May 18, 2008

ice ice baby :D

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 5/18/2008 08:13:00 PM
waaaaah !

my Saturday is grrrrrreaaaat ! haha. I am so so not going to tell where the hell am I going but I am damn sure that you guys can figured it out by yourself. :DD

I am supposed to leave the house at 11a.m but apparently Chin ade hal pulak. so, I left the house at like 12 sumtin, maybe. and drove to Chin house and then we went to the BTR LRT station fetch Daniel and from then our journey began. kitorng pgi isi minyak dlu, si Chin ngn Daniel ni siap bli junk food, cheee, mcm nk pgi jauh je. haha

*sorry. no picture taken. as usual, when we're together, we tend to forget everything. haha. and besides, I didnt bring camera, kak Leen wanted to use it and I am so so malas nk capture using phone cam, at this time lah :P*

when we reached THERE (hahahaha!) , our first stop is, makaaaaan ! Me and Daniel didnt had our breakfast taw so we're like dammmn hungry. I was so happy to arrived THERE because the first thing that I wanted to do is shopping, which I havent been doing for so loooong (really? haha) Went to Forever 21, spotted some nice tops and but Chin forced me to get something to eat first. okay okay. I'm hungry by the way. Kami bertiga pon pergi lah bersantap di Chicken Rice Shop. *weeee. byk jgk kott kitorng mkn. tahengat jgk la. cheeee.

selepas selesai bersantap, kmi pon berjalan2 lah. and and and. haaa. this is the best part. meyh meyh. tgk gmbr dlu eh :D

haha. manyak syiooook woooo ! Me and Daniel was fucking excited to ice skating tp Chin tanak. tp ape kitorng kesah en, pakse jgk laaaa. haha.kesian dia. tgk muke dia mcm dh nk nangis je taw. anyway, you need to pay RM18 je, and you can skate as long as you want, yes, dr tmpt tu bkk smpai tmpt tu ttop pon takpe taww. then for those yang tak bwk socks you can buy instantly at RM5, which is consider as mahal cause socks nye nipis la bagai, RM2 pon bule taaww and then you need to buy the gloves for RM8. gloves msti kene pkai jgk. so sape yg takde, you need to buy it lah.

We're lucky cause eventhough its Saturday, theres not many people taw (maybe sbb tgh bulan kott. orng tade duit daah. haha :D) at frst, kitorng pon pakse2 la Chin ni kan, punye la ssh nye nk bg dia msok kt ice court tuuh. ponek dah eden dgn Daniel menunggu. pakse2 jgk. thn bile dia msok kt dlm tu, dh mcm tanak gerak dah. haha.chill la babe. dia asek la berpaut kt tepi2 tu en, thn me and daniel told her jgn la tepi sgt. yelaaa. kt tepi kan ice tu mcm dh cair, so mcm byk air thn mkin licin la kaaan. haish. bwk la dia ketengah sket. we did a whole round of the ice court tapiii mse dh about half of the court, Chin ni mcm nk jtoh taw. then me and Daniel was really trying not to make her fall but I fell instead. siot betol. skit bontot aku. haha. sia2 pulak suar aku basaah. waaa. tp takpe, I laughed like hell, sumpah aku tak malu. haha. lantak la orng nmpk pon. I dont care. haha. thn Chin ckp she will only skates for only one whole round of the court thn dia nk msok. shit laaa. Dia tanak main pulak. kitorng pjok2 pakse2 pon dia tanak jgk. thn fine. tinggal la aku dgn Daniel. haha. we rock the ice court. chewaaah. tp kitorng baik, main jap2 thn kuar blek. lpk2 dgn Chin , lgi pon lenguh kaan.

lps dh puas bergambar, me and Daniel, msok blek dlm ice court. haha. skate and skate. kitorng skate siap pegang2 tgn lgi tuuuh. waaaaah ! haha. ckp la boyfriend ke ape ke, sumpah aku takesah. kan Daniel kaaaaaaaaan ? :D lgi pon , ble skate berdua, rse cnfdnt sket, snang nk balance, ble sket sorang2. haaa. rse mcm nk jtoh je. ayoyo.

tp kan tp kan, I fell off again. haha. its Daniel fault taw.(haha. skati je blame ko kaan. pffftt !) He hold my hand so tight, konon la nk bwk la, mcm nk lead, dia skateeee je, pdahal aku yg kt blakang yg dia tarik ni, punye la byk halangan dan cabaran. waaaah ! merepek sggh, dh la, aku jatuh okay. and again, I tara malu woooo. wa gelak gelak besar2 punye tp kan, tbe2 unexpected orng tlong aku bgn. haha. unexpected ape nyee, orng ice rink ni, nmpk aku jtoh bergegas tlong aku. yelaaa, nk diri kan ssh en. hehe. suke. dia tnye, " you okay?" then I'm like, "yeaa, I'm okay". haha. takpe. takesaah. skate lgiiiiii *weeeeeeeee

then, skate and skate and skate. baaaam. jatoh lagi. haha. total tripped off are 3 times. haha. ye ye. and dipersilakan untuk bergelak sakan. wa tara hal punye laaaah. tp en, yg 3rd time jtoh la plng best. dh jtoh en, then I slide on the ice. haha. ape lgii. gelak besar lgi la aku. hahaha. and again, another guy from the ice rink helped me to get up.waaaah ! another guy pulak. che che che. disebabkan sluar aku bsg kuyup, kene la kuar from the ice court, pgi la kt Chin and suro dia tlong perahkan sluar aku yg bsh kuyop. haha. then, si Daniel buat stupid theory pulak, he said nape ble aku jatoh je, cpat je orng2 ice rink ni tlong aku.mcm tau2 je. haha. ngok la ko ni Daniel, dia dh nmpk aku tegegar2 dkt stu, mst dh bule agk nye la yg aku nk jtoh. ape daaa. (cheee. cover line je en) thn ble suar dh kering sket, msok blek dlm ice court. haha. tak give up lg ni. nk main jgk, bru je nk strt main, orng kt stu buat announcement pulak suroh kuar frm the ice court. they need to uwmm..errrr,.. I dunno the exact word, but its like they wanted to move away the water on the ice. haaa. cecamtu la. haaaa. whatever. sape2 yg pnah ice skating, taw la en :P and as usual, camwhoring is what we good at :D

when the thing that they did on the ice court is finally done, we skate again. haha. kali ni mmg tara jatuh okayyyy. Daniel la, he almost jatoh taw like byk2 kali, but he managed to control his body. ceit. how I wish I can look at you whn you fall off. HA HA HA HA :DDD pastu Chin dh bsing2, haha. yela. msti la dia bosan en, ddok je kt tepi tuuh. haa. tu la. sape sroh gatal tanak main. dh la aku blanje. sabe je la. the she said, pkol 5pm gerak. haha. okay okay. ape2 la. jnji aku dgn Daniel dh skate mcm pro2 gitu. cheeeee... sukeee ! haaaa. when the clock finally strike 5pm, we made our move. ooooow. bye bye ice skating. next time I dtg lg tawww :))

pstu jln2 kejap je, Chin pgi brator pgi J.Co Donut, suke btol dia mkn bende tu taw, thn jln2 some more and finally balik. Aku tanak round2, wat skit hti je. bkn nye bule shopping, tade duet dh tawww. waaaa. tapi takpe. at least I had fun ! and its worth moooooore than shopping taww.

mlm drive pgi umah Alia pulak. sleepover at her house, we're baking again. tp mcm tak jdi je. sedih taww :(

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Anonymous said...

ko punyer tart tak jd ker???
cian jer..
laen kali cbe lg ye..

Amira Zafirah on May 18, 2008 at 10:49 PM said...

jdi tp cam kureng je . next time lg la kott.

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