January 11, 2009


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 1/11/2009 02:30:00 AM
I made cupcakes for Chin.
theres drama happen.
read more on Ady's blog.
heres the picture. weeee*

then, on next day. I had dinner with Chin, Pole and Malek.
oh. I made cupcakes for them too.

its smudgy because mase dalam kete,cupcakes jatoh. haha.
inilah akibatnye tanak snap gambar awal2 :D
the white one, obviously for Pole.
blue for Malek, his birthday on this Sunday *todayy !
and, the green one is for Qayyum.

woyy. aku bkn sengaje nak buat cupcakes utk dia. dh buat utk dioarng, buat kn je la skali.
ape, kau ingt aku tedesar sgt ke nak bodek ex-boyf aku balik.
hellooo, aku tak desperate la bodo.

later that night, Ady came to my house. together with Chin. kitorng buat lawak bodo. ngengg. haha. at 2 sumtin almost 3am kott, bru diaorng blah. haha.

I'm gonna tell you something about Chin.

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