March 3, 2010

its not Vday, its Bday !

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as everyone was busy celebrating either Valentines Day or Chinese New Year, I was busy celebrating my bestfriend's birthday, Aliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

her birthday is on the 14th. mak, baba, kak leen sume balik kampung, but I dont want to. I wanted to celebrate Alia's birthday jugak. dah lame okay tak celebrate sesame taaaaw. usually, adeeeeeeeee je yg happened on the day.

but not this time, she's in KL, and its holiday. so theres no reason for not celebrate it okay.

so, what was our plan ye. heeee
having a massive birthday party?
drunk ourselves in the pool?
spend a day at any shopping mall, shopping?
blow our 20 candles on the cake?

all we ever did was, spend our time together, in the big house. THATS IT.

the only shopping mall that we both went to was Giant.
the only place that we went was her cousin's house for kenduri.
other than that, nothing.

sounds boring right?

we both agreed it was a great birthday. why?
gooosh. taw tak betapa susaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah nye kiteorng nak meet up? both of our parents were like not okay taw.
I mean, she's in Shah Alam, I'm in Cheras. its quite far la kan.
her parents mcm tak bagi sangat she drive alone to KL
my parents pon not okay aku drive alone to Shah Alam.
nak meet up on weekends pon takbule, one of us mesti adeeeeeee je plan taw.
sekseeee sangat. eventho she was on hols for a like 3 months, kitorng meet up tak sampai pon 5 kali taw. sedih sangat.
so, on the birthday all we ever did was boraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak, made a total complete idiot of ourselves, gossiping, merintih hiba, segalenyeeee lah !

aku sampai rumah dia like on the Saturday evening. agak lambat jugak sbb on the morning tu, I had to go to workshop to fixed Lola's feet, I mean tyres. hahah. disebabkan Ady tade, he got presentation on the Saturday morning, Leen teman-ed me on that day. thanks babe !

Alia was calling me few times dah, tanye kat mane ape sume. haha. tak sesabau betol kan.
so, sesampai je kt rumah, we borak borak borak and stuff.

thought of goin out that night, tp tadapat sbb we had to go the kenduri. we ended up spend our whole night at that kenduri. haisyooo.

oh. the birthday present. heeee. lets enjoy these pictures first. haha

'OMG yang ! I saw this at Topshop and I know I gotta have it !'

for the first time ever, I bought a present without thinking about the person itself.
it all started when she said I always have a great stuff, she always liked my tshirts my tops and stuff. and so I was brainstorming my brain on what to get for Alia, I decided to buy a tshirt that I like.

then, on one fine day, as I was walking around shopping mall, I saw this one very cute tshirt that I really like, I, me, myself like it sooo much !
instead of buying if for myself, I bought it for her as the birthday present.
the birthday note.

thank god it fits her. well, we're bestfriend. duh. haha
yup, ladybird embroidery (:

after that, she was busy with phone calls and stuff, birthday girl la kan. haha

later that night, we baked together. she wanted me to bake not for her, but with her.
so, i baked, she did all the decos.
I brought all my stuff, even my toolbox. haha.

maggie assam laksa was our supper for the night
she was having fun decorating the cuppies.
yang bestnye, bkn dia sorang je yg suke the cuppies, the whole family likeeees it. yeaaaay.
malam tu kan dh baked, then esok nye baked lagi. tak cukup okay. her mommy suro baked some more.

thats just it, a simple birthday celebration.
no party, no drinks, no guys.

just us :)

ILoveYou Alia, see you in June !

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