April 13, 2008

Jamal Ubaidillah

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 4/13/2008 02:20:00 AM
oooooh. I just got back from KL Convention Centre. I went there with my mom together with my sister's friend, Gha and her hubby. We was there as to show our support at the charity concert, organized by the PENGASIH, a non-government society to help the ex-drug addict gain their confidence back in their mind and help them stop their addiction towards drugs.

The concert is on for 3 days, from Friday until Sunday, starting at 8.30 p.m. Various artist will be performing at the concert as to gain money for the PENGASIH. Me and my mom attend the concert on the Saturday night. The artist that was performing for the concert are Jamal Abdillah, Saleem, Aris Ariwatan, Misha Omar, Blues Gang and Dato' Ahmad Nawab.
yeaaaa. I know its totally weird for a young girl like me attend such a concert. Actually, my father is supposed to go wth my mom and apparently he changed his mind towards the end and forced me to go. Grrr. I'm okay with it, at least I can teman my mom watching her favourite singer in Malaysia, no one else but the breath taking voice, Jamal Abdillah. We bought one of the cheapest ticket price (as everyone knows, a charity concert like this, the tickets are sold in such an expensive price, for donation la kott. haha ) but the best thing is, one of the guys in the theatre gave us the seats at the most expensive tickets (RM300 sumtin). yey ! disebabkan ticket tu mhl kan, tak rmai la yg beli, seat pulak plng dpan, so byk la yg kosong kan, so diaorng pon randomly la choose any of the guests to sit at the expensive place. yeye! guess we're the lucky one.

The show supposed to start at 8.30pm tp mcm biase lah kan, kene tgg la VIP yg lmbt tuh. last2 it was like almost 9pm or 9pm sumtin bru strt. sba je la. I had no idea what song are they singing especially Saleem. haha. mane la aku taw lgu2 diaorng weyy. dgr je lah. Until there this one song title Terharu sang by Jamal and Saleem that got me. I knew the song pon sbb Mawi pernah nyanyi. haha. As the concert is not for Jamal only, so he didnt sing any of the song that I like and he doesnt sang much. yela. lain la kalo ko pgi cncert Jamal, mesti la dia sorng je yg telalak kt stu. well, eventho the organiser had told us not to use any kind of electronic devices, but that wont stop us from taking any pictures, Gha even record some of the show. haha. tak snonoh betol. I dont dare to do it, sia2 je plak kne halau nnt. She got the chance to did it cause I cover it for her so the security didnt see her snapping and recording. I didnt paid much attention cause I was busy exploring Gha's new gadget, the 8GB IPhone by Apple. goooooosh ! I want that for my 18th brthday okay Memy. haha. tak kire, nk jgk. hahahahaha :DD its was fun exploring it and I was busy sms-ing wth my sister (she's at home, couldnt join us cause she had to take care of her kids) taw2, concert pon dh habis. haha. tak snonoh je kan. But I noticed la that Misha Omar sang the lagu hantu, Ku Seru than yg lain2 tu tataw la. Saleem managed to sang the famous song, Ganu Kite ! and Blues Gang sang the Poie Pokan, Naik Basikal song. haha. tataw title ape, but the negeri sembilan pnye lgu la. best pulak. well, what really amazed me is Aris Ariwatan voice. woooooah ! hearing his voice made me think why is such and amazing and incredible voice like him could make it to the top? well, if he does, that was looong time ago. why could he survived 'till today. all I can say is, the new generation of Malaysian is missed out a lot of really JANTAN vocal. what a waste. well, I've snapped a few picture. take a look.

The picture above is my mom and Gha. This was taken after the show, when everybody had gone out of the theathre. Later, we went out and my mom really wanted to go to toilet, tak tahan sangat la tu and Gha insist to wait for Jamal. She wanted to take a picture wth him. Well, needless to say, me and my mom was not that eager to take a picture wth him. This is because we had been attending mostly all of Jamal's show. Concert in Istana Budaya or 3 years straight of Mother's Day Lunch, yups, we went there. As I were saying, my mom is such a big fan of Jamal, so mmg mane2 show mmg la mak ni pg. Dh puas dh dia bergambar, mintak autogrph Jamal sume. Tu la td dia mcm tak heran je. haha. Poor Gha, she's effin excited to take a picture wth Jamal. But you know what, mase kt concert tu en, Jamal looked so so handsome. haha. betol la. dh mcm hero hindustan la pulak. mmg fall in love kejap la. haha. Well, while waiting for Jamal, they talked and chatted with some people and my mom bought a book that was written by Jamal himself, Jalan Lain Ke Sana.
Well, as for me, nobody gonna take my picture, so i took it myself. haha. tgh tgg mak dlm toilet so I snapped a bit. haha. market siket2 la. hello, its my blog okayy :D
hah. you noticed eh. yups, I was wearing the same thing that I wore when I was hanging out wth my girls on the thursday. but hey, at least a different earings okay. today I wore a hoops. haha. striking pink hoops. hahaha. enuff la. tapayah pic besar2 la kan. ckop la tu :P
Well. 'till next time, toodles (:

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azleen said...

ticket tu k.leen beli RM215 + tax dah jadik RM230 tau.. satu !!
yg murah is RM90 !!!!
org yg patut pegi tau !!!

Amira Zafirah on April 14, 2008 at 11:43 AM said...

haha. chill la. kate pon rezeki :D

g-Ha said...

dah kata dah,....bukan zaman YA kan...kalau bagi kak Leen pegi dapat pahale.....YA jadik la bibik di malam minggu.......:D

Memy said...

hello2 an iphone 4 ur 18th bday? in ur dream la...org nak beli psp pon ke saving bagai nak rak. nie lg ler iphone. x dapek den nak nolong. live on real world, act what as u are. think da future coz that what u will be. syukurilah kesenangan yg d perolehi masa nie...peace no war!!!

p/s: SUPPORT BLACK 14!!!!

k.leen said...

k.leen until now..simpan RM n beli tau... x mintak org pun..
dh senang nk senang lagi...
PeaCE nO WaRRR!!!

Amira Zafirah on April 15, 2008 at 1:42 PM said...

ya allah . kejadah nye la korang ni. peace no war konon. ni war la ni. war in my blog. haha.
tanak beli sudah. chill la. tade sape nk ber war2 pon.
and memy. kejadah plak la future2 ni, i mean think for yourself la weirdo. tgk la mak dgn baba tu mcm mane. they always look down on me.
yeaaa. i am such a useless doaughter. never had a big result. thy dont even care bout my education, nk jdi ckgu? wtfk.

g-ha. bbystter for a whole day pon ckop la. tanak dh bbyster lg mlm2. dgn budak2 hyper pulak. thanx but no thanx. no offense.

mariah said...

Oh wow this is interesting war.. you guys are so cute. It remind me when I gaduh with k long, bangah and yanie dulu2.

Just want to say mak tengok Jamal nangis tak this year?

Amira Zafirah on April 24, 2008 at 1:24 PM said...

ow yeh. the war is on. yippie !
tp dlm blog je la. ble smpai rumah, sume baek jee. haha.

oww. no lah. its not a mthers day pnye cncert like usual tu, so no tears to be wasted ths time :D

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