May 3, 2008

thank you Ezan Alia <33

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 5/03/2008 08:17:00 PM
well well well, we made cupcakes ! yey. thanx so so much Alia, you are the best *love love looooove *

anyway, she came and fetched me at like 4 sumtin on Thursday evening ans went straight to Jaya Jusco Maluri. We bought all the ingredients needed to bake the cupcakes. Then, I had my late lunch at one of the restaurant there (:

she only had desert and oh, thats my iced tea with milk ; teh ais daaa :P

We reached home almost 7, lepak2 for a while and then we started baking. It was so so so fun ! and the result was great too, well, for an amatuer like us, I think it is considerate as an average great :D
The thing is, we baked this cupcakes for my bestfriend, Chin. At first, I wanted to order the cupcakes from Wondermilk but they denied my booking. They said that they already full on the date. Well, I was upset at first because, its my bestfriend 18th birthday, and thats a really big deal for her and besides cupcakes, I dont have anything else to give to her a present. gooosh. I had absolutely no idea what to give to her. So, I told Alia about it and she said she can bake the cupcakes for her. Its not her first time baking, so she's really quite good you know. Anywayy, thank you so much sayang, I owe you big this time :)

Anyway, I paste the photos here okayy. Have a great looking of jealousy at it :P
When the cupcakes are finally bakes (thanx to the 2 of Alia's maid), its decorating time. We made the frosting icing, yeaa. the one that yang keras2 tu kan. I thought I wanted to make the regular icing but then Alia's didnt know how to do it. But I think this one is better because its is soo easy to handle with becaus ethe icing is keras, not ooeeey gooey type.

Basically, Alia did the whole deco thing cause she's reall good at it and as for me, I did the icing and layer the cupcakes with it. We did all this until like 4am okayy. fuyh. we're like damn exhausted. We had to finish all these in one night because the next day Alia got plan with her friends, so, we really need to finish it no matter what.
OMG. look at her. caught in the act. She was damn exhausted. poor you sayang. I promised I will buy you the Everlast pump okay. the one that you wanted (:

Looking at her made me feel so guilty ;( . So I deco some of the cupcakes by myself, just for her. I used chocalate insted of the frosting icing

yey. I am glad that she loved it.

tadaaaaa !

Well, I really hope Chin will like the cupcakes. She had no idea that me and Alia baked the cupcakes. She thought that I ordered it. haha. I'm guessing that she will be really shocked to see it. haha.

2 extra blabbing on "thank you Ezan Alia <33"

k.leen said...

sedap giler cuppies coklat tu...
betol ke Ya buat ?

Amira Zafirah on May 5, 2008 at 10:55 AM said...

ya dgn ezan laa. together okayy. sume orng tak percye :(

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