July 16, 2009

BFF sleepover part 3 / 3

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comparisons are easily done once you had a taste of perfection
- Thinking of You, Katy Perry

sebelum cite malam, kite cite petang dulu. wokeyyy.

jadi, kitorng smpai je rumah frm Sunway Pyramid, parents Alia dh ade dh. we went straight to the kitchen and nampak Aunty busy dgn kakak with preparations for tonight.
sebab, malam nye rumah ade kenduri baca Yassin dgn doa selamat. buat la sikit sikit, for close family and friends.

kitorng pon kacau kacau la Mummy, tolong tolong sikit ape yang patut. mase tu pon dh pkol bape dh, almost 7pm dh kott. Aunty pon dh bising suro kitorng naik atas, siap siap ape sume sbb majlis start after maghrib.

siap siap ape sume, kitorng kuar bilik je rupe rupenye diaorng dh solat jemaah kat hall. kitorng pon ddok je la atas and wait for a while.
oh, mase lepak dlm bilik tetibe kak Arnie sampai. kak Arnie is Angah's gf. I talked to her a lot since Alia have some conflicts that needs to be settle. thank god kak Arnie was there, at least theres someone I can mingle round with.

turun bawah, lepak lepak lagi.
thats kak Mira, Along's wife and their cousin kott.

tetibe Aunty panggil kitorang masuk hall, join bace yassin skali. worriteee. bace yassin ape sume, skali dgn doa selamat.
after done with it, Uncle made a speech to everybody, cakap la thank you for coming ape sume, and ckp la the main reason buat doa selamat ape sume.

; that night was Alia's parents 31st anniversary.
; Along and kak Mira 1st anniversary
; kak Mira confirm pregnant.
; Angah savely arrived from US and back here for good. he also have a job now.
; Aunty is now healthy as ever, she was diagnose with breast cancer, quite few years ago but now she's doin great
; bangChik and Alia are still free from H1N1, hopefully they wont be diagnose with it when they back in Melbourne.

lepas speech, solat jemaah Isya' pulak. after that, makaaaan time. and cam whoring, of course ;p
she's Dina and she reallly reminds me of Yana.
finally we had our picture together :)

around 11pm or so, everythings settled. all guest pon dah balik, rumah pon kosong, tinggal kitorng je.
me, Alia, kak Arnie, aunty and uncle lepak lepak outside, on the bench near the koi's while waiting for my parents to fetch me.

anway, thats about it.

the goodbye's was very emosional. hopefully I'm gonna see Alia at the airport this Saturday.

how come you keep on smiling, oh you look so annoying
- Secret Admirer, Mocca

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