October 8, 2009


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 10/08/2009 12:35:00 AM

berikan lah aku kekuatan untuk lupakan mu
- Biarlah, Nidji

yuhuuuuuuuu :D

haha. still amazed with me eh? haha. tekejot nau ke tengok aku dlm vlog tu. ngaahahaha. well, at least I know papi was truly amazed with it. he claimed that its like the other side of me.
well to be honest papi, its not the other side. you just missed that part of me. you just skip it to the last part of myself. heeee, tafaham leeeer tuuu ;p

anyway, enuff bout that. wait until my next song eh. hahha.

so, finally theres something to be blog today. something big, something that I was amazed with myself.

uuw, keyword of the day : amazed.

now, here it goes.

to all of my silent, loyal, royal readers, and stalkers too, of course.
I donated my blood today.

shock? I knowwww. even I was shocked with my ownself.
I know theres gonna be a blood donation campaign today at my college and I did thought of donating it. but it was just a silly thought, like hellooooo. me, blood. erk. wrong equation. haha.

I was so stressed today. with my english assignment and bedazzled being such a beyoootch. I reached college almost 3pm, went straight to the cafe and hang out with Dian. everything seems normal until Kadi came and said, "jom derma dara !".
I said, "jom, lets go. come come, joom !"

next thing I knew, I was filling up all the forms.

and then, there I am, with the blood people. wooopsie !

bile masuk je dlm this one room, we have to check on our body first. are you fit enough to donate and stuff. they asked you few question like
; are you sexually active?
; have you eaten?
; what time did you sleep last night?
; what time did you wake up?
and few other more.

everything checked. so, I am ready for the next room.

well, a picture worth a thousands word. so, I gave you 4 pictures. haha
scared face.
half full in just a few minutes
the needle was big, I dont dare to look at it.
almost full !

what happens after that was kinda sickening. I dont know if its just me, or maybe because my body has been aching due to the fitness and skill test, or maybe I was just being a total spoiled brat. hahhahaa.
segala nya sakit. blood flew out soooo fast. ubt bius yg dia cucuk tu pon tak hilang lagi kt tangan, the blood pack dh full. waaaaaah, sokeeee je kan darah aku kluar. cheh.
jadi, tangan pon kebas lah, rase mcm berat, rase mcm paralysed, tabule nk buat ape. nk lift up pon tak bule. nak drive, ya rabbi. nasib la power stering, kalau tidak, mau nye aku tepon baba suro amik kt college. hahaha.

oh. talking bout baba. he is actually against it. he was actually pissed off cause I donated my bloog. wth.
baba, hellooo??? i'm trying to do a good deeds here. I'm trying to be a good citizen here. goooosh.

mak, kak leen, memy and all of my other friends was super shocked when I told them. haha. ye laaa, tapenah ckp, tapenah ape, taw2 dh derma darah je. gheeee.
well, i'm proud of myself. I know theres a lot of people need blood and since my blood is type O, it wouldnt be a problem for any other type to accept it :)

oh. another sweeeeeet things happen to on the night.

I was indeed to go to a printing shop. I told Ady bout it and he said he can teman me. I was like, ooow. okay. goood. I reached home around 6pm. it was already late.
so, I did my stuff a bit, sort out everything that needs to be printed out. I tried to call Ady but he didnt pick up his phone. well, nevermind. maybe I should just go after maghrib.
but, as time goes by, Ady was nowhere to be found. call tak angkat, YM hilang. I was worried. dh lambat, almost 8pm. nnt kedai ttop mcm mne. I need those shit by tomorrow morning.

I ended up meratap hiba with Danang. and all of a sudden. Dann asked me to chill. he's on his way. I was like mothergayyyyyy, hell no. you are not coming here just for the sake of bringing me to a printing shop which is like just 5mins drive from my home.
but he insist. I couldnt drive actually, that why I need someone to drive for me. tangan sakit sangat la nak drive.
heyyy, i'm not being spoiled. 450ml of blood had been taken out from my right hand only in less that 10mins. my right hand's palm was yelloow, instead of red. grrrrr.

when Dann was on his way, Ady texted. he was sleeeping. no wondeeeeeer. I called him up and said Dann's is coming over.
Ady was speechless. haha. papi, you feel intimidated ke? the only thing that he said was, Dann is being a man. HAHAHA
I felt soooo bad to Dann. I shouldnt meratap hiba with him, I should just wait for another few minutes. then Ady gonna wakes up.
Ady felt bad too. haha. he said sorry couple of times. haha. aiyooo.

but in the end, all three of us went to the printing shop. hahaha. i like it this way. its been foreveeeer since the last time that the 3 of us were together.
so, in the end. I take this as a good thing. thanks papi for sleeping, thanks Dann for coming over and thanks to myself for not being patient enough.
if it wasnt for all of that, three of us wouldnt meet up :)

as for the ending part, enjoy this.
thank god the lebam doesnt look like a bite. hahha.

tega nian nya caramu, menyingkirkan diriku
- Sadis, Afgan

4 extra blabbing on "donor"

Ady Adzmi on October 8, 2009 at 9:43 AM said...

haha danang is a man !
awww, jom la lepak 3 3 lagi naa.

btw im proud of u too,

chykeenzachary on October 8, 2009 at 9:50 AM said...

hey..congrats.. my mum also dont approve me to donor blood although she is a nurse. hahahah.. i am A type. and u r O... jgn pegi mane2.. i might need ur blod.hahhaaha

i,ve never be a blood donor.it is such an honour u see...

Dann Chafid on October 8, 2009 at 4:27 PM said...

EHHHH im not a man!
im indeeed a boooy. HAHAHA
a goodgoodboy. AHHAHA

adehh tolong lah faham.
and yeayy the 3 of us met!
after suchalongtime! lol


Amira Zafirah on October 8, 2009 at 8:16 PM said...

; okayokay. nnt kite meet up lg naa. kite check check schedule dulu naaaa. lol

; uuw. guess ur mom same gang dgn my dad lah. grrr. haha
to be frank, after youre done donated it, rase mcm legaaaa sgt. felt like, OMG. i am such a good person. haha

; youre still a boy? eewww. boooring. haha

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