April 16, 2008


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 4/16/2008 01:10:00 PM
sumpah aku nk keluar rumah.

mak, i'm staying because of you.

hope i can stdy outside frm KL, pedalaman pon takpe la. takde duit? FINE, keje kt kedai.
ingt aku ni spoiled brat sgt ke. FAK la weyy. dont make me show my true color la.

I may be 18 yrs old, but trust me, I'm more than that. think I cant be independent. try me.

They kept on looking down upon me. yeaaa. I'm stupid, I didnt get good grades in my study but that wont make me a great prostitute. Know what, I dont want your money, I can find it on my own, but you know I cant. why. oh I cant work. yeaa. i hve to do my fathers job, well I am not interested. he kept on taking advantage of me. oooooow. yea. dasar anak tak kenang budi kan. kene marah sikit, nk post blog, tak hengat ke baba yg bla bla bla. fine. then I owe him big so I cant do anything about it, I cant stand up for myself.

you know what, this is useless. whtaever I say, whatever I do was is never good enough. oww, yea. I cant say anything you know, nnt kate aku belagak Diva. babik.

dh bace tapayah nk memekak, tapayah nk post comment nk nyakitkan hati aku. sia2 aku block kau and sia2 je kene maki hamun dgn aku. ape. ingt si azwan ali je pndai maki hamun la. again, dont make me show my true colors. tolerate a bit. this is my bloog. i can say whtever I want. kalo2 rase bce tu nyakitkan hti kau, tapayah bace. diam2 sudah. mulot kasi ttop. tgn kasi simpan. tapayah gtal2 nk halakn mouse tu nk post comment, type bnde2 bg aku benci kau. tapayah. tengah2 aku period ni, sia2 je aku tempek pad kt muke kau.

2 extra blabbing on ":/"

Anonymous said...

isk...marah kat sape nie???

Amira Zafirah on April 17, 2008 at 7:35 PM said...

marah kt sume2 lah :/

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