July 16, 2009


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 7/16/2009 06:28:00 PM
kate pon dah enough kan.

terima kasih la ye for making my situation even worse.
you dont know exactly what happen and out of in the middle of nowhere, you're just interupting.
you condemn me for thing you dont even know from my side.
I was jst trying to express my feeling, so honestly. but I guess you just put it in a wrong way.
naaah, maybe I put it in a wrong way.


malas nak cakap. kang kate aku asik nak menang.

and you know what,

things are NOT going into my way now.
I lose, you win.

dang me !

and to the other you.

I'm giving you the chance to be happy, truly I am.
but theres other people said I'm letting you go when you're in a such bad situation.
now, I'm blank.
you are happy right? I mean if you're not you wont mingle around here and there, with whoever else. You're just not happy with me, kan?

anyway, I'm not letting you go. I just want you to leave me.
we are still tied together in our ship, but for now I just loosen the rope a bit.
so, you can slowly free yourself and leave me alone so I can tied it back together.

go on. have fun.
yea, fuck me.

to both of you,
my bad. screw me.

puas hati sudah?


0 extra blabbing on "so,"

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