April 30, 2008


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Seem like it's been a long time that i didnt post any entries. As matter of fact, its only been 2-3 days right. goosh. I felt like it was almost 2-3 weeks. pathetic.

Anyway, there's nothing interesting to be post on. Maybe I will post an update of my days this weekend cause I'll be doing something fun. First is sleepover at Alia's but sadly, Wawa cant join us ( awww. next time make sure you can, okay hunn?) and secondly, me and my friends will be celebrating Chin's birthday. Her birthday is supposed to be May 6th, but the thing is, we'll be busy so we decided to celebrate ita little early. Hope you wont mind nyah :)

But apprently. my mood these day have been so so...complex. I wanted to afresh for myself, which is supposed to start long time ago but not until now, I felt that I am really confident that I can really really be afresh, well, as long as I didnt know anything about Abdul Qayyum, I didnt see the face of Abdul Qayyum or even any kind of thoughts of Abdul Qayyum.


whattheheck. I am so ready ! The moment I wrote that, I didnt feel anything. yeey ! *claps claps claps* All I have to do now is keep the spirit going and focus. I know I can do it *smile smile smile*

oh. and yeah. I'm pissed off at someone. It just makes me feel so devastating that you-know-who dont really know how to be grateful or appreciate what I've done. You-Know-Who thought that we need some physical touch things so that the moments can be reminded or memorable. Whattheheck. You dont need that. A situation or tragedy can be remembered or memoriable if you place it in your heart and mind. goosh. It really pissed me off whenever I thought about it.

enough. dont think about it

*smileeee *

I wanted to trust that quote, at least for now ;)



April 29, 2008


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let's get AFRESH !


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I hope someday you'll find my quotes, all my words, and read them all. I hope you'll know that they're all about you and when you read them, I hope that at least a single tear will roll down your handsome face.



April 27, 2008

spot the different

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This one is from the previous entry

currently, this is how it looks in my room.

there is ONE different in the picture. noo, not the lighting, not the angle of the picture. NOOO.

there is A different.

spot it ? let me know



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couple of days ago, me and mak main congkak taw. haha. pnye la syok nye main, smpai hujan pon tak sedar. haha. trok betol en.
the, few days ago pon kitorng main lagi. waaaah. bile dh strt main, mmg tak leh berenti taw. haaa. pelik gitu en. haha. bt ths time kitorng main, aku menang. byk kali tuuh. haha. mak pnye lobang congkak tu smpai 3 kne bom. ceeeh. teror gitu en aku main. nseb ke sbnrnye tuuh. haha. mak ni teror main cngkak, skali jln, mmg ssh dh dia nk berenti.tp entah knpe tht day dia mcm takde ong pulak. haha. so, aku la menang gamak nyee. tp mak tak fair, dia nk main jgk, thn ble ade ths one round dia menang taw, thn tros tanak main dh. haha. siot je en :D
sory, mak tak pkai tdong. harus la tade gmbr, nnt lnggr pulak etika orng bertdung :P
sian Oni, tecengang je tgk opah dgn ashu main congkak. haha.

focus gitu main. maap la yeh. gmbr mak yg amek kan. fail :D

haha. mak. jom la main congkak lagiiii.

April 26, 2008


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At last, my Saturdat is not boring. A BIG thank you to Alia, she came and rescue me. yeey !

She went to MidValley, dating with her handsome boy, Raja (handsome keeeh ? :P) which which she saw Ayum with his new GF. They chatted a bit cause Ezan was like really pissed off to see him. I mean duuhh. Ezan is my bestfriend, of course she felt pissed at him. well, watevar. fak la. fak okay. heh.

Then, she called me and said she wanted to come over. And I'm like, yey! about 15min later, she arrived, but she said she cant lepak2 with me lame2 cause she need to get home, nk teman her mommy go somewhere. and I'm like, ooww. okay. (dh sedih dh ni. then she told me pulak bout she saw Yum sume2 tu kan, and I'm like, dammmmn, could this day be any worse. So, I'm like. yea yea yea, whatever. I heard wht she said then I'm like dont want to think bout it. We lepak2 a while, then she asked me whether nk ikot her or not, teman her mummy, and I'm like, I better go cause if I'm not, you knw wht I'll be doin at home kan. So, we went back home, I chnged clothes and then we're off to her house and pickup her mommy.
First stop is, Kelab Golf Sultan errk.. I dont remember. haha but its KGSAAS :D haha. Her mommy wanted to settle some stuff and then we went to their house in Shah Alam. Its still under construction but I'm sure it'll be damn niceeeeee. Its big, theres guest house (or room eh? hehe.) and laundry room, lotsa room, studio and also a POOL. yey. they build a swimming pool. woohooo ! This house would be ready by June.

The next stop is Subang Parade. Alia's mummy had to meet the kitchen cabinet contracter at Bofi. So we're like okayy. They discussed and stuff while me and Alia wondering around the showroom and snapped some photosss. haha. i mean. duuh. wht do you expect us to do right?

When we're done touring the showroom, we're told Mummy that we wanted to jalan2 kt situ. Alia was like starving cause she still cant solid food. That time she wanted to it corn cup. We jalan2 tried to find the corn cup tp takde pulak. So we end up going to Kenny Rogers, they had corn but it mixed with carrot. Alia told the waitress that she only wants corn. And they took about 15mins to ditched the carrots. Grr. Alia Alia. Then we ordered Mac&Cheese, 2 vanilla muffins and 1 banana. And oh, before that, we went to Parkson and bought Wawa's present. weee.. hope you like it Wawa !

aaha. Alia wrote that at the stationary section in Parkson. it looks cute :P
look at her face, she was damn hungry you know, poor you sayang :D
look at my eyes. goosh :O

Ngam2 we get our order, Mummy is also done with her discussion. But we're like so hungry and we end up eating at the sofas. haha. Theres like this sofas provided by the Subang Parade management la. so we sat there, and ate everything we bought. haha. but takde la smpai hbes. Then we headed down to McD, bought porridge for Alia and some breads. Later, we stopped at Dorothy Perkins in Parkson and I end up buying one tops. ayoyo. I shouldnt doww. haha. and tadi pon. I changed my AUS$ to RM. mak suro, she's like tapayah la smpan byk2. tuka la. then I'm like yeaa. I need the money, Chin's brthdy is coming and also the mother's day.so, its saving money time. yea rite. haha :DD

we were singing Rockstar (Prima J song) but wth decent face. haha. why dont you take a picture, it'll last longer. haaaa :D

again, we both making the same faces and yeah. we're 'twins' today. 2 budak bju hitam :B

yeaaa. thats it. we went back at like 8 sumtine and went straight to Alia's hse. we watched Final Destination 3, eewwww. effin scared okay. later, they sent me home, at like 11 sumtin. It was nothing actually kan, but I had fun !



April 25, 2008

Guns and A Rose.

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waaaah. suspen je title tu kan. haha. meyh meyh, ate teman nk kabor, sape guns sape rose :D

yesterdayy, I went to my ex-skool. cheee. nowdays la kan, my life sume ade ex taw. ex-boyfriend (pfffttt !), ex-bestfriend (waaah. besfren pon ade ex, tak snonoh gitu ) and now, ex-skool. mule nyee, the night before, I chatted with Kina, she asked me whether nk follow dia tak pgi skola, nk jmp our junior. Disebabkan Kina ni pandai gitu, soo, si junior ni pon nk Q&A la dgn si Kina ni. so, dh si Kina ni ajk I pgi kaan, of course la nk follow. lame seii tak betandang kt skola tuh. Actually, takde la msok skola, lepak2 kt warong faveret dpn skola tu je. heeee...takde mknenye aku nk msok skola tuh. You know, my ex-skool tu very strict you know, I'm very the lazy gitu. If you wanna go inside the skool, you must wear proper2, like, track pants wth very decent tshrt. and then, if you are girl, you need to wear tudung, no hair2 taw, then you cannot wear sliper, must wear shoes, and others2 la. well, the tree is (pokok nyaa. hahah :P), very strict lah. thats why I'm lazy2 to go inside taw . :DD

I went there with Chin and Kina, my father drove us there. ye ye ye. dpt lesen tak semestinya bule drive okay. padahal, rumah ke skola tu, tade pon jln2 bukit ke ape. straight je. tp tabule drive. yelah ! haha. wateva wateva. When we arrived, dkt warong ade 2 cikgu, Cikgu Khairom and Cikgu Syed, both of them I not very the rapat gituu, so I dont care lah if they see me in bju2 ketat2, skinny jeans and rmbut gerbang2. haha. ape ku kisah. I bkn bdk skola you lg okay. ahaha. rupe2nye kt sne dh Daniel,Ruby and Shahrol. waaah. sronok betol. Kina pi jmp si junior tu, Izzati, ckp2 la. I dunno la. They talked bout bio lah, chemy lah. bdk pndai kaan. I tak kose nk amek taww. Tahengen ku hadap lagi dh those alkane, those moles, those chemical equation. eewww.

lepak2 warong jap, thn Chin ajk pi Menara Kafe. haha. sume gelak2. rupe2 nye tu name tmpt mkn dkt Pst Komersial tuuh. so, kitorng pon jln la kaki pi sane. haaa. kt sni bru la strt nk begambar. haha. kt warong tade gmbr. maklum lah. dh jmp rmai2, lupe diri gituuuu :P from left to right : Shahrol, Chin, Daniel & Ruby

waaah. I suke pic ni you. Chin tadeee. haha. kidding la nyah :D

this is my ex-skool. takleh msok amek pic dr luar pon ckop la. skool I catik gituu, underground, msok2 je, turun bukit taww. tp ble nk balik, mencanak la korng panjt blik bukit tuu, takpon ngire la bape byk tngge nk jejak. woooh. tp I ttp maintain, tak kurus2 pon. haha :D

sbnrnye nk amek pic si Sharol je, tu tuh, siap pakal capal you. gara2 nk msok skola la. haha. Sharol ni kuar latah taww. best je kaco. haha.

sesampai je kitorng di Menara Kafe, haha, atau pon lebih common di kalangn kitorng, Komersial, msen2g pon order la mkn. Miss Chin kte ni haa, kempunan nk mkn mihun grg. tu a kitorng pg jgk tuh. fyi, Miss Chin kte tu bru je blek driving class, taw. frst time tuu. bwk frm area flat Sri Melaka tu smpai la ke Tmn Bkt Cheras. terror kan. waaah. puji bgai pulak aku. ah ah ah. yg pnting, aku ade lesen dlu dr kau. hahah :D

sorry la. mse mkn2 sume dh pelahap gitu, tahengat dh, ade plak si Kina kan, yg asek dok crite hows her life in Matrix. dia dh hbes Matrix, yg si Sharol dgn Ruby bru nk msok nxt mnth, tu yg dok bercerite tuh. sume2 la mndgr dgn pnoh tekun, lgi2 part yg nk kne ragging tuuh. haha. tabahkn la dirimu yeh :P

that is our rose, Kina. cuteee je orng nye taww ((;

haaaa. ni tgh pelahap. sian Sharol, order Nsi Grg Thai, menunggu nye pon mcm nk mnunggu orng blik dr Thai. haha.lame je. ble dh dpt, kitorng kaco dia mkn, sekse semacam je mamat tu taw.

thn bile dh puas mkn, puas becerite, Kina ajk pi rumah dia. waaah, I segan gitu, tp diaorng sume nk pgi jgk. so, I pon follow je lah. haha. tapi takpe, I suke, rumah Kina canteeek taw. suke suke.

wah wah. sesukati je aku market rumah orng kan. haha

so, mereke pon cerita2 lah lg psl matrix. Kina siap bg buku semua2 taw. dh mcm stdy group pulak.As for me, Chin and Danial, kami pon snap2 je lah. tiga2 takde matrix2 nye yeh. haha. kami dgn setia nye menuggung UPU. UiTM, pick me okay. chee. mcm la ade orng UiTM bce blog aku. haha. thn ade pulak kucen, comel giler. jiran sebelah pnye. agk nye kucen tu taw kan yg kitorng ni sume mmg hantu kucen (except for Sharol, tejerit2 dia, aduhaii. takpe, aku suuke ! haha) main2 la dgn kucen ni. syok je. kucen tu plak mcm bdk lg. skali maid Kina nmpk, thn dia btaw yg tu kucen neibor, so tabule main2, btter plngkn blek, nnt neibor mrh. haha. kmi tak jk msok pon taw. kucen tu yg dtg. hehe. dh kitorng bwk kuar pon, kucen tu msok blek, so, kne la ttop pntu. bekurung la kmi kt umah Kina. haha.

dh mcm iklan yg pencuci muke utk kulit berminyak tu kan. ahahah :D

Kina, ILebiuyu okayy <33

and that its. around 6pm sumtin we went home. My brother in law came fetched me and Chin. haaaa. great times we had yesterdayy !


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theres another entry that I want to post.
but the thing is
no no, bkn lazy.
tp lenguh.
lenguh dowww.

tomorrow lah. nk bg my hand rest *weee

oh, and by the way. check out this avatar



April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Eman !

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waaaah. lambat je post entry besday Aiman kan, preparation nye bkn main awal lg. bkn ape nyee. ade technical prblm wth the photos la, tu la kelambatan la sikit. but nevermidn, I still post jgk meyy.

10mins before 10am, we drove to Aiman's nursery. cikgu nye kate, mkn2 strt pkol 10am, kire mcm brkfst la. so dh kate pon dkt je dgn my hse kan, grak lmbt2 pon takpe la. We brought the cupcakes and a whole piece of cake (mane la taw kot2 tak ckop je kan ), air kotak and the goodie bags. Yana's wth us, kire dia tak pgi nrsery la tht day. waaah. suke je kan dia. cantik betol si Yana, dgn baju gaun nye, mengalahkan besday boy je taw :P

pastu sesampai je kat sana, Eman still in class, belom turn bwh lg. so in the mean time, kitorng pon siap2 kn la tble, prepare sume2 lah. yg aku pulak entertain la the younger kids, snap2 their picture whle waiting for aiman and his friends. elok2 je dh siap sume, besday boy pon turun bwh, thn bru la classmates nye sume plak turun, rmai2 kerumun table cake. it took us about 10min to actually susun the kids around the table. mak aaai, susah betol. kita ckp diaorng mcm buat dek je taw. ntah fhm ntah tidak. haha. I diam je la, phtgrpher kan. haha. tataw la mcm mane cikgu2 ni bule jge bdk2 rmai mcm ni. mmg satu keje yg penooooh dgn kesabaran. ish ish ish :D

and at last, happy birthday ARIFF AIMAN, yeey !. you are 5 years old now (mude nyeeee !)
dan sesi makan makan pon bermula lah. enjoyyy :DD

haaaa. tgk yg single eater pulak :D

jom kenal2 dgn kawan2 Aiman okayy

the girlssss :)

Aiman and Sofea. Eman slalu mentioned name dia taww. waah. BIG TASTE gitu kaaan :P

meet Fatin, ade jgk Eman mentioned, tp sgt la jrng2 le. I bekenan kan dia. cun gituuu :P

next one is, AKSI si Mama. haha. meet my kak Leen ((:

and not to forget, Ashu a.k.a Me and the kids :D

gaaaah. mencanak aku upload picture kt sini. haha. mengapalah ku nyeksekan diri sendiri kan. hahaha. i think its better this way. at least, it made myself busy. *lalala

lastly, the family. I wish you all the happines :))

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