October 14, 2009

ppffttt. boredooom strikes !

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 10/14/2009 01:39:00 AM
broken this fragile thing now, and i cant pick up the pieces
i throw my words all around, but i cant give you the reason
i feel so brokin up and i give up
i just wanna tell you so you knowwww
here i gooo, scream my lung outs
and try to get to youuu, you are my only oneeeeeeeeeeee.

ngahahahahaha. i dunno whether the lyrics are right or wrong, but that was wht i sang lah kan. hehe.

anw, hello people.

i'm amira zafirah, owner of little voice and lv cupcakes.
just wanna tell you that i am now here at, bangi.
yes, bangi. the booooring bangi. pfftt.

i am boooooooooooored
booooooored :)

i dunno what to do. currently using my vaio and oya's berokband to online.
the line was so so lah, better than nothing tho.

my vaio is sooooo left behind. it didnt even have YM, hahaha. tak install lgi la kottt.
no google chrome, use firefox instead.
no itunes, only winamp. and the playlist is soooo la outdated.
thats why i'm listening to the old hit sooongs.

i'm booooored. gotta finish my slides for my presentation on business communication. eerrghh.
all on my own. cuak nook, cuaaaak !

thought of uploading a pic of me now using the webcam. but it looks suck.
so, skip thaaat.

goossh. what a crappy entry. blame the boredom.

beat of my heart, beat of my heart, beat of my heart, it tears us apart,
beat of my heart, beat of my heart, beat of my heart, now back to the start
away away, away awayyyyyy

1 extra blabbing on "ppffttt. boredooom strikes !"

lily lotus on October 14, 2009 at 2:48 PM said...

siannya dia keboringan...

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