December 31, 2008

bye 2008

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 12/31/2008 10:56:00 PM
some of the 2008 highlights, that I remember lah :)
  • On the eve of 2008, I sleptover at Alia's house. konon nk sneak out so that we can celebrate new year, tapi tadapat pon. We end up duduk rumah, and her mommy bwk pg tgk fireworks dkt simpang rumah dia. Once we reached home, I had this crazy idea. hehe. We asked kakak, Alia's maid, buat kan air teh o, in the big bottle. when its done, we shaked it, pretend that its a Chivas. HA HA HA. ngengg. on the Jan 1st pulak, we went to Ezmira's house. Its my first time meeting her tp rase mcm biase je. haha. we hang out at OU the whole day.
  • Jan 6th, Qayyum's birthday. I bought him a present. agak expensive la. for me. hehe. oh. its my first time EVER kumpul duit. I didnt shop for like 2-3months.
  • and on the Jan 26th, me and Qayyum were officially broke up. hello devastation. haha.
  • in 2008, theres couple of huge fight between me and my besties. mostly are between me, Pole and Biha. that really effect us. alhamdulillah, me and Pole are getting better but things are still rough between me and Biha.
  • I went to AUSTRALIA. weeee*. haha. only for 10days, without my parents. I went with kak Yanie. hehe. stayed at Melbourne for 7days and Sydney for 3days. I touched kangaroo and koala. they are soo cute. I've seen the famous Opera House, the Harbour Bridge. huwm. what else. lotsa things I've done and seen. Including lil bad things. Oh. when I went there, Alia was there too. yeeey. we hang out by ourselves. huuu. scaryy. haha.
  • Coach is my first well-knowed branded bag that I have right now. Guess ke ape ke, tolak tepi la eh. hehe. It was a gift from kak Mariah and her hubby, Bill. I got that after I was their photographer for their engagement party.
  • Alia went off to study. She went to Aussie for her foundation. sedih giler okay.
  • I cant remember the exact that I snucked out. haha. First time I snucked out was with Pole. eh. chop. this was last year lah. haha. late last year. ceit. cancel :D
  • while waiting for my SPM result, I was a babysitter. hehe. I babysit Oni for few months.
  • starting from July, I'm a college student. weeeee. haha. no more homework okay. assignments sudaaa. haha.
  • I have driving license now. yey. sekali pass je taw. hahaha. vangga vangga :P Johor and Perak is the furthers state that I drove.
  • I made my own cupcakes. It turned out to be good. haha. My first customer is Dann. thanx nyah for believing in me :)
  • I went to Summer Splash. It was hectic. me and Alia did some drama in front of the policeman in order to get in. haha. Its my first time wearing bikini. waaaaah. haha. I met a lot of new friends. Thanx a lot to Biha.
  • I remember this one time yang kene kacau dgn nigga dkt KlCC. yeaaa. the one yg mse dkt Topshop tu. sumpa scary siak. haraaaaaap sgt it wont happen again. until now, mmg phobia gilos tgk nigga.
  • first time I bowled. haha. I've never done bowling okay. Thanx to Luqman and Fatin, they both encourage me. so, I bowled lah. It was at Alamanda. hehe.
  • I got HTC TYTN II, a PDA for my birthday. thanx Baba, and oh. not to forget my all-time-favourite Swatch which I've been aiming for long time. Thanx Baba, again. hiks.
  • 2008 is year of kebaya for me. haha. I made a promise to myself that I will only start to wear kebaya when I'm 18. so, yup I wore it during Raya. until now, I have 3piece of kebaya. cukup la.
  • after like 3months I think, Chin finally surprised me. haha. She bought Paris Hilton purse for my belated birthday present. yeeeey. thaaaank you.
  • now I have my own SLR. eventhough its only Sony Alpha 200, but I'm blessed. cukup la. canggih2 pon bkn nye reti gune. huwm. nnt nk beli lens la. haha. mcm la lens murah kan. haaaaktuii :D
  • Atok passed away, few days before Aidiladha. Yaa rindu sgt kt Atok taw ;(
  • Yana confirmed diagnosed with Acute Leukimia. until now, we're strong to get through it.
  • lastly, in 2008. I have blog. // Little Voice is born :D
thats all I can remember for now.
past is past. lets make a new memories.

dear 2009,
promise me one thing please? Dont let me down.
EVER again.


2 extra blabbing on "bye 2008"

Diana-k on January 1, 2009 at 1:04 AM said...

hey mira....happy new year bebbb!!!

adenium on January 3, 2009 at 1:28 PM said...

amira... kak mayang pun harap 2009 didnt let me down anymore..hehehe...
hey... sejarah hadiah maahal tuh pun macam sama sejarah kta dik..hehehe..

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