April 8, 2010

eh eh

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tengah tengah malam, pabila kebosanan melanda,
si mamat pornography Pinography ni mengacau di YM

tengok la muke bulat aku tuuu. alaa, jadi mcm tu sebab rambut sume dikebelakangkan.

cheh, bajet salahkan rambut. HAHA

okay, ignore conversation tu. lupe pulak nk crop. malas nk upload balik. hehhe

sila la jenguk blog si Pino di sini

toloong la jealous, tolooong la jealous tengok gambar gambar dia.
menyampah je kan, cantik sangat. hish.

okay, confirm nanti kawin nak dia jadi photographer.
nnt gmbr mesti extra cantik. cheyy
plus, dapat harga murah sikit, alaa. member member kan :D

April 6, 2010

sorry, I couldnt think of any title for this post

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hey people :)

things were really tough lately. lotsa things been goin on, which I find it very hard to explain.

have you guys ever got stuck in a position where,

you wanted to explain what things actually been going on with you but when you do, people will take it the other way round, its either because they dont really understands you or, they just dont want to put themselves in your position.


you decided to not explain anything, keeping your mouth shut because you know silence speaks louder than words, but the more silence you are, you're just gonna be much more abandoned and feel more heartache and feels like there air trapped inside your lungs or heart, that makes you feel like as if you were suffocated.

have you?

well, lets see the consequences of it.

if you do decide to explain what is actually wrong with yourself, theres can only be 2 MAJOR implications.


people will actually accept your explanation and feel sorry or wanted to help you out by giving you advices or even a support. they will try to picture themselves as in your positions, imagine what you actually been through, a rational thinking from a soundmind person will never judge or take side. a great person will make you feel relieved, feels like youre not actually on your own, there are people that will always be there with you.

well, theres always gonna be a pros and conts in every issues.

and as for this, the person that is in the situation may thought that the person really accept the explanation, and really make him/her feel better. but as the feelings grow in the hearts, there will be at times that the other person will feel boring of it, because they keep talking about that issue, keep mentioning it. it will become worse if the emotions are uncontrollable, it could lead to anger, sadness, joy. any emotions.

from here, it could lead to another implications.

the person may reject or refuse to accept the explanations. this could happen if
; the person is under influenced
; the person already has its own perceptions
; the explanations are not logic. duuhh?

when you are under influenced, you will find yourself hard to believe anything else because you already heard the story by other person, before the person itself.
and this can lead into making your own perceptions. when you heard stories, you'll tend to judge or make your own theory about it, and you will thought that you are right, or even BINGO when your theory is similar with other person, not the one with the solutions.
when this happen, when the person in the positions try to explain, automatically you will find it hard to believe or even accept because you have set your brain to stuck with the perceptions or theory of your own.
your perceptions or theory usually will revolve around
; envy
; desperate/seeking for attention
; cultural shock


okay fine. lets just be frank.

I'm in that position. yes, I'm stuck between these two solutions.
I dont know what should I do.

I have this one feeling, this one thought in myself that I dont think I can ever explain to them, because they'll never understand.
I've tried once, and trust me. the results are not like what I expected.

so, I remain silence.

*bunyi cengkerik*

I'm not even sure what I'm doing is right or not, cause I dont know what else to do.
yes, yes, I know. I could just like knocked it all off, ignore it, avoid it, and just move on.
but hey, sooner or later you're gonna get sick of it.

I dont wanna get myself blown off by that, lets just stop or control while it can.

I always said that I'm not afraid, dont even wanna bother when people bullshitting, when people bitching, or when people crap bout me.
as long as I have my True friends, my best friend, my friends that I know that no matter what will always be there with me, through bad or worse,
I will hold on, I will strive on.

but at this moment, I'm torn.

lotsa things been goin on lately, and it doesnt convince me, it makes me even worried.

and I know this entry will means something for a couple of friends,
yes, I really know that.

but, I just want You and You to know that I'm sad.

bukan Sentap, bukan Emo.
tapi Sedih, rasa Terkilan, rasa Kecik Hati.

and now its up to You and You to sum up this entry.
is it and explanation from me
is it a way of me seeking for attentions
or, is it a way of me complicates thing.

and I do know, maybe You and You wont be bother much about this because
as usual, You and You have other things to think off or, other things to worried off.

but at this moment, I'm just asking
just a little bit, just a tiny pieces of your
heart ; to feel me this time
and, brain ; to think of me for a while.
in your little seconds of you everyday life.

can You and You?

Wish Me Luck For My Final Exams !

You and You,
I love You Both :)

April 2, 2010

eenie meenie

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ehem ehem



April 1, 2010

birthday post

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on March 31,
Happy Birthday to Naddya !
20yrs old sudaaaaaaa. kak, nnt akak bgtaw nak mkn ape ye, adik belanja :)

and on the April 1st
Happy Birthday Aunty Jamilah.
heeeee, aunty pegi Sabah kan this week, bwk balik pearls lg taw. nnt bile aunty sampai sini, mira suro Adli belanja aunty makan. haha (:

oh. lupe, ni mak Ady lah. haha.

its me, again

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hey, its me again :)

i am currently in the state of boredom to the maximum, even though I know that final is in less than 3 weeks, and I havent done any revision for any subject, AT ALL.
yeay me !

so, lets get random again.

ade la this one time kitorng borak borak taw. then masing masing mengeluarkan statement tak sangka. HAHA.
Nu suke lelaki ade bulu bwh pusat, Oya suke lelaki yg mcm injured, and Nadia suke guys yg kaki pukul. whattheeeee??? HAHA

dong hae oppa, sarang hae !
sape yg gile Korea tu, taw la ape bende kaaan. hahaha

ini Nasrun, tapi panggil je dia Penyu, sbb dia mmg mcm penyu pon. hahaha. mase ni dia gado dgn gelfren dia, Wani. gado gado manjeww gituuu. hahaa. gigih buat note bagai, tp tak lakuu pon. HAHA

presenting, Thossai Tissu by BRJ. sedab seeyyy. confirm ! hari tu offer Ady suro makan, then dia tanak. sombong kate tak makan thossai. pastu bile sekali dah rase, teros sukeee. last last dia yg habis kan. hahaha.

cube kire ade berapa kepale? yup. 5 kepale means ade 5 orang at the back seat of my Lola. imagineee. HAHA

this is actually dashboard kereta taw. I saw this mase dkt college, tataw la kete sape. hahaha. habis la kalau tuan dia taw i've blogged bout it. well, looks, eeerr, nice? dah mcm fake pink garden. hehhe

presenting, the largest cat I've seen so far. Junior, its Leen's cat. so big I tell you. weight about 7kg. mad heavy seyy

suatu petang di Alamanda, jalanjalan dgn Oya. tengok tengok kedai henfon. konon nye aku nak cari henfon murah murah sbb nak pakai no celcom pulak. budget aku dlm rm70 je taw.
so, aku point la akt phone Nokia yg lame stok mcm bule baleng hanjeng. Oya tanye la orng tu, then orang tu ckp harga nya rm100.
Mira : hish. mahal dow. aku bajet rm70 je
Oya : agak laa, bule dpt lagi murah kot
Mira : baik aku beli baju
so, kitorng pon continue la jalan jalan lagi. sampai la aku nampak phone slide Sony, color pink okay. cantek gileee.
Mira : Oyaaa, phone tu canteeeek. pink seyyyy. naaaaaak.
Oya : agak laa, cantik jugak
Mira : eh, kau rasa bape eh?
Oya : oh, dalam rm650 camtu kot.
Mira : laaa, rm650 je. murah sey
Oya : *&%$#@#$%
HAHAHA. bongok tak. macam tapenah belajar math je kan. ahaha

thats exactly how I look like when I'm excited to max. haha. was driving Suzuki Swift at that time. thanks to Fendi. OMG. Swiftttt, my dream car taw !

this banana ar, so big and looooong I tell you. err, dont get me wrong please. LOL

kak Leen bbm-ed me this picture. omaigod. i've always wanted a bright pink luggage. nak !

eh, today April 1st kan? means, its April Foools !

okay, I got prank already.

"@amirachaos, where r u? :(
that tweet was from Ady

and I replied
"@adyadzmi ade jeeee. knpe?
followed by
" @amirachaos im sad, hurmmm :((
and I was soo worried, so I called him
Mira : hellooooooo
Ady : hhhmmm *suara mcm orng tgh nangis
Mira : kenape nyeee?
Ady : *sobbiingsss* *snorting*
Mira : eh, kenape ni, jangan la nangiss. you're okay?
Ady : i'm okayy *sobssss
Mira : laaa, kenape ni, sapee buat you?? jangan la nangis
Ady : *sobsss* taaak, i nak ckp ni. April's fool. you got prank !
Mira : whattheeee, siooooooooot !

first prank seyy, got that around 1am. nyampah !

dah la. off to bed. ciao !

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