December 15, 2009

snowyy woowyyy

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 12/15/2009 02:00:00 PM
here comes the Sunday (:

usually, mak and baba wil balik on Sunday but this time they said nk balik on Monday.
okay, kinda sad cause I miss mak but kinda happy cause have another day of freedom.
so, it a mix emotions ;p

as usual, slept at 6am. I dont know whats got into me. woke up around 11am I think, thanks to kak Leen and Yana. both came woke me up with lagu Siti Nurhaliza yang baru tu, yang 'pandang panda i-dunno-whats-the-rest-of-the-lyrics-are'. it was so looud, but I slept back when they left, haha. but not for long until I heard kak Leen screaming out my name.
alright alright.
me, kak leen and yana went off to Shah Alam. one of our cousin baru beli rumah dkt Setia Alam and they had like a makan makan ceremony gitu la. we decided nak convoy pegi sesame dgn pak long and mak long.
but they both end up naik my Lola. aiyo, agk cuak cause pak long was my passenger kan, but chill la. I kan teror bwk kete. haha.
Setia Alam was kinda faar, and like suburb and like have nothing okay. sangat la paaaanas. the rumah was okay la, cantik but a bit small. no picture taken cause I was busy eating. it was like almost 3pm I think, tak lunch lagi, mmg aku kebulor la kan.

then, dh balik, hntar paklong and mak long balik ape sume, kitorang pgi Ikano jap. kak Leen nk pgi Crocs. and as usualy, the supermassive traffic jam kn. but, you know me. I'm always lucky. haha. Amiiiin :)
lame jgk kt Ikano, padahal I've already promised Ady and Dann that we're goin to Pavy, yeeaa, AGAIN !
but this time, kitorang pgi Pavy sbb nak tgk the fake snow. hahahaha. kan mmg ade kan at 8pm. so, gigih la kitorng yg jakun ni nak pg tgk.

sesampai rumah je pon dh ngam ngam soi around 7pm. cepat cepat siap ape sume. hntar kak leen balik rumah dia. and then teros pgi pick up Ady at his house.
this time pulak, Ady's MOM followed us okayyy. hahahah. coool-ass. Auntie said shes bored at home the whole day. so, since kitorang nak pgi Pavy kan, Ady pon ajak la skali. Auntie mmg nk ikot tp maluuu. holorh holorh holorh ;D

remember the fake snow is at 8pm taw. I left the house pon dah nak dkt 7.30pm. pastu head on to Dann's pulak, pick up dia and then we head on straight to Pavy.
and we made it ! hahahaha.
arrive around 8.15pm and it was already snowing at the Pavy's entrance
si paling jakun. haha
hao liao !

heee, I know its kind jakun, but whateveeer. hahaha. it was fun. the snows are like made out from the bubble foam. okay la, it looks super fake, but its nicee ;)

done with snowyy, we jalan jalan dlm Pavy. Ady and his mom bought few things. after that, head on the Mdm Kwan, AGAIN for 2DAYS IN A ROW for our late dinner. hahaha.
dh tataw nk order ape dh kt Kwans tu. aiyooo, hafal dh menu nyeee.
noticed the guy in the red tshirt
thats Fahrin Ahmad at the back. he's okay la, not bad but I was dem excited to see him. haha. *FML
I dont know why I looked so excited looking at the plain water. lol
Banana Fritters served with Ice Cream *ROFL. omgwtfbbq =)) =))

Auntie made me ate this Fish 'n Chips. ppfffttt.

pastu we balik, send Auntie kt rumah then we're off again. thought of goin to Andalus, but it was still early so orang nye sangaaaat lah ramai okay.
changed route to NZ KLCC instead. lepak lepak lagi, borak borak and Azeem, Ady's brother called me. he said dia kt Andalus and said tempat dah banyak kosong.
we changed our route back to Andalus.

as usual, our VIP spot. tade deeee nak ddok bawah lagi dah. haha. but tonight cam tak best sket cause our fav spot ade orang pulak, but sokayy. lebih kurang same jeee.
later after that, Azeem joined us.

borak lameeeeee, lepak lameeeeeeeeee jugak. menikmati segale nyeeee.
then we're head home.

there goes my freedom weekend :)

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Fatinanana said...

I heart your outwear. grrrrr. <3

Azleen on December 17, 2009 at 10:13 PM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
amirachaos said...

huh. aiyoo. haha

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