March 29, 2008


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 3/29/2008 09:18:00 AM
Its the last day. Its the last night. It would be a great lie if I said that I wasnt feeling sad at all. geeeeezz..of course I'm sad. dol.

We spent our last day, as in Friday, in the city. We didnt do anything much. We went to Direct Factory Outlet, about 5 blocks from Melbourne Central (where we parked our car). DFC is a place that sold branded stuff but in cheaper price. Most of it are half price. Its a really good place. Then we walked back to Melbourne Central &&& we stopped at this one amazing place.

Max Brenner, never heard of it? hah. mmg korang tak pernah sampai Melbourne lg la ni. hahah. poyo gilerrrr. Max Brenner, The Chocolate Bar, its an amazing place. They only serve food that involved chocolate. Everything is chocolate. Amazing is it? yeaaaaaa. surely is ! We ordered Tutty Fruity Waffle and Chocolate Soufle. gooooosh. stone kambing kate kt kak Mariah. haha. enough said. We drank Hot Chocolate. They served in Hug Mug. (hug it to drink it :D)

There goes our dinner actually. haha. Planning nk msk pasta la ape lah. tp dh melantak segala choc2 tros la kenyang. We headed home, lepak2 a bit , but before that I've told kak Mariah that I wanted to go out at night. Its my last night in Melbourne, so I really wanted to chill and just hanging out. So, blik la rumah. Smpai2 je, me and kak Yani tros posing2 kt balcony apartment kak Maria, ala2 model gitu. wawawa. we snapped pic like a lot.Later on, we lepak2 a bit, borak, kemas2 and apparently we ate, again. haha. Due to cik Enon yg asek la bebel2 suro makan nasi. we ate la jgak. kak Maria siap suap2 lg you. Naaaahh, she missed her hubby so much, so her mom spoiled her a bit. ngade2 je. *wide smile.

After we finished our dinner, we went out. It wasnt THAT cold, but its okay. Some of the Aussie's can still walk with their mini skirt and sleeveless dress but for us, sweater is much much better. We didnt went out by car, but we walk. Yes, walk. I told kak Mariah that I wanted to walk. I'm bored with car. So, from our apartment, we went to Crown, the most famous casino in Melbourne, just a 10min walk frm our apartment. We went there, jalan2. At first I didnt knew that kak Maria wanted to go to Crown, so I was like wearing PJ's je. haha. nsib la my sweat pants is nice taw. (later2 I show you the pic okay). Crown is like one big building. It has hotel, casino (duuuh .) lots and lots of clubs, food court (ade food court doww ), cinema, shops etc.. Its like a shoping complex but it has a lot of clubs and casino, all in one building. And we actually went there on Friday night, so its like theres A LOT of people there, clubbing, gambling, eating, dating etc. Its a great place for a non-Muslim (haha), enjoyable. Then we went out from the building and sat dow by the river. At 10pm sharp, we watched a fire show. Its like theres a big fire like a fire blow. It happened every 1 hour on the weekend, its like a trademark of Crown (hah! so much ofr the save the earth la. padahal bnde tuh mcm big cause of global warming je. LOL ) Its really nice. Even though its like so high in the sky, but when you sat down by the river, you can feel the heat, mmg panas giler taw. Then, we just jalan2 kt situ, then en, ade this one group taw. yg sorang tuh maybe mabuk kot. So, when he saw cik Enon pkai tudung en, then he's like "Assalammualaikum !" haha. bodo giler. gelak besar ktorng. One thing that I really like is theres a lot of OLD couple, dating, having dinner with their partner, walking together, holding hands. Sweet izzit? mcm alaaarww.. they like old, like 50-60 yrs old, but they still romantic wth their partner, jl2n pgg2 tgn lg you, cube kalo kt KL, nmpk orng tua pgg2 tgn mule la orng ckp "eee..buang
tebiat ape orng tua tuh". haha. dtg la Aussie, rmai btol orng tua buang tebiat weh. bongok tol. We jalan2 kt situ, took a lot of picture && menikmati keindahan alam :)
haha. so there goes my 7days in Melbourne and 3days in Sydney, Australia, a country that is well-knowed of their kangaroo. Seriously, I've felt like it was only a day that I went there. Time flew so fast. I've changed a lot in those 10days, gain much much more spirits, experience and memories. To kak Mariah, thanx a million for everything. Love you babe ! Before I flew back to KL, ve told myself to be strong, remind myself that when I reached KL, I will be the new version of me, not the old anymore. Forget about the past and start a new great life with the loved ones. Dont ever think about the past, the memories especially about HIM, and so here I am now, back in KL, at my home, typing this blog and I'm feeling so happy. I've gained my spirit back, move forward, never look back. Dont worry about your past, theres a reason why they didnt make it into your future (took that from Ezan's blog). That's deep is it? Really deep. I've decided to ditch those terrible peoples that made my life miserable. Thank God that God lend them for me just for a while. Now, I'm back in KL, waiting for any local uni promotions, I am so excited to study again, meet new people, gain more experience. I am so ready for the future, I mean at least now I know who that I can count with.So, goodbye Australia. Thanx for making my life brighter again even though I've lose my bulb, but Australia has lighted my life in natural way. Thank you Baba, for paying my expenses, thank you kak Yanie, for accompanying me, thank you kak Mariah for treating me well, buying me stuff (Ya baru ingt tshrt Billabong dgn purse Volcom tu Ya tak byr pon. haha. sory babe like seriously :D) and thank you cik Enon, for taking care of me really well. Thank you kak Leen for consoling Mak so that I can go to Aussie (love you !) Thank you Chin for the full support you gave to me and hey. its worth it okay and thank you Daniel for always lift my spirit up up to sky and thank you Pole for always hearing me cry like shit whenever I'm lonely. To those whose name are not mentioned here, I'm sory its just that you guys are to great to be mentioned but nevertheless, my love is flying to all of you (:

Amira Zafirah

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k.leen said...

i love U too !!
cantik sgtlar suar bontot dia tu?

Amira Zafirah on April 1, 2008 at 2:05 PM said...

haha. i know !

Memy said...


Amira Zafirah on April 2, 2008 at 12:12 AM said...

ape kene memy oyyy.

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