December 30, 2009

Day 4 - Sentosa Island

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here comes the day four of my SG trip.

on the night before, Aunty told us that we'll be leaving around 8.30am to Sentosa Island. need to leave the house early because the journey was kinda far from Woodland.
but, plan changed. I woke up at 9am and noticed that everybody were still sleeping and Aunty was not around. Aimi woke up after that, followed by Ira and the rest. we were all wondering whether we still going or not.
about 1 hour after that, we found ourselves packing our stuff and ready for Sentosa. woohooo !
left the house quite late, like a round 1230pm gitu. Aunty pagi pagi tu went to another cousin of her punye house with her cousin. tu yang mcm plan lari sket tu but never mind.
they were 9 of us. Me, Ady, abg Azeem, Aimi, Aunty, Anis, Idul, Ira and Adik. masing masing excited je nak pgi sane ape sume taw. hehhe. sokeee !

the journey start by walking from our house to Admiralty MRT station, it took about 10mins walk gitu.
Anis, Adik, Ira and Me

we then bought a one way ticket to Harbour Front, that cost about SG$2.20, thats the standard rate. if you have EZLink card, like me, it will cost you SG$1.87 for adult and just few cents for children.
in order to own EZLink card, you can purchase from the counter for SG$15, means SG$5 for the card and SG$10 for the credits. so, they will deduct everytime you tap the card on the machine. for a one way ticket, you can purchase at the machine. you need to pay extra SG$1 for every card, that will be like a deposit. so, when you refund your ticket, you will have your SG$1 back.
have to admit that it is confusing !

theres an interchange at Dhoby Ghaut station. from there you need to take another train to Harbour Front station. once you reach Harbour Front, means you are half way to Sentosa :)

at Harbour Front, you need to get inside Vivo City, yeaa, the shopping mall. from there, take a lift or escalator and go to Level 3. from there, you guys have to take another train called Sentosa Express. children age from 3 yrs until adult will be charged at the same price, SG$3.
once you get on the train, theres only 2 station in Sentosa, Imbiah or Beach. decide yourself which one you want okayy.
reading the brochure. haha

fuyh. gigih bagi details segala kan. baik tak baik tak? haha

as for us, we decided to stop at Beach Station, means we're heading straight to the beach. from Beach Station, you guys can walk or take a tramp or wtv shit they call that moving thing. haha. if you guys wanna go to Palawan Beach, you can just walk, dekat jee. if nak pgi Siloso Beach *Zook Ouuuutt !* nak naik tramp tu pon bule kot sbb mcm jauh sikit, sikiiiit je la.

theres a lot of interesting places at Sentosa which cost you a lot of money. trust me. so, its up to you guys to choose. piece of advice, get a map. its very usefull okay. senang nak taw korang kt mane, buat ape sume. nak plan sume pon susah.
and another thing, those yg nak saving a bit, its adviceable la you guys beli foods out of Sentosa sbb kt situ foods are a bit pricy. jadi, beli la siap siap keh, bwk bekal ke. takpe, diaorng tak check bag pon.
mase kitorang smpai kt Sentosa, the weather mmg cun gilee. tak panas sgt sbb baru lps hujan, so mcm sejuk sejuk mendung gituu. best okay. tp lelame sikit tu, panas la, but takpe la. sekali sekala kan. bkn nye nak bejemur pon. haha.

enjoy our pictures keh.
we didnt get on the busbought Burger King from Vivo as our foods at Sentosamastering the map

belom round ape lagi pon, kitorang dh teros terjah beach. manenye tak penat. pastu main main ape sume, salin baju bagai, lapaaa balik. haha. then sumee dah letih. haiyooo ;p

they were racing each other, sape lari paling laju dalam air. ngoong sgt kan !while on the tramp, round round Siloso Beach and Point *Zouk Ouuuuuut!*

I wanna take a ride on that shit but is mad pricy I tell you. cost about SG$38 for half an hour *rm90 for setengah jam. OMGWTFBBQ. grrr

abg Azeem with Adik, Anis's sister

our tired face

done with Sentosa, we went around Vivo City, jalan jalan dalam tu. did some window shopping. even though everywhere was on Sale but the price either lagi mahal or lebih kurang same. I noticed Topshop, Forever 21, Aldo, prices almost the same. MNG agak murah, almost bought few tops but letak balik sbb malas nak brator, que panjang siak. kosse kan. then, Mark & Spencer mahal. oh, Starbucks harga pon same jugak. Burger King I'm not sure but I think murah sikit kot. perfumes pon harga lebih kurang same, maybe like few ringgit cheaper la. tp Ipod sume murah, like IPhone en, haaa, murah okayy.

Vivo City cantik. naik kt rooftop that looks like KLCC punye park. haha. got this one big xmas tree, santek okayy. jalan jalan sume. then, while Ady, Anis, Aimi and abg Azeem lepak lepak kt situ. me, Aunty, Ira and Idul naik this one big shop called the Doulos, the oldest ship that still sailing across the sea. cantik okay the ship, nak naik free cause mase tu ade book sale but if you want to take a tour around the ship kene bayar la. i think its SG$10 kott. not sure.

done with Vivo,head on straight to Orchard Road by MRT, and jumpe ramaaaaaaaaai lagi relatives Ady yg lain lain. diaorng pon kt Orchard jgk.
some stuff happened while we're at Orchard that brought me to tears on the next and scratch my name a bit, but nevermind. I admit its my fault but just cant believe tht it can be such a big thing for some of them. well, nevermind. I'm okay with it, no regrets, just lesson learned :)

no pictures at Orchard cause shotgun's battery was flat. takpe laaaa, malam malam esok nye pgi Orchard lagi. haha.
one last picture when I was at Orchard Road. haha

it was the most tiring day ever, penat nye bejalan mmg tataw nk describe mcm mane dah. dgn lapar nye lagi. hahaha. lasat woooo. but it was hell of fun. Sentosa Island is a must place to go when you're in Singapore.

kalau tak pegi, rugi seyyyy ;p

December 29, 2009

Day 3 - Wedding Reception

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the big day for the family.

I was one pf the people yg siap lambat. since, theres nothing much to do pon kan, and I dont know many people. so, I was the last on yg mandi siap ape sume.
tengah tengah siap sume, pengantin pon tengah siap jugak. pengantin pompuan name nye kak Erin and the guy I called him abg Rai. both of them are verry nice people, I like them both.
majlis pon bermula. mmg ramai sangat yg datang. family pulak mmg besar, mmg meriah sgt. dgn friends sume, it was total fun.

the foods was SUPERB! makanan SG sedab sedab seyyy. dah la pedas pedas sume, gooosh. mmg sgt marvelees. haha. mase kenduri ni diaorng masak lauk kampung. as far as I can remember theres sweet and sour fish fillet, masak asam rebus, masak lemak, ikan masin, sambal sotong and banyaaaaak lagi. I couldnt remember. got beef, prawns. then ade kuih kuih lagi, rojak lah, mee, meehoon pon ade jugak. banyak en? heaven siak.

as usual, wedding mesti ade karaoke session, ade bersanding, sume sume tu lah. lets see some pictures that I took.
kak Erin with Ika

its their wedding cake but doesnt look like a cake.

some of the foods. see, got rojak and tauhu sumbat some more !

me with them :)

haaa, this is my junior tuu. his name is Fendy. dia mmg karaoke kawww kaww punye. banyak seyy lagu dia nyanyi smpai kitorng sume dh boo dia. haha

Ady's ayah, Ady's mama, Ady and Ady's youngest brother, Aimi. abg Azeem ntoh hilang kemaneee.
abg Azeem with the dancers, 2 girls on the right is adik pengantin, means Ady's cousin

hey, its me !

rombongan pihak lelaki dah sampai. woohoo !

pengantin lelaki sampai kene byr tol okay. haha. theres like few pit stop for them to nego how much they have to pay. soo fun. especially looking at them siap bwk kayu ape sume kan, konon mcm gengster. then wakil pengantin lelaki siap bwk envelope, then bile bagi je kt wakim pengantin pompuan, mule la ckp tak ckop la ape laa. haha. so, funnayh !

finally together !
naaah, we dont always stick together. aku pandai bwk diri la weyy. haha

I think its muffin kott. haha

abg Azeem pon karaoke jugak, I think he sang Imran Ajmain song, Seribu Tahun eh? haha

the girls all sitting together

Ady singing to Ada Band's Manusia Bodoh

theres them with different baju pulak !

with their not-so-wedding-cake, more like slicessss of wedding cake.

I was the only one that photographed them at that time, so they gave me extra pose. cheyy. haha

there you go, some of the picture. banyaaaaaaak lagi adoo but nevermind. ni pon dh cukop dah.

wedding ends at evening. then sume siap kemas kemas and stuff. took family picture sume, syok sangat. but then mase ni Ady and his cousins sume dh nan adooo. masing masing dh naik atas membutee okay. sabau je la en.

after that, aku pon siap siap sumeee, mandi, kemas kemas barang sket then kitorang lepaaak je kt rumah. baring baring, nyanyi nyanyi la ape la, makan, tengok tv, sumee lah.

we dont go anywhere that night cause everybody was tired.
but as for us, we had a looooong day on the next day (:

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