebration.
no party, no drinks, no guys.

just us :)

ILoveYou Alia, see you in June !

March 2, 2010

a very welcome entry

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hey baby boo :)

finally, I am back on track. insyallah, kalau tade aral melintang, hilang la sampah sarap, habuk dan segala nya kt rumah online saya ini. heeee.

well, anyway. sedih je tgk entries for February. ade 4 je? goooosh. mmg sangat la a history okay. usually, bepuluh kan entry in a month, sehari tu 4-5 entry adoo, ni kau, 4 je.
takpe la, janji adoooo.

so, disebabkan dah lame sangat tak blog, and takkan la aku nak cerita every single thing that happen to me like in a day or in a week.

cerita dah basi la nok, so kite reveal mane mane yg mcm ala ala meletszz je okay. kalau yg karat karat story, no need to tell lah.

so, as a start. ehem ehem.

saya disini ingin memperkenal kan orang baru dalam keluarga saya.
orang yg bakal meneruskan generasi kami
orang yg bakal meneruskan warisan keluarga kami

Adieb Uzaer Bin Hayme

selamat dilahirkan di Hospital Al-Islam (formerly known as Hosp Kg. Baru) on the February of 8th, 2010.
he is a very healthy baby, a cute baby, a blessed baby.

Adieb, be prepared to grow up with us okay (:

p/s : more to come babey !

finally !

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 3/02/2010 03:44:00 PM 1 extra blabbing




woooohoooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeee !

sumpa aku mmg tak sabar nk update segaleeeeeeeenyeeeeeeeeee. hahaha.

wait arrrr :D
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