July 30, 2009

lets get together

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got permissions from me tonight, so turn off the lights
- Wanted, Jessie James

cerita on Fridayyy, yeaaa. cerita dh basi. seminggu koooooo aku peram. haha
kau ingt aku kisah? *cak cak tekecak cak cak cak*

bersungguh rushing nak pgi glass. timing dh cukop santek, until I noticed that I left my ribena mobile. gigih aku patah balik rumah and there goes my timing.
sampai class lambat, together with Oya, and we did not go in. sbb takot.
siot je sape yang ckp lect CTU garang, padahal tak kott. vavik.

borak borak dkt cafe with whoever, sampai la sume dh masuk and theres only me and Oya. we end decided nak pg mcD dpn PKNS, hadap ice cream.
borak panjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang di sane and we waited for Kadi to arrived. tepakse tgg sbb dia dah touching maut kitorng pgi mcD tak ajak dia.
mother G, kau en ade class, gileeeeee.

perjalanan di dalam kereta sangat menarik. Kadi kne game dgn kitorng kaww kaww kawww punye. hampir menitikkan air mata sbb terlalu sedih, tp akhirnya dpt tahu itu hanya rekaan semata mata. yeeeee, kami berjaya :D

juga tidak lupe.

situasi ; parking lot mcD PKNS, masing masing dh ade dlm kereta. ternampak sorang mamat agak gemok pakai sweater tengah tengah hari bute. to make it funny, he was wearing a sweater that stated ' FOXY LADY'. and to make it moooore funnier, his hair is about the same of a rooster.

Mira ; *mata sambil pndang mamat tu* woooooah. Foxy Lady kauuuuuuu. HA HA HA
Oya ; HA HA HA. lady keeeeeh??

situasi ; mamat tu berjalan begitu hampir dgn kereta aku

Mira ; maaaaaaaak aaaaaih. rambut tak behengat kaaaaaaaaaaauuu.
Kadi ; eh bodo. yeee, nnt aku potong rambut aku okayy.

rupenyeee, tingkap Kadi tak ttop dan kemungkinan besar mamat tu dgr aku ckp pasal rambut dia. and that explained why suddenly called me bodo and said bout cutting his hair.

HA HA HA. screew me.
ini kami.

off to Oya punye rumah sewaa. melepak dan lepak dan lepak. aku tak balik sbb petang Ira ajak datang rumah dia, ade makan makan. aku tataw kenape, tp Oya suro aku pgi, jdi aku pon pegi je lah. malas nak balik rumah lagi pon. hehhe.
Oya cakap Wawa pon ada nanti. ucheyyy. ni sumpa aku tataw. Wawa tak text aku ajak jumpe or whatsoever. sumpa aku tak touching sbb aku dah biasee. Wawa mmg slalu buat aku mcm ni and aku pon malas nk terase sbb dh mmg tak rase ape pon. sumpa aku tak tipu okay.

lepak dan lepak dan lepak, smbil tengok movie Penelope. cerita pompuan yang kene sumpahan, so dia ade hidong same dgn babi, I mean swine. sumpa burok, setiap kali aku tengok, aku berdoa anak aku tak dpt hidong mcm tu. Amin.

Wawa sampai bersama ang-se *Unser* nye. dia arrived dgn Kadi dan juga Dayang Bling Bling. oh. kitorng pnggil dia blingbling sbb mase Sem 1, dia suka pkai tudong kilat kilat, banyak manik yang berlapis lapis tu. dia jgk penah pkai tdong yg popular suatu ketika dahule, tudong bawal misai dato' K. haha. teros lekat, Dayah Blingbling.
sume suda berkumpol dan kami same same bergerak ke rumah Ira. Oya dan Blingbling naik kete aku sbb saje nak bg Wawa dgn Kadi their moment of together, ye la. after such a long time. hehhe.

sampai rumah Ira, and this is wht we get.

tidak lame kemudian, Luqman sampai. borak borak borak.

next stop, my house. nak jumpe Yana katenye. Luqman couldnt join sbb ade hal lain.

sesampai rumah, mmg rezeki besar. Mak gorengkan mereka udang goreng tepong yang paling enak sekalii. sumpa aku tak tipu, tak pecaya tanye Ady dan Luqman. hahha.
makan makan makan, borak borak dan segala.

we're off to Papa Rich, Bnd Sri Permaisuri sajork.
oh. before that ade juga berlaku perselisihan faham dan ketidak puasan dan juga sentap. tapayah cite. sbb itu mmg bodo gileeeee. so, lets skip the shitty part will yeh :D

anddd, the funniest part ever was, Wawa was actually pusing at the same place for about 3-4kali mcm tu sbb nak masuk parking. hahaa. nak masuk parking okayy, bkn nye cari parking. hahahah. parking tu dh mmg kosong, tp Wawa tak dpt2 nak masuk. hahaha. dia kate kitorng asek kacau dia so dia tabule nk concentrate nk masuk parking. hahahaha. lawak betol laaaa, kitorng bule main pusing pusing satu building tu. I told Wawa, this will be the last time kite pusing kt situ, kalau tak dpt masuk parking jgk, kite pg tmpt lain. sbb dh maluuu okay. msti orng prasan en. hahaha. tu ar shite die, kate pon bwk ang-se. hahah.

sesampai je, order order order la ape yang patut. dinner was on Baba. yeeeey. sokee eje masing masing nak order. haha.
bace doa ye tawan tawan
dan makan
ngangaaaaaaaaaa :O
sesi mintak hampuuuun.
tu ar shite die. hahahaha
the konon sopan. haha
the ladiiiiessss.
yeee Waa, you dh kurus, I mean kempis. we all get it. hahaha
echewaaaaah. malu malu babi. menyampah. hahaha

puas makan, baliiik.

ontheway back was sooo funnayh ! hahaha.

thats bout it. we're sooo happy to know that we'll be on hols for the whole weeks. Wawa was jealous of it. hahaha. well, Lendu cuti lagi awal kaaan :p

pimpin' aint easy, most of them fleece me
- Rock DJ, Robbie Williams

evening with Red

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why you're so obsessed with me, boy I wanna know
- Obsessed, Mariah Carey

setelah sekian lame niat terkubu di hati, akhirnyaaa dpt jugaaaak jmp kak Red.
we had our dinner dkt this new Thai restaurant in Bnd Sri Permaisuri.
dokeeeek yooo dgn umah aku dgn umah kak Red.

saje saje borak kosong. kak Red nak tengok kak Leen's LV, which is like semua orng nak tengok. hahaha.
Yana was there with us too. saje bawak jumpe aunty Red.

our food was so so lah, not that bad, not that awesome. just plainly fine.
but kak Red was always zawezome !
hanya kami kami yang rapat tahuuu. seperti biase, kami para blogger harus ada rahsia sendiri okayy. ucheyyy. hahaha.
yupp, we're all berry user :)
sesi tayang designer handbag.
Coach and LV. fuyh.

and not too forget.
after such a long and hard thinking, I decided to chose this.
the smells are turnin' me on :DD

ooowh. what a great day. ciao!

I'm a king without a crown hanging loose in a big town
- King of the Bongo, Robbie Williams

sumpa tak tipu taww

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betooooooooooool. I really, seriously, superly wanna update my blog.
but now, photoscape buat hal la.
F word.

so, currently I am skype-ing with Ady.
muke excited dpt skype.

chill jap. salin baju.

sesi luahan perasaan
pastu, sesi nyanyi yang tak behengat hengat.
pastu, maluu.

ngenggg. haha.

papi, cepat siap kan assignment. its like 3.26am dowww.
cepaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. i temaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan selagi mampu. hahha

oh peeps. remember the lovely kak Mariah?
I have a lunch date with her tomorrow. owww yeh !
KLCC here I come :D

July 28, 2009


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zomg !

hahahahha. I dont know whats got into me :D

p/s : I hateeee the intro. wish I could cut it. grrrr.

July 27, 2009


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" She is passed OUT, not passed away".

I received that from Danang. I asked him to google bout Yasmin Ahmad's death on the day where rumors was spreading all over us about her death.
I was so relieved to know that she was only passed out.

but the relieveness doesnt last long.

"Ya, Yasmin Ahmad dah meninggal".

I heard that when I entered my mom's room, to tell her that I wanna hang out with my friends.
I was stunned when I heard that, I was shocked !
it was just like a couple of hours ago when I read on the paper, stated that she was stabil.

and now..


whether she is a he or really a she,
whether she is Yasmin or Zulkifly,
whether her husband has converted or not,
that is between her and Allah.

moga roh dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dikalangan orang orang yang beriman.

July 26, 2009


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a new and UPDATED random facts about me.

another 2o facts about myself. hahha

I finally know what I'm really good at. I can bake and cook. still an amatuer but I know I'll get better soon.

yes, I am spoiled. but not a spoiled brat.

I think people may thought that I may be hard to please. seriously, I'm not okay. just appreciate what I did and always keep in touch. a simple message like 'thank you' would means a lot to me. I dont think I need more than that.

I noticed that my passion towards photography had slowly fades away.

when I say I love, I really love. when I say I hate, I really hate. theres not 'but' or 'maybe'.

I wish I have another version of Pole as my friend. he's far away from me now and I need someone to be close with me. thank god I have Ady.

I may look like a very rough, outgoing and loud girl. to be honest, I'm the most fragile in the family. and yes, I like being pampered.

hugs are the greatest action a human can do. I love hugging, it makes me feel so secure :)

my career goal is to own a cupcakes bakery or even a cafe before I turned at least 40 years old. Amiiiin.

I made a pact with Pole and Ady. if I didnt marry by the time I turn 30 years old, I will marry Pole. and with Ady, hopefully we gonna end up together when we're 45 years old. HA HA HA

peoples are sooo scared with me when I'm angry. Ady said I look fierced. lol. I might be a little hot tempered but my anger management is still under control.

saya kuat sentap. haha. especially to those that I loved most like Baba, Mak, Pole, Ady and few others. kalau orang orang tersebut TER-tengking, sumpa sedih gileee, sentap sangat sangat. especially Baba, I'll cry myself to sleeep !

I talked too much, I sing too much, I joked too much, I sarcasm too much and I worrried too too too much, at times ;p

as stated in my last 20 random post, I'm a planner person. so, whatever that I wanna do I'll think properly. all the consequences, all the risks, all the possibilities that I might have to face do to my action will be on my consideration. I dont simply make a decision.

I find myself very easy to fit it with people. I will always have my manners and I do control my body. I dont just let loose.

as I grew older, my ego seems to be raising high. I think thats a bad thing.

everyday I wish that my future husband can sing. having a husband that can sing its a bonus.

I would say black is my favourite color of all time but most of my stuffs are pink. I had 3 baju kurung for this year and its all pink. tops, pink. bag, pink. flops, pink. hairband, pink. everything, pink.

I want a boyfriend now, like seriously. haha.

my parents are still overprotective. I turn 19 this September but yet, my curfew is 6.30pm. whenever I'm not with them, they will call me almost 10times, just to make sure I'm okay.

hahha, enuff said :DD


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something just dont feel right on this week.
and I have no idea what it is.

this week seems to be so ....

and I feel like people treat me so cold lately.
I mean, thats how I feel.

am I too spoiled, or is this just the way I am, or people change?
or, have I change?

is it them, or is it just me?


July 24, 2009


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noooook, college mak kaaaaaaan,
COTI okayy, COTIII !

hahaha. I dont really know why, but I dont really bother bout it.
so, whatever.

*evil laugh*

holidayyyyyyy mode for one whole freaking weeeks !
H1N1 kah? oh tidak rasenyeee.

mak coti seminggu okayyy.
howwwwww yeeeeeeaaaaah !
*shaking the ass*

oh, one more thing

en. Adli,
suddenly, I miss you
*tsk tsk tsk* ;(

July 22, 2009


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as I log in to my Twitter today, I found out everybody was talking about Sliimy.
I was like, erk. whotheheck is Sliimy and why does he sound so important?
LadyGaga, Kim and Khloe Kardashian and also Britney Spears was busy twittering about him.

so, I did some Google-ing and YouTube-ing.

watch this.
he really reminds me of Mika and this video is my major favourite, at least for now ;p

OH !

take a look at this, its Ady's collegemate, the one that I hangout with dulu tu.
hahha. funnayh !

here's them :P


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no more auto published post.

hey people, I'm back :)

I'm sorry I've been kinda ignoring this blog
and I'm sorry too for those who kept on commenting in my entries but I never respond.
sorry keh, I did read it taw.

anyway, check all your comments okay.
I've replied !

July 21, 2009

breaking news *updated

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kak Leen got herself a LV.

not LVCupcakes la ngooong.

Louis Vuitton handbag. I'm pretty sure its Speedy Monogram.

pictures will upload soon.

gosh !

hagak dah. mesti Speedy
congrats kak Leen, its all worth it ;p

July 20, 2009

abg Aji

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ini entry ketinggalan. lupeeee la hapdate sbb picture sume dlm ribena mobile.

anyway, on Friday nye I had to babysit Yana sbb my parents tade, balik kampung la as usual kan.
suddenly Ady called, ajak pgi MidValley. laaaa, papi. I thought it was goin to be on Sunday, rupenye bukan. haha
I told Ady la kan, if nak pgi then we have to drag Yana along la sbb I have to babysit him. but Ady said okayyy, dia takesah pon. bule saje. yeeeeey.

I immediately told Yana bout it, minah tu mmg suke la kaaaan.
gigih la dia tunggu abg Aji dia dtg, smpai tetido tido dia tunggu. bile Ady sampai rumah je, kene bebel dgn Yana, apsal lmbt sgt. haha.

nak cari parking kt MidValley satu hal lagi. gooosh. bape kali kitorng tawaf kt stu pon tataw lah. haha. rebut rebut parking la, ikot bontot orng lah. hahaha. dh mcm stalker yang berjaya.
finally dpt parking, off to Northpoint. Ady nak pgi Sony Centre, amik shotgun dia.

pastu jalan jalan jalan, makan makan makan, Yana main main main. thats all.
thank you abg Aji :)

at night, Ady came and we watched Shout award together with kak Leen at home.

malam, lepak. jmp cik Izza Fadzlani kitee.
erk. okayy. itu off record sbb ade sedikit kekeliruan. hahaha.

but, I had fun !

p/s : ITune off. skype-ing with Ady.

July 19, 2009

weekend is still great

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when I looked at you my mind goes on a trip
- Knock You Down, Keri Hilson feat. Ne-Yo and Kanye West

despite of everything, I had a great weekend.
I'm free of any whining, complaining, criticizing.
weekend saya penoh dgn luahan perasaan, luahan masalah and gossips.
and the best part is, I'm with people that knows how to make each other feel better.
great words, great minds, great expressions, great emotions and absolute great hugs :D

Sabtu, I went to airport. Alia is now at Melbourne. awwww, I miss you hunnnayh !
I was sooo late, but takpe. janji dapat jumpe. Thanks papi sbb teman and willingly to BANGUN AWAL LA KONON NYE KAN. hahahaha. thank youuu ;p

it was sooo hectic. I rushed to airport, I speed as fast as I can. poor Bambi. baba, at times like this, Bugatti Veyron would be nice. waaaaah, kau hengat bapak kau cop duit? HA HA HA.
kesian Alia, gigih je dia tunggu kt departure. sampai je airport, I parked my car kt tepi, suro Ady take over. aku turun kete je, teros berlari cari Alia. haha. mcm hape je.
but I dont care, janji dpt jmp Alia for the last time before November.
gosh, 4months to go.

and after that,
I met my painkiller.
YM-ing with Dann

Ady gayut gayut. haha
I look so different kan, why eh?
hey papi, thanks for the dayssssss.

yes peoples, I'm okay :)

things are getting better but nothing will ever turn normal.
at least, not now. I need time.

its broken and it needs efforts to fix.
not just plain money to pays it.

kata orang rindu itu indah, namun bagiku menyiksa
- Bimbang, Melly Goeslow

Memy, dikBu & giraffe

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its over and done but the heartache is on inside
- Emotion, Destiny's Child

on Sunday, bilik Memy kene hijacked
hahha. sape suro tak balik rumah mak ;p

and, si dikBu yang tak sedar diri. tido memanjang nak belapik je.
thats my bag bytheway. lapik dgn velvet sweatpants tuu. dikBuuuuuuuuuuu..

oh. kan yg the sticker tht me and Alia sticked on our phone tu kan. kak Leen pon nak join jugak.
yang the other one is Ady's. he wanted a giraffe.

p/s : sticker bule didapati di Jusco yang berdekatan dgn anda. haha

baby, I know that you like me, you're my future wifey
- Kiss Me Thru The Phone, Soulja Boy


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July 18, 2009

picture do talk.

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sadarkah aku yang berjalan dalam kehampaan
- Mimpi Yang Sempurna, Peterpan

picture talks, at times :D
kan !

=)) =)) =))

p/ s : still listening to the same song. hehhe

July 17, 2009


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if everything stop, I'd listen to your heart
- My Hands, David Archuletta

aku bule lupee nak buat special birthday entry for Tot. hahaha. nampak sgt kau tak terpahat lgi dlm hati aku dow. hahahaha
tu ar shite die ;p

anyway, on Wednesday noon kott, kitorng lunch ramai ramai kt Sec 1 kott. lupooo lagik. haha.

gini citenye,
kitorang ade class pagi, tp habis nye awal benar. pastu lepak lepak jap sbb aku pnye next class pkol 4pm, Oya pulak at 2pm. kitorng pon decide nak keluar la dri collge, makan kt mane mane.
pastu, Farah call, ckp dia pon next class at 2pm. wokey, hangkot skali.
tetibe pulak, Kadi call. mamat ni langsung la tade class for the whole day. sukati je call, tanye aku ade class ke tak, pastu aku ckp at 4pm then dia suru aku hangkot dia bawak pi lunch. wokey, hangkooot sekali gus.

mula perjalanan kami ke mane pon tataw. drive sajoo. Kadi nak stop by dkt Secret Recipe je, nak beli a slice of cake for Oya and Tot jugeee.
tgh ontheway tu, Luqman pulak call, next class at 2pm jugak. tade dee aku nak hangkott sbb aku pon dh ke mane en.
so, suro je la Luqman pegi ke destinasi yg sepatutnye, which is aku tahengaaaat. hahaha

lunch la kami di situ beramai ramai. ktorng sume bedal nasi campur, Oya setia dgn cheesecake Kadi beli kan tadi.
Happy Belated Birtday Oya ;p

borak borak la kami, mcm2 cite la kuar. most of it pasal housemate masing masing. cite la kan ape yg tak puas hati nye ape sume.
the moment I heard it I was like, goosh. thank god I still live with my parents, tade la nk serabot sgt kan hal hal mcm ni kan. but whatever it is, Oya, Kadi, Luqman, you guys can count on me anytime okay. aku tolong selagi mampu. hehhe.

selesai makan ape sume, balik la kami ke college. mission mencari Faroq, si Tot. hahaha.
punye la susah nye nak jmp mamat ni, kejap kt sane, kejap kt sini. aku dh touching, emo buat suara sedih ape sume, baruuuu la dapat jumpe. haaaaa.
taw kau cuak Tot, aku baru buat suara pasrah sikit je tu, kau dh masuk toilet nak call aku. hahaha
holorh holorh holorh ;p

finally jumpe Tot, and bagi la dia cake tu. hehhe.
aku taw Tot, kwn2 kau yg lain bg Chocs Indulgence cake sebijik, kitorng bagi satu slice je. kami sume tak mampu Tot, tolong la memahi sikit eh? hahahahahaha.

enjoyyy video ini. haha

sume gelak mmg tahengat en, yeee. mmg la gelak aku paling hoveeeeeer skali sbb aku yg shoot en. tak tgk pulak Oya dgn Farah kat sear blakang, gelak dh tebaring baring dh kat seat tu. hahaha.
oh. Tot tak isap rokok ye, Kadi gile buat rokok jd brthday card. haha.

Happy Belated Birthday Tot.
mak sayang kau ye nak, even kau ank tiri aku jeee. hahahaha :DD

take time to realize, that your warmth is crashing down on it
- Realize, Colbie Caillat

purse ooooh purse.

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you're so sad maybe you should buy a Happy Meal
- Ur So Gay, Katy Perry

adelah satu malam ni, bile eh. I'm not sure. lupooooo.

I was home alone kt rumah, suddenly Luqman called me, ajak kluar dinner.
yeaa, he came all the way from Bangi with Alifah and Dian semate mate nak dinner dkt Western Corner tu.
maaak aaaaih, you maaaan, dulu bwk moto je, habis satu Bangi tu punye kedai makan you pegi. skrang dh ade kereta, waaaaaah. tak cukop Bangi, Cheras pon sanggup redaaah.
murah rezeki minyak kete you en. ngaaaahahahaha.

so, dia ajak la aku kuar en. mase dia call tu aku tgh syok online kt Facebook smpai telupe yang dia dh nak sampai dh. cepat cepat la aku naik atas, salin baju ape sume.
ngam ngam aku turun bawah, dia pon dh sampai dpn rumah. capai ribena mobile and house key, teroooos kuar.
masuk je kete, ckp hai hai ape sume and teros pandang Luqman
Mira ; Man, I tak bwh purse. malas nak naik atas, I dh kunci gate sume baru teringat. hehhhe
Luqman ; siot betol
Mira ; alaaaa, air je. hahaha

sesampai la kitorng kat kedai tu, siap parking ape sume. tetibe je
Luqman ; haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !
Mira ; haa, kenape??!!
Dian ; purse tak bawak eh?
Luqman ; a'ah!

hahahahahahhahahahahahahaha. tu ar shite dieee.

bkn main die beriye benar nak ngajak orng makan, konon nak bawak tempat sini sane, skali purse nye, nan adooooo.
camno nyah camnooo tu? hahahha
tu pon ade hati kalau tak nak bawak pgi makan dkt Arima, nuun Keramat sane. hahaha. choyyy.

last last, Alifah yang bayar segala nye. muaaahahahaha. tenkiu nyaaah ;p

bile balik risau la pulak. dah purse nye nan adoo, maknenyee I/C pon nan adooo jugaaak.
maknenye lagi, lesen lansung nan adoooooooooooooo le jugak iyeee. hahahahah
tu la shite die.

I present you,
Luqman and his missing purse. hahaha

my piece of advice,
jika kebulor, hengat hengat la duit, jangan hengat kan makanan yooo !


he always there to help her, she always belonged to someone else
- She Will Be Loved, Maroon Five

July 16, 2009

BFF sleepover part 3 / 3

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comparisons are easily done once you had a taste of perfection
- Thinking of You, Katy Perry

sebelum cite malam, kite cite petang dulu. wokeyyy.

jadi, kitorng smpai je rumah frm Sunway Pyramid, parents Alia dh ade dh. we went straight to the kitchen and nampak Aunty busy dgn kakak with preparations for tonight.
sebab, malam nye rumah ade kenduri baca Yassin dgn doa selamat. buat la sikit sikit, for close family and friends.

kitorng pon kacau kacau la Mummy, tolong tolong sikit ape yang patut. mase tu pon dh pkol bape dh, almost 7pm dh kott. Aunty pon dh bising suro kitorng naik atas, siap siap ape sume sbb majlis start after maghrib.

siap siap ape sume, kitorng kuar bilik je rupe rupenye diaorng dh solat jemaah kat hall. kitorng pon ddok je la atas and wait for a while.
oh, mase lepak dlm bilik tetibe kak Arnie sampai. kak Arnie is Angah's gf. I talked to her a lot since Alia have some conflicts that needs to be settle. thank god kak Arnie was there, at least theres someone I can mingle round with.

turun bawah, lepak lepak lagi.
thats kak Mira, Along's wife and their cousin kott.

tetibe Aunty panggil kitorang masuk hall, join bace yassin skali. worriteee. bace yassin ape sume, skali dgn doa selamat.
after done with it, Uncle made a speech to everybody, cakap la thank you for coming ape sume, and ckp la the main reason buat doa selamat ape sume.

; that night was Alia's parents 31st anniversary.
; Along and kak Mira 1st anniversary
; kak Mira confirm pregnant.
; Angah savely arrived from US and back here for good. he also have a job now.
; Aunty is now healthy as ever, she was diagnose with breast cancer, quite few years ago but now she's doin great
; bangChik and Alia are still free from H1N1, hopefully they wont be diagnose with it when they back in Melbourne.

lepas speech, solat jemaah Isya' pulak. after that, makaaaan time. and cam whoring, of course ;p
she's Dina and she reallly reminds me of Yana.
finally we had our picture together :)

around 11pm or so, everythings settled. all guest pon dah balik, rumah pon kosong, tinggal kitorng je.
me, Alia, kak Arnie, aunty and uncle lepak lepak outside, on the bench near the koi's while waiting for my parents to fetch me.

anway, thats about it.

the goodbye's was very emosional. hopefully I'm gonna see Alia at the airport this Saturday.

how come you keep on smiling, oh you look so annoying
- Secret Admirer, Mocca

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