April 16, 2008

watafak !

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 4/16/2008 01:08:00 AM
My first accidient involved car had just happened.
Victim : my father's CRV

wahahaha. sory la baba. telupe dowww *angel face with sweeeeeeeeeeet smile :)
My father parked his car kt tepi jln, we stopped to get some midnite supper at one of the mamak's (not BRJ) at our house area. After we finish, I insist to drive the car to our home. My mom was like TAK NAK, thn i'm like. "bule laaa, bkn nye ape2 pon" . so she like. "yela yela, bwk", and I'm like "hehe". so, I was like confident giler la en, then the stupidity of my brain suddently came. I start the engine, thn tros drive. I am supposed to like turn left a bit, mcm nk amek side sikit kan coz it's like mmg kt corner la. so ape lg, I gon on the divider la. SHIT. the sound was really loud, everyone was looking at us. bodo bodo bodo. luckily it was weekdays nite, imagine if its like on saturday night, tak ke malu bagai. boooodoh la. shit shit shit. mmg dlm hati sumpah seranah bagai la.
then my father had to take over and betol kan kete blek. Luckily its just a minor crash but major scratch at the bottom of the car ( at the tmpt nk pjak msok kete. whoever ade mpv or suv taw la.) and I felt like a shit (Grr. I always felt like a shit kan )

But hey, I've learned my lesson, theres like no fucking way I'm gonna repeat the same mistake.

hopefully it'll be my last accident *cross finger*

2 extra blabbing on "watafak !"

k.leen said...

pikir malu dia jer..
abih kete baba tau !!
dia punyer lar jaga kete tu !!!
belasah kancil tu lar...

Amira Zafirah on April 16, 2008 at 1:08 PM said...

haha. takde la terok mane. bkn kemek2 smpai nk pgi ketok kt wrkshop pon. lgi pon bnd tu kt bwh, tak nmpk pon. takde spe nk nonggeng tgk scratch kt stu lah.
kepochi btol.

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