January 5, 2010

ciao 2009 !

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 1/05/2010 01:06:00 AM

as usual, lets review what happened back in 2009.

1 . on January, I was still posting about Yana. it was just few weeks since the confirmation about her Leukimia, things was still a bit not okay with our family.

2. received a stupid phone call from a crazy lady saying that I'm a homewrecker. bodo kan. motif gile aku nak kacau laki kauu. hahaha.
full story click here.

3. 3 of my girlfriends off to study far away from me. Alia at Melbourne, Wawa at Melaka and Chin at Poly. was uber sad when they left, especially Alia. I was mad crying. haha

4. when Chin left, I became super duper dupidest close with Ady. start calling each other Papi, Mami. he was soooo nice to me, we did almost everything together, going everywhere together. after reading all the entries back in 2009, I know exactly why I love being with this guy. but now, we're kinda drifting apart a bit cause we're both kinda busy. so, whenever I miss him, I will read all the old entries of him. it makes me feel close with him (:

5. HA ! Pole and Chin ade blog okay. but now, dua2 blog harem jadah tak ber-update. choyy sgt.

6. I cut my hair few times. hahaha.
full stories click here, here and here

7. Alia's new house at Shah Alam was all set. we're both happy with it but kinda sad to cause rumah kitorang dah jauh. susah sikit nak jumpe.
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8. since I was super duper close with Ady, people had started talking bout us, and like asking are we together or whatever. I end up making a full entry about our relation, a clear statement of it
full story, click here and here.

9. I did my first ever v-log. was soo stupid and the quality of the vdeo was so bad. haha
full story, click here.

10. me, Ady, Pole and Chin went to Mocca's concert at Shah Alam. it was a birthday present from me to Ady. was suppeeeer fun, we didnt even sleep that night. haha
full story, click here

11. I received my first ever saman. bukan police la tp saman DBKL sbb part kt tepi jalan. haha

12. changed my handphone couple of times, from N73 to HTC Tytn II to Motorola V9 to Nokia E66. and now, I'm using Blackberry Curve 8900 *jeee. haha
full story, click here

13. still remember Bambi? haaaa, Bambi kene hempap pokok. dpn rumah je okay. grrr
full story, click here

14. I start my online business, selling cupcakes. had my own cupcakes website. LVCupcakes, LV stands for Little Voice, my blog title (:
full story, click here

15. oowww. of all the entries that I had written in this blog, theres this one entry that said to be most honest entry ever, said by my readers.
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16. hahha. in 2009 jugak la I know the BIGGEST FAKER EVER. mmg super faker nak matik. lahanat sgt okay.

17. uuww, had a reunion with my Madu's. haha
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18. kak Leen bought Speedy by Louis Vuitton. fuuyyoooo !
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19. in 2009 jugak, mmg rmai yg pergi buat selamanya. Yasmin Ahmad, Ustaz Asri *Rabbani* Michael Jackson, Fara Fawcett, Brittany Murphy. and also, Kobain's brother. *sobs

20. Bye Bambi, Hello Lola :D
full story, click here

21. special date. 090909. this year tunggu 101010. waaaah, best !

22. did my first ever public embarrassment. HAHAHA
full story, click here

23. first time in my entire life, I donated my blood. heeee,
full story, click here

24. Ady and Dann balik kampung. yeaaaaay ! it was a greaaat time !

25. review by MSN Malaysia. hehhe
full story, click here

26. went to Singapore with Ady's family. another great holidayy.

so, thats all I think. greatest of 2009.

2010. what do you have for me eh?
it better be good.

start of 2010 is really really worse.

4 extra blabbing on "ciao 2009 !"

izza the PINKERTON on January 5, 2010 at 11:25 AM said...

awk, update la banyak-banyak lagi. saya open je short-short entry dah kembali.

posts singapore syiok je baca panjang2. ngeh3 :D

take care, btw. <3

nyet on January 6, 2010 at 3:49 AM said...

Ya know – you should totally put your pouts up at http://theWAAAAH.com
People LOVE to read about this kind of stuff and you might even win an Amazon gift card.

I’m just saying …

*ayu the sun* on January 6, 2010 at 9:40 AM said...

hope 2010 brings u more joy & great things ahead mira..

p/s: biar mula2 sedih susah x per.. u hang on, ok?

ATS SHOPPE - Macam-macam ada!!!

lily lotus on January 6, 2010 at 6:34 PM said...

happy new year dear

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