March 22, 2008

Elliot & Anna

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 3/22/2008 10:28:00 PM
gooosh. I'm exhausted ! now its already 1.30am here in Melbourne. We came home very late today because we went driving quite far from Melbourne.

todays activities are great ! our first stop is the Ballarat Wildlife Park situated in Ballarat where I met all the animals again. but the best part is the animals are not in cage (only some of them are). Kangaroo is everywhere in here. They kangaroo is very tame so they wont attack peoples (hah. yea rite !) we bought 2 packets of kangaroos food so that we can feed them. But the thing is, all the kangaroos that I fed is aggresive. (Grrr). Whenever I offered them their food, I used my hand as the plate and they will hold my hand && they actually used their nails ! so, i have to like bent a bit so that I can place the food on the ground but they wont let me did. The more I bent, the tighter they wanted to scratch my hand, so I have to do it very slowly. aaahhh. forget about that. The best part is, we get to meet the koalas. yey yey yey ! Their name is Elliot and Anna. We took a picture with them (yup. kne bayar AUS$20 ; RM60. mahaaal !) the koalas are so so so cute and adoreable. We cant hold the koala because it against the Victoria's law. So we can only touch them. Anna is the mother of twins and she is very choosy. Elliot is so adoreable because he is big and more furry. All of us took a picture each wth both of the koalas. It was so much fun as they koalas are very tame and they both just busy eating the leaves. The wildlife park was a bit smelly as the animals are all over the place and so does their poops. haha. mind your steps when you go there.
our next stop is the Sovereign Hills Park but before that we had our lunch at the parking lot. haha. ade la mcm bench kt stu. so kitorng dduk la mkn kt stu. We brought nasi grg, apples, pears, roti pratha and junk foods (as usual). Its actually quite hard to find a parking because the parking lot is already full. We arrived there quite late actually. its already noon and today's weather is hott. Sovereign Hills Park is a very very interesting place to be. The park was actually a gold mining place back in the old times. The props are awesome !They hill is transformed like the old times, completed with the old building, its actually look a bit like a cowboy place. The people that work there including at the ticket counter and all that worked in the shops are dressed like the old times. Diaorng pkai yg mcm gaun2 yg tebal, kembang2 tu kan. lelaki pon sme la, pkai yg mcm suar ketat tu en. They even have the horse carriage but I dont want to ride it. Kesian la tgk horsey tu. mcm berat je nk bwk carriage tuh dgn orng2 yg dlm tu lg, berat kan. The shops also selled stuff in the old times. All those handmade knitted sweaters, brass pan, handmade candle, kangaroo leathered hats, old bars, crosstiched, etc. sume mmg brg2 yg old la. best giler. rse mcm dlm time mchine pulak. they even had the gold mining machine and people actualluy still mining there, I mean the people that came there, mcm ade sikit2 je lgi gold yg left, so mcm nk mrase la mining gold style dulu2. It was so so fun. The gift shop is also interesting. They sell those gold and of course the price is very expensive when you convert the money to our RM. The weather was friggin hot, we all are sweating because its already noon and theres no wind. its like my first time tht I sweat since I came to Melbourne.
Our next stop was supposed to be this one lake, I dunno the name but ble dh smpai tht place. ape pon tarak. no lake at all. why? dh kering kontang. it was too hot so dh jdi mcm drought. giler ah. I've never since such things.Then we headed on to Yuulong Lavender Farm. hahaha. this is the fun part. we dont find it !wawawa. Kak Maria's GPS was a bit fakap. dunno why &&& we did find other lavender farm but you know what, the lavender is dead. haha. I thought so coz all the way it was like hot hot and hot ! dkt Ballarat was actually drought. no wonder la lake pon jdi kering kontang. hahaha. pnye la jauh drive skali ape pon tarak. adoyy.

It was already 3pm, then Kak Maria said we better go to the Phillip Island, to see the little penguins. But the journey took so long, 3hours !. gosh. I slept in the car.But its worth it. We arrived there at 6pm and line up to buy the tickets. We waited patiently by the beach to see the little penguin. And biler hari mcm dh nk mlm, sejuk nye yg amat bgai nauzubillah punye lah ! yelah. dgn windy bagai, then dkt island en, pastu dduk pulak tepi beach tu. mak aai, sejuk giler ar. but we dont care. We want to see the penguins.We sat there for about 2hours and like at 8 something, the penguins finally came out frm the water, every body was really excited to see the penguins and so did I. heeee..comel nk mampos baai, geram giler ah ! but sadly, theres no picture tht I can show you guys, tpt tu mmg tak bule lsg nk ambik gmbr coz the flash will scared the pengiuns. so browse the website to see how the little penguins look alike. We can touch or hold the penguins coz it is very aggresive, It can bite us roughly and it may bleed. so theres no way we can touch it. but theres lot way that we can see it. haha.

so yea. kitorng smpai rumah dlm pkol 11pm sumtin. penat bagai. ddok2 jap. lpak2, tgk gmbr thn mseng2 tros pi tidoq. tmrw I'll be having lunch wth Ezan at some indonesian restaurant tgther wth her mom, Kak Mariah, Kak Yanie and Cik Enon.
p/s : as usual, all the pictures above are from kak Mariah's cam because I didnt bring my adapter or cable. I will upload picture from my cam later, when I get home in KL. :D

6 extra blabbing on "Elliot & Anna"

k.leen said...

amboiii.. amboi... amboiii.. cik enon cam mek salleh ... cam org muda yea.. x hingat cucu ker???

Amira Zafirah on March 23, 2008 at 8:19 PM said...

taw takpe. pkai jeans youu . wah wah wah.

Memy said...

post some pic of pingu la...

Amira Zafirah on March 25, 2008 at 7:54 AM said...

penguin tabule amek gmbr la bang ooi.
mmg tak bule.

Anonymous said...

oyt..bbe...ader lg few days jer nk blek...rndu siak..gler2...

Amira Zafirah on March 25, 2008 at 5:34 PM said...

haha. yelah. kang aku blek bkn dpt jmp ko pon.

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