April 30, 2008


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 4/30/2008 11:38:00 PM
Seem like it's been a long time that i didnt post any entries. As matter of fact, its only been 2-3 days right. goosh. I felt like it was almost 2-3 weeks. pathetic.

Anyway, there's nothing interesting to be post on. Maybe I will post an update of my days this weekend cause I'll be doing something fun. First is sleepover at Alia's but sadly, Wawa cant join us ( awww. next time make sure you can, okay hunn?) and secondly, me and my friends will be celebrating Chin's birthday. Her birthday is supposed to be May 6th, but the thing is, we'll be busy so we decided to celebrate ita little early. Hope you wont mind nyah :)

But apprently. my mood these day have been so so...complex. I wanted to afresh for myself, which is supposed to start long time ago but not until now, I felt that I am really confident that I can really really be afresh, well, as long as I didnt know anything about Abdul Qayyum, I didnt see the face of Abdul Qayyum or even any kind of thoughts of Abdul Qayyum.


whattheheck. I am so ready ! The moment I wrote that, I didnt feel anything. yeey ! *claps claps claps* All I have to do now is keep the spirit going and focus. I know I can do it *smile smile smile*

oh. and yeah. I'm pissed off at someone. It just makes me feel so devastating that you-know-who dont really know how to be grateful or appreciate what I've done. You-Know-Who thought that we need some physical touch things so that the moments can be reminded or memorable. Whattheheck. You dont need that. A situation or tragedy can be remembered or memoriable if you place it in your heart and mind. goosh. It really pissed me off whenever I thought about it.

enough. dont think about it

*smileeee *

I wanted to trust that quote, at least for now ;)



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