March 29, 2010

catching things up

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 3/29/2010 04:59:00 PM

okay. rasa agak janggal ye nak update blog. hahha. tataw la mengape.
serious seyy, nak type ape pon tataw dah.

anyway, I've been off this blog for a about 2 weeks plus. lets see, what have I been up to since then :)

my very first Pavlova
I baked pavlova for the first time. what is pavlova? go google bout it la deyy.
well, it was a try out. Ady wanted pavlova for his birthday, so I try to bake. alhamdulillah, menjadi.

Ady's Birthday Celebration at al-Andalus

celebrated Ady's birthday. yeaaaay. was super fun. everyone that matters were there.
we made a reservation a day before, sebab nak seat dkt atas. oh, I baked him Pavlova. they said it was good. sorry, no picture. it was a bit disaster due to some situation *grins at Kobain
hahahaha ;p
a greaaat time, were just chilling, had great foods, great company.

Dessert at C Club, Pavilion
had dessert at C Club for the first time eveeeeer. thanks a milion Firr for the treat. heeee.
yup, Firr belanja okay, ade laa, for some reason. I had Meringue Sundae, which is like majoorly goood. got Haagen Daaz some more taw. haha.
well, C Club may be very expensive but I'm telling you, its all worth it. maybe you guys dont have to dine for main course or whatever, just go there and have a dessert. that should be enough.
will definitely go again, sooon :)

Voice of the Stars, MMC
Ady masuk singing competition dekat college dia. *duh* mamat ni kan mmg gemar sangat menyanyi kan. haha
well, I made a surprise. didnt tell him that I'll be coming. thanks to his collegemate, Afiq, my secret is save. heeeee.
tekejot benar dia when he saw us walk into the hall. I told him I stayover dkt Bangi, so mmg tak la kan nak pegi KL semata mate nak tengok ni.
but, hello. he's my papi kot. mesti la sanggop.
anyway, he won. first place.
told you, his voice is MAJOR GOOD (:

Leina Hangat's Surprise Birthday Celebration
Leen's had her suprised birthday celebration from us. macam macam plan at first taw but towards the end, everythings turned up to be great !
had delicious cakes from Concorde Shah Alam, and a tremendous steamboat by, US !
okay, Fendi to be exact. hahaha. gigih kitorng sume buat rombongan pegi Giant, bought all the stuffs. sampai kat rumah Leen, Fendi masak tomyam. sedab seyyy !

these are like the highlights lah, ade banyaaaaaaaaaaak lagi things that I did. but oh well, not that important to know. ngeheeee.

will try to update more, sooon. hopefully. no promise.
need to dig my mood, need to find my passion of blogging that I lost. haha.

anything just add me on FB, remember. let me know that youre my reader cause I dont approve strangers, eventho your friends are my mutual friends.

oh. follow me on Twitter also.
i am tweeter maniac. I tweet A LOT. for those who easily get annoyed, dont ever followed. you'll regret. trust me. hahaha.

see you guys soon :)

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Anonymous said...

finallyyyyy! i shall update mine too, sooon! HAHAHAHA

Amira Zafirah on March 29, 2010 at 10:29 PM said...

hahah. go go go ;)

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