April 11, 2008

Ezan, Amira & Ezmira (Part II)

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 4/11/2008 12:33:00 PM
So, the next day we woke up tros hyper. haha. Then the stupid thing happened, I didnt bring my pants. shitto btol. so, dgn muke2 tak mndi nya, Ezan drived me home, amek sluar. haha. ape daaa. before that, we ate our bread pudding for brkfst. sedap ! Ezan doesnt like it, she said its not sweet enuff. thn we didnt made the vanilla sauce cause we ran out of eggs and we're too lazy to buy it. haha. dh kte sume pon tak mndi lg, so mls la nk pi kluar. thn we picked up Wawa's bf and his Russian friend kt LRT. First2 nk lunch same2 kt rumah tp tak jdi pulak, we scared if Ezan;s parents come home early, thn they will see those 2 boys. so, we mndi2, siap2 thn we went to my drivng skool for a while, submit my appliction for the P license thn we send Wawa's bf and the Russian boy named Danielle tp mamak. haha. biar lah diorng lpk2 kt stu.

Then, we came home, had lunch and wait for Ezan's parents to come home. Hujan pon dh turun mase tu. Ezan cant drive pulak. her mom wont let her. So, when her parents came home, then her mom send us to MidValley, padahal nk pgi Bkt Bintang ni. ayoo. ape lg. our journey begins.

Wawa was effin excited cause she hardly go to KL. Her house is at Bkt Lanjan so the only place that she goes is like OU, Curve, hardly been to KL, even Midvlly. So when we arrived in MidValley, we took a cab and went to LRT Masjid Jamek. Then, we took PUTRA to KL Sentral (Wawa is sooo excited :D) later, we met the boys at the KL Sentral and we took a Monorail to Bukit Bintang (Wawa lgi la excited, frst time naik monorail. yey ! ) so, finally, we arrived. But the thing is, we hve to get to Midvalley by 6pm cause Ezan's mom gonna pick us there. alaaaa. we arrived at BB pon dh mcm 3pm sumtin dh. ah ! mls nk fkir, we just go the Arab place and hang there. We talked and snapped pictures and learn a bit of Russian language. haha. Then, Pole came to join the party (Grrr.. nyampah2 dgn mamat ni pon, aku jmp jgk dia taw. bluuek ! tapayah nk pujok2 aku. blah blah blah. haha. tade la. joking. but still. you DICTHER ! nyampah je dgn kau yang ! ♥) So, the clock strikes 5pm and we have to go. kejap je kan. adventure dtg BB thn pgi lpk kt Pak Arab thn balik. haha. tp syok ape. BTW, sorry Wawa, didnt have much time to show you Pavilion. Next time we go there tghther with Ezan, okay syg? . we decided to go back by cab instead. giler kau nk naik LRT pkol 5. ikan sardin la gamak nye. dgn orng2 pffice kluar lg. eeeee... tak sanggop ! but the fuck thing bout it is, the cab rate is damn expensive maan. but Ezan nk jgk naik can, so went back by cab. From Bkit Bntang (dpn the Ship tuh ) to Bnd Tun Razak, the friggin cab driver chrged us RM30. cekik darah baiii. We paid the cab driver wth our closed eye je lah. thn we managed to arrived at home almost 6pm, and luckily Ezan's mom belum kuar rumah lg. She was shocled to see us arrived so early and by ourselves. haha.But before we knocked the door, we snapped some more, even on the cab lg dh snapped :D haha. weird is it. the three of us made the same expression thn we laughed like hell. hahahahaha. dunno la. whn its jst me and Ezan, people thought that we;re twins thn when the three of us get together, people thought that we're sibling, even my mom said so ! haha. I think its our hair la. kembang and curly :DD

We had nasi lemak for dinner. haha. sedap wooo. rase mcm tak ckop je. nk pgi beli lg la. maw maw maw :D thn thts it lah. we jst hang out and took a bunch of picture and now the three of us are like busy online-ing, nk picture msing2. haha. toodles

Ezmira, Ezan & Amira
God took one from me but He gave me 2 as payback. Nothing can replace both of you and I swear I Looooooooooove you girls !

p/s : to my dearest Chin, condelence to your family, She had lost her beloved grandmother on the April 9th 2008. May her soul rest in peace.

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