April 11, 2008

Ezan, Amira, Ezmira

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 4/11/2008 11:44:00 AM
woohooooooo ! awesome awesome awesome !. hahaha. :D

I went to Ezan's house and we had sleepover together with her cousin, Ezmira (we called her Wawa instead ). First thing first, Ezan + Amira = Ezmira. get it? pandai. haha. I dunno whether it caused by our name or our hair that made us so so esy to get along with. I just met Wawa twice actually but they way we hang together its like we've known each other for soo long. yelaaa. jarang jmp tp contact thru internet sudeyh. haha. DOL. As for Ezan, shitto. We've knowned each other since we are 7 years old. Its been 11years now and things are still the same. We hardly see each other but hey, that wont stop us from being close (:

So, our first activity for the night is baking. yey. We baked a bread pudding, with the help from Ezan's mom, Auntie Rosnah and their 2 maids. Its was so much fun. We baked the pudding at 12midnite okay. haha. takpe. nnt brkfst dh bule mkn dh. We bake and baked and we wait so patiently for the pudding to be cooked.

So, while waiting for the pudding to be cooked, we talked and snap and talked and snap and laughed and talked and snap and laughed. haha. It took about 45mins for the pudding to be cooked. All three of us sat on the kicthen floor and waited for it to cooked.
After 45min of patiently waiting, the bread pudding is cooked. taraaaaa !
And thanx to the extremely chefs, Auntie, the main chef, Ezan, the oiler :D , Amira, the stirer and Ezmira, the cracker. ahaha.
Then, after we finish baking, we head on upstairs. We continued to watch a horror movie, Unrest, and I fell asleep. haha. ngantok la. The whole day I've been to the driving test place, then at night dgn diaorng pulak. letih baii. so, I fell asleep but those 2 girls tak tido. entah ape diaorng buat but I know that they both slept at 6am. ayoyo. and whn I woke up, I found this in my camera. ceit.
They snapped my picture mse tggh tido thn diaorng pi bantai gelak2. cheh. they said I slept like I swim. hahaha. bodo betol.

Dh dh. nnt smbung. lenguh bagai sudah (:

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Memy said...

not like swin ler, more look like a dugong stranded on bed after a whole day try to drive a car...huahuahua

Amira Zafirah on April 11, 2008 at 11:02 PM said...

yea rite memy. ince when does a dugong drive :D

ML Amnesia on December 16, 2008 at 6:26 PM said...

Mira dugong.
Panggil Mira dugong la skrg.

I once saw you slept.
Ta hengat punya tido.

Saksi lain, Wawa & Oya.

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