April 20, 2008


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 4/20/2008 01:20:00 AM
I just finished watching the movie BRATZ (those who dont know, BRATZ is a movie adaptation from a doll, like a Barbie ). Basically the movie is about friendship.
The movie really reminds me of my bestfriends. Well, some poeple may think that they WAS my bestfriend, but for me, they will always be my bestfriends. The movie showed how these 4 friends, trying to treasured their meaning of bestfriend or the most common word used today is BFF (best-friend-forever). And as for me, whn I'm alone this evening, I cleaned up my room, then I found this one book. Most of my friends knows the book, they called it the PINK BOOK. then, I opened it, and I started reading it. What really makes me stop and thinking and remembering is this phrase "Friends walk in and out in our lives, but only true friends will leave footsteps in our heart". deep is it. and at the bottom of the phrase, I've wrote 4 names (including me) and thats are, Amira, Chin, Ayum & Pole. and at the bottom of it, Best Friends Forever *hopefully.

It really made me smiled, almost burst into tears but I managed to control it.


*looooong sigh*

Lotsa things had happened between us. I really thought that I can keep them together, forever but apparently, I was the only one that really tried conserved our friendship but them, they seem to let it go. Me and Chin had been bestfriend since we're in Form 1, but in From 2 (I think) we're not close enough but things getting better when we're in Form 3. Pole and Ayum had been so close since Form 3, that was when Pole moved to our school and they started skateboarding together. Things getting really better in Form 4, so so really really super super better. The four of us became so so super close. We did almost everything together, hang out tgther, shared our problems, I mean we're bestfriends !

Then, when we're all Form 5, things getting a bit roughy. As everyone knows, me and Ayum had been together, like couple, and Chin and Pole was like a bit hard at first to accept the fact. But in the end, they managed to get through. Things was okay until something happen. It suck.

and NOW

me and Ayum : we're not even talking. I really thinks he hates me now. Since our break-up thingy, things just kept getting worst. Well Ayum // yuyum, if you reading, I really hope that we can get back together, I mean not as couple, but as a friend. You know how much I trust you kan and I really think you kept most of my secrets, deepest secrets. We shared problems together and we talked about everything, friends, family, music, everything. I just want you to know that no matter what, I always missed you && love you (well, duh !)and you will always be my best friend and theres like no fucking way I'm gonna forget you, as a friend and even my first love. thanx for everything sayang !

me and CHIN : nyah, we've been through ups and dows but nothing, I repeat nothing can ever make you get away from me. Thank you, a million thanx to you babe ! you know, mase aku bace buku pink tu, aku tenampak yg aku ade tulis psl yg aku msuk hospital tuh. You still remember bout it tak? Tragic is it. Dh la mase tu tgh exam, bule pulak mcm tuh, and the best part it, you're with me. I was in really bad condition and you're wth me, at the hospital. and after all, only you knows wht REALLY went wrong with me. Thanx nyah ooi :DD ILoveYou babe !

me and Pole : goooosh. how I wish I could hate this guy. like seriously, he's been such a jerk to me but I still sticked to him. Wonder why? Even though sometimes he acted jerk wth me, but whenever I'm in bad condition, or whatever shit happen to me, he is always there for me. He heard me cried like shit, laugh like hell, high as stoned and happy like hectic. gooosh. thanx so much for everything yang ooi ! Eventhough sometimes I hate you like I hate the clowns but its hard for me to ignored you. But lately, you've been busy and kept on asking whats wrong with me. naaaaahh.think yourself. I dont want to act like I'm a girlfriend of yours. I'm just your bestfriend (is it? am I ? ). well, I really hope we will always keep in touch wth each other, thru ups and down, bad or worse, no matter. After all, you always needs me when it comes to girl is it? haha. naaah. dont think so. just, please, stay with me. Love yea dude (:

*another loooong sighed*

that is the only pictureof us together,taken in the bus, on the way back from Cameron Highland (2006 ). memories is it? :D theres anothe picture that has 4 of us bt theres another person in it, it, so reject la kan. the picture is small actually, I enlarged a bit, thats why its like a bit blur.

Anyway, goooosh. I dunno what happened to us. I still remember my sweet 16th brthday and my 17th brthdy, I celebrate with them. guess my 18th brthday will be just me and Chin.
Seriously, how I wish the 4 of us can be together, even its only for a day.

* I miss you guys, like really really super miss *

*tears dropping*


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