March 17, 2008

First Posting

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 3/17/2008 07:50:00 AM
so so so. how to start this blog. 'lil introduction about myself, i'm Amira and i'll be eighteen soon.Hello, supernice meeting all you readers :)

kenape la nak buat blog?

haha. first of all, thank you kak Leen. she's my sister. she was the one that really support me through out this whole blog thing. she thought that I can tell stories very well. really kak leen> we'll se. if tade sape bace blog ya. tanak kawan okay ! :D

well, as for now I dont know what to write, I mean type. but one more thing. March 12th, 2008. Its the day of my new life. apa itu new life? I've been through a LOT. like really LOT. so. since that date was my SPM result (jgn tanye my result .it was okay. my result was package. sume huruf ade. enough said) haha. so. i made up my mind. I wanna move on. have a new life as in new surrounding. new environment. new peoples. new friends. everything will be new lah ! and so as this blog. part of my new life too.

so. i'll update later. with some stories. hope so.
toodles :)

p/s: everything new except for one thing. ape itu. secret saya.

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