April 26, 2008


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 4/26/2008 11:37:00 PM
At last, my Saturdat is not boring. A BIG thank you to Alia, she came and rescue me. yeey !

She went to MidValley, dating with her handsome boy, Raja (handsome keeeh ? :P) which which she saw Ayum with his new GF. They chatted a bit cause Ezan was like really pissed off to see him. I mean duuhh. Ezan is my bestfriend, of course she felt pissed at him. well, watevar. fak la. fak okay. heh.

Then, she called me and said she wanted to come over. And I'm like, yey! about 15min later, she arrived, but she said she cant lepak2 with me lame2 cause she need to get home, nk teman her mommy go somewhere. and I'm like, ooww. okay. (dh sedih dh ni. then she told me pulak bout she saw Yum sume2 tu kan, and I'm like, dammmmn, could this day be any worse. So, I'm like. yea yea yea, whatever. I heard wht she said then I'm like dont want to think bout it. We lepak2 a while, then she asked me whether nk ikot her or not, teman her mummy, and I'm like, I better go cause if I'm not, you knw wht I'll be doin at home kan. So, we went back home, I chnged clothes and then we're off to her house and pickup her mommy.
First stop is, Kelab Golf Sultan errk.. I dont remember. haha but its KGSAAS :D haha. Her mommy wanted to settle some stuff and then we went to their house in Shah Alam. Its still under construction but I'm sure it'll be damn niceeeeee. Its big, theres guest house (or room eh? hehe.) and laundry room, lotsa room, studio and also a POOL. yey. they build a swimming pool. woohooo ! This house would be ready by June.

The next stop is Subang Parade. Alia's mummy had to meet the kitchen cabinet contracter at Bofi. So we're like okayy. They discussed and stuff while me and Alia wondering around the showroom and snapped some photosss. haha. i mean. duuh. wht do you expect us to do right?

When we're done touring the showroom, we're told Mummy that we wanted to jalan2 kt situ. Alia was like starving cause she still cant solid food. That time she wanted to it corn cup. We jalan2 tried to find the corn cup tp takde pulak. So we end up going to Kenny Rogers, they had corn but it mixed with carrot. Alia told the waitress that she only wants corn. And they took about 15mins to ditched the carrots. Grr. Alia Alia. Then we ordered Mac&Cheese, 2 vanilla muffins and 1 banana. And oh, before that, we went to Parkson and bought Wawa's present. weee.. hope you like it Wawa !

aaha. Alia wrote that at the stationary section in Parkson. it looks cute :P
look at her face, she was damn hungry you know, poor you sayang :D
look at my eyes. goosh :O

Ngam2 we get our order, Mummy is also done with her discussion. But we're like so hungry and we end up eating at the sofas. haha. Theres like this sofas provided by the Subang Parade management la. so we sat there, and ate everything we bought. haha. but takde la smpai hbes. Then we headed down to McD, bought porridge for Alia and some breads. Later, we stopped at Dorothy Perkins in Parkson and I end up buying one tops. ayoyo. I shouldnt doww. haha. and tadi pon. I changed my AUS$ to RM. mak suro, she's like tapayah la smpan byk2. tuka la. then I'm like yeaa. I need the money, Chin's brthdy is coming and also the mother's day.so, its saving money time. yea rite. haha :DD

we were singing Rockstar (Prima J song) but wth decent face. haha. why dont you take a picture, it'll last longer. haaaa :D

again, we both making the same faces and yeah. we're 'twins' today. 2 budak bju hitam :B

yeaaa. thats it. we went back at like 8 sumtine and went straight to Alia's hse. we watched Final Destination 3, eewwww. effin scared okay. later, they sent me home, at like 11 sumtin. It was nothing actually kan, but I had fun !



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ezanzan on April 27, 2008 at 12:14 PM said...

i was so hungry :( tp takpe. monday ni i try and lepak ur hse again keh. nak main ngan kucin and yana :D:D

Ilysfm amira zafirah. dah 11 years :)

Amira Zafirah on April 27, 2008 at 12:30 PM said...

okayy. i'll be waitin. nnt tak jd lg :(

oww. ilysfm too ezan alia, dh 11 amazing years okay :)

k.leen said...

ezan ke alia??
BTW... thx for the cuppies tu..sedap sgt.. i like!!

Amira Zafirah on April 28, 2008 at 10:50 AM said...

her name is Ezan Alia, i called her Alia nowdays. dh terbiase (:

ezanzan on April 28, 2008 at 12:37 PM said...

kalau sedap nnti ezan buatkan lagi :D

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