October 29, 2008


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 10/29/2008 11:17:00 PM 6 extra blabbing
I just got back from a WEIRD 'gathering'

my PC had been formatted by my brother. and now the disc drive is stuck.
I cant install my 'baby' s' disc.


ergh. I need someone to talk.
who should I call.
Luqmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan !

who wants it?

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 10/29/2008 12:39:00 AM 3 extra blabbing
I present you,
Acer Aspire One.

Baba bought this for, huwm. let me think.
Me ; I dont ask for it, I have my Vaio
Memy ; nope. he doesnt want it
Kak Leen ; kejadah nye weyy
Mak ; TOLONG LAH FAHAM NYAH! haha. GreenPans tu dia nak lah. hehe

This thing has only 8GB hard disc. HA HA. aduyai. Its Linux, 1GB Ram, build in 1.3MP web cam with microphone. 10.1' screen. yes, its NetBook, very light and its comes in different colours. BUT, without me knowing it, Baba chose, BLUE. I hate blue. demit. its dark blue, same as the picture above.

haih. anyway, I'm gonna use it. Ringan kan, jalan2 letak dlm handbag je, jmp mamak, online je lah. haha. PDA pun ade en, tp lappy ade feel sikit.

Baba Baba, I asked for Paris Hilton's handbag, not a netbook. its way cheaper Baba, do you know that? HA HA.

rezeki rezeki :)

blogger fault

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being a blogger is hard. You need to know the guideline before you write anytime. Yes, this is your blog. But sometimes, in some case, you cant write anything you want.

As for example, look what happen to Raja Petra. His blog about Altantuya had drag him to court and need to face the stupid law we had.
What I'm saying here is, you need to know the guideline so that you wont cross it.

If I ever want to blog something that happen to me that involved other people. But the thing is, I dont know whether I should mention the names or not. If dont mention any names, any random people may thought I was writing about them, but eventually I was blogging about other people and they may think it a insult.
If I do mention any names, they will say that I have cross the line. Issues like privacy or selfish may occur. As a result, the relation between the blogger and the names mentioned will be bad.

Conclusion ; Blame the blogger. Blogger's fault.

October 28, 2008

so, thank you :)

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This entry is dedicated to all of my friends that came to my house on the day.
a big THANK YOU and appreciation from me to all of you.

especially to all my collegemate that came all the way from Bangi,
Wawa, thanx so much sbb bwk diaorng sume dtg naik ramai2 dlm ur ANG-SER *Unser. hehhe*
and Abg Long, yang balik kmpg ambik kereta, semata2 nk dtg my hse *echeeeh. konon, pdahal mmg tht day byk open hse. eh. biar la aku nk prasan important kejap. haha.* ooh, Mira taw, abg Long mmg syg lebih kt Mira en. HA HA HA. statement tabule blaaah :D
and also to Daniel, Sharul, Amy, Uda and Farah that came. Thank you, sorry la tadapat nak layan sgt okay, gmbr korang pun mcm tade je. tu lah. malu sangat. sekeh kang baru taw. haha.

huwm. sape lagi eh kawan aku

ooh. Farahin and Farhah, thank a lot.

and Biha, not too forget. even datang lambat giler, tp takpe la, asal kan adoo. haha. and sorry if I was like acting super awkward towards you, or ape2 je lah. I'm sorry, I dont even realised it by myself. hehhe. mix feeling meyh mase tu, dgn nak cover2 maintain lagi, ssh bai. haha.

Pole, deeeeemn. THANK A LOT dude for coming, even dh mlm and I was like, tapayah la dtg or whatsoever, but still you came and we even lepaked at mamak for a while. and yes, I admit, we're like lain macam je kan, nak borak pun mcm, aiyoo. tataw nk ckp ape. last2 buat gado je balik. kau perli aku, aku perli kau. and thanx a lot jgk la sbb cover kan aku biler mak tanye si QAYYUM mane. haha. sumpah aku speechless, penat kott aku nk jwb soalan tu, dh mak baba tunggu korang datang je. luckily you showed up, kalau tak, jenuh la aku nak cover line. hehe. thanx a lot dude :B
*picture Pole dlm cam kak Leen, which I dont know where. haha. muke Pole lain dow, tak cute dah. hehe :P*

Dann and Jaja, korang dtg awal. yeeey. mak sokaaa nok. tp mak tak sookaa sbb korang balik awal, nyampah taw. tak sokaaa. haha. and thanx a lot jgk sbb bwk Ady. hrp kn si Chin, of all the day, hari tu jgk la nak ke workshop. haha. sabau je lah :D

thanx to Chin too sbb jdi driver that day, pgi amik Farah sume en, then kau hntar sape lg eh? aku pun dh lupe. haha. sape2 je lah. thanx banget doong. ILY bebeh :D
and last but not least,

the photographer *echeeeh* haha.
you did such a great job that day, my families were impressed with your work and they like you, so okay la. next time jangan takot dgn mak lg okay, mak kate dia tak makan orang pun. haha. Thanx Ady, I owe you big this time. Nnt I blanje you shesha kt lecka lecka. haha. konooon :D
photographer kemut. haha. Ady jahat ooh. gambar en dia dh filter dlu, this is the only pic of me and him that he gave. kejam oooh. haha
dia tinggi sbb pakai wedges okay, kitorang flops je taw. ceit. haha
oh. another Ady. haha

the lovely Jaja with Chin

and Dann, the bapak hayam. haha. do visit his blog at dannkepoh

thats all for the open house.

thank you for reading

p/s : entry ni dh mcm entry thank you en. haha. byk betol thank you :D

&& birthday celebration

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 10/28/2008 12:44:00 PM 1 extra blabbing
also, we had a little birthday party for our dearest, Yana :)
Aiman kejam ooh, Yana smpai sudah tadapat blow candles. ceit.
Biha finally arrived
oh, Yana called her 'kakak cantik'

muka bangge betol, vontot mmg dh kembang habis dah. haha :D

anyway, Pole did come, later that night like at almost 10pm kott. I told him not to come je lah kan sbb dh mlm, I was like deeemn tired but he insist. So, he came and we talked. deeemn. haha.
its not that awkward because I've met him few times before dah kann, so okay la. Biha la yg plh awkward, until Ady was like, Mira, are you okay. hahaha. yee, I'm fine nyah.

oh. Ady, he's my official photographer.*weee
Terima Kasih ye pak Ady.

October 27, 2008

open house

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anyway, as I promised that I will update my blog right. so here it is :)
on Nov 18th, last 2 weeks ago, my family held a little open house for our close guest. ow yeh. this entry gonna be a bit long, as usual with lotsa picture. yes, I put a lot of picture. sukati aku okay :)

nothing much to write, so jst enjoy the picture.
oh. its random okay. theres too many picture so I'm kinda dizzy to choose :D
my collegemate dtg. terharu betol !
I liiike this one :P
ini sahaja yang saya ade, Hidup atau Mati. Siblings
haha. Dann and Jaja is my first guest okay. *weee
kak Leen kate I shouldnt be in this picture sbb I didnt have any daughter. haha. duuuh
Biha datang. hehe. bape bulan eh tak jumpe? oow. GOD knows how I felt when I saw her. rindu, suka, marah, benci, geram,sayang,excited, sume ade lah. tapi takpe, control. orng ramai ade. hehhe. thanx for coming B :)
eh. ade lagi okay. haha.
bosan, sila blah. terima kasih
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