December 4, 2009

weeks of holidayss

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 12/04/2009 02:00:00 PM
on the 2nd of December, 2009. finally, during the daylight. I went out with my friends, heading on to Kuala Lumpur.

okay now, lets see why the hell am I soo excited about it.

first week of hols, finish last paper on Nov 14th, Thursday. on Friday, went out for a quick lunch with siblings but I got scolded in the end. stay at home for few hours, waiting for my mom to call to make sure that I'm home during the night. around 11pm, I went out for couple of hours.
on Saturday, spend the whole day at home. felt like idiotic cause I was grounded. siot, dh la few weeks setengah mati dgn final paper, balik rumah kene grounded. ppfttt
around 7.30pm, went to KLCC to fetched Alia. she stayed over for one night. as usual, stayed at home, waiting for my mom's call to make sure I'm home. right after she called, I left the house. HAHAHA. called me whatever bitch. I need a time out. lepak at Andalus, got high and stuff, then we went around KL. on Sunday, stucked at home again, acted like a major Angel.

highlight ; only went out at night, where all shopping malls are closed. only stayed at one place for drinks and chit chatting

second week of hols, from Mon to Fri, stayed at home. still grounded. thank god Ady and Dann came over to my house instead. great thing happened, baba ajak diaorng balik kampung.
spend whole weekend, Fri, Sat and Sun at Perak.

highlight ; still no KL on daylight. haven't go to any shopping malls

third week of hols. still at home. being super angel from Mon to Fri. have to acted this way due to some reason. and I know my grounded period was kinda over but chose to stayed at home because of some reason that cannot be stated here. ini sume kire mcm nak bodek lah. mak said, be a good girl. baba can change his decision anytime. I dont wanna took any risk. lets just suffer now. off to kampung again on Thurs, raya haji on the weekend. was back in KL on Monday.

highlight ; no KL during the daylight. no shopping malls. no lepak with friends at all.

fourth week of hols. is this week :)

memberani kan diri mintak permission nak kluar with friends. tu pon sbb ink fax dh habis. baba suro pgi beli kt low yat. so, he allowed me went out with friends.

went out with collegemates. all of this time, kitorang kn mmg jumpe hari hari. aku lagi la, 2-3weeks jgk stayed kt Bangi dgn Oya. makan, tido, study, merayap, gile, menyanyi, melalak, meratap hiba, marah, menyampah, SEMUAAAA lah dgn Oya. since hols start, kitorang lansung tak jumpe.
rinduuu nak matik kottt. hahaha. finally, dpt jugak jumpe. ade Oya, ade Luqman, ade Wawa. aaaawwwwhh, all my favorite peoples. I was totally blessed with happines on that day.

sume jumpe kat Pavy. jalan jalan, borak borak dulu. thought of having lunch but it was lunch time. was damn pack at the food, and everywhere. decided to chill at Starbuck for a while. tgg smpai lunch hour dh hbis.
was fun, segala mcm cite borak ape sumeee, segala nye lah.then off to Low Yat. beli barang ape sume. pastu round round lagi kt Low Yat, cari barang Wawa pulak. cari cari, pusing pusing. pastu, perot memasing dh lapaa. Wawa ajak sapedek. malas nk fkir lame, teros lunch kt foodcourt low yat.
boraaaak lagi.

singgah GreenBox Sg. Wang. met Dann for a while. borak borak ape jadah. he was wth Kobain and others.
pastu jenjalan kt Sq. Wang, cuci cuci mate, sakit kan hatiii. hahaha. bodddo.
pastu, Luqman balik dlu, sbb dia park kt Sg. Wang. kitorang park kt Pavy, nnt dia malas nk jalan balik kan.

then, the three of us off to Pavy. jalan jalan, singgah singgah.
Wawa ajak masuk Nichi, nak cari thighs. we tried on some clothes.

that pink was TOO striking, the material was really splat on my body. I look 3times fatter than the usual. not good.
I tried on jumpster. kinda looks good on me. menyesal tak beli. nevermind, will do next time.

thought of going to F21. but change of plan. head on to Cotton On. at first aku mcm tak puas hati kenape sume orng mcm suke sgt dgn Cotton On.
bile dh masuk, tengok barang ape sume. now I know why, Cotton On was damn cheap kott. I mean its not la cheap like pusat pakaian hari hari, but its faaar more cheap than MNG or Topshop or Dorothy.
dont know what happened to me, I suddenly changed to a a hungry leopard, eager and full of spirit to find a victim. I made a sin there. I shopped, quite a lot. oh NO :(

times up, head on home. actual plan was meeting with kak Mariah at Marriot around 4pm but her flight from Singapore was delayed. she arrived at Marriot around 530pm. she called me but I was already in the car, prepared to face the traffic jam.
but nevermind, next time perhaps.

and as everyone know, my curfew is before 7pm.
as I was in the car, driving back home, baba called me, ask me where the hell I've been, kenape keluar lame sangat.
and guess what time was that, it was freaking 545pm. i left home almost 1pm.
and he said aku keluar lame sgt.

right ba. love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

and today is Friday, they should balik kampung every week kan, but not this week.
at first they told me they will, and I was sooo excited, finally. I have my day back. but at around 11pm, they told me their plan is cancel.

fourth week of hols, weekend, still at home.

highlight ; been to KL during daylight. went to shopping mall. yeaay :)

BUT, have some plan on the Sunday.
wait for the news ;p

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Syaa on December 4, 2009 at 8:16 PM said...

i guess i knw wht heeeee=)
*gd girl gd girl

Amira Zafirah on December 4, 2009 at 8:43 PM said...

haha. ssshhhh ;p

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