January 9, 2010

after a month, we meet again !

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 1/09/2010 04:26:00 AM
will continue my Singapore entry soon, eventho its kinda basi already. but nevermind :)

anyway, sorry bout the looooooooooooooooooong silence. been bloody busy with everything.
college, family, friends, lifes.

sorry again yeh? will update more. promise that.

so, I went out with Alia yesterday. the last time we met was about a month ago. shiznit. when she's at OZ, we're both gonna be like whining to each other about how bad we wanna hang out together, but when she's here, both were bloody busy to meet up.

supposed to meet up around 11am at Curve but due to some reason, we met like a round 12-ish gitu. had lunch at Waroeng Penyet.
oh. those yg slalu pegi sane kan, korang tak rase ke nasi putih kt situ en like mcm makin sikit. thats what I thought lah.

then we both got bored already, decided to go to Pavy instead. Alia thought about Danang, so we invited him along too.
kitorang tak buat ape sangat pon. spend most of the time in shops. Alia shopping gile seyyy. hahaha. murah kaaaan. ye laa, compared to OZ, like duh. cheaper by the dozen gitu kan. haha.

OH ! i didnt brought my shotgun. Memy nak gune cause dia nk shoot ape bende ntah. he ended up gave me Lumix camera. jadi la kan, better than nothing. tataw la sape punye, gune je la kan. but it feels uber weird seyy. dah lame kot tak pakai compact camera, so mcm agak ganjil gitu kan. haha.hish. bosan.

lets see what I've got.
me and Alia was both shocked when we see this pic. very camera trick you knowww. haha. oh. this was at Forever 21
yeeey. red belt approved. cost only rm19. i'll be dem stupid if I didnt buy it cause its cheap bai !gambar ni TERupload. mls nk delete. so, there you go. haha

this top is soo nice I tell you. but expensive la. the price mcm tak worth it. have to wait for the next sale I guess.
we both tried on that dress and made us looks like non-identical twins. haha. that dress was bloody nice, eventhough its like kinda good if you go for a funeral or whatever, we both didnt buy it cause we cant figure out nak pakai time bile. erh. sucks. I want it seyy

oh. minus the legging eh. thats mine. haha

wonder why I didnt buy that bloody tshirt. looks nice la pulak. have to go back and buy it lah. lol.
at Nichii. didnt bought that jumpster/playsuit tho. maybe next time
mad traffic jam
bye Dann !

andd, Dann learned new word today. Orgasmnizer. hahaha. instead of using the boring old word of Organizer, Alia changed it to Orgasmnizer. haha. coool. sounds sexcited !

done with Pavy, send Dann back home. me and Alia continue our journey to my house. but, baruuu je masuk, ddok tak sampai 10mins, baba dgn mak nak kluar pgi beli wedding present. ended up, kitorang pon kluar la skali.
went to Mid Valley and I drive. penat sey.

home-Damansara-Pavy-Maluri-home-Mid Valley-Shah Alam-home

dah la kete auto, kaki kiri ni dh rase mcm useless dah taw. diaaam je dlm kete tu. tak thrill betol bwk. but its okay jgk la cause jalan was like jam gile kot. took me about 30mins nk smpai Mid Valley. padahal 15mins pon dh bule sampai kot. thank god la nak cari parking kojap yooo.
uuww, lucky us :)

went to the Chocolate Fair at Mid Valley. Friday is the first day, so mcm tak banyak la. tade yg interesting sgt, but the chocs were kinda cheap jgk la. maybe on the second or third day baru meriah kott.
Alia bought me and herself too a mini chocolate fondue. cost rm35 only, bloody cheap. will blog about it later. forgot to snap picture la dey. hehhe.

then, we had our dinner and off to Shah Alam. nak hantar Alia balik.
and for the first time ever, mak and baba agreed nak masuk rumah besar agam a.k.a mansion Alia. hahha. mak and baba segan nak masuk, bule pulak cam gitu kan. me and Alia pujuk pujuk, they agreed jugak nak masuk.
met Alia's mom, borak borak. lame jugak la. taw la baba kan, kalau dh borak mane reti stop. business minded sangat. haha. Mak was soo amazed with Alia's mansion. Baba adored the landscape. and me? well, i'm used to it already. dah penat nk terpegun, jakun sane sini. haha.

thats bout. will definitely meet her anytime soon. she's goin back to OZ on mid Feb. will celebrate her brthdy before she leave. PROMISE !
see you soon yang !

ILoveYou Alia.
1997 and still counting.

p/s : both of our parents knew that we both had known each other since primary school. so, mak and aunty was like saying to us, and like nk tunggu sape kawin dulu. haha. choyy sgt !

another p/s : kening looks kinda cacat kan. but Alia said it made my eyes look bigger. so, I'm happy. haha

p/s again : nice picture from Lumix, yang burok sket tu from Berry. haha

2 extra blabbing on "after a month, we meet again !"

PinQib on January 9, 2010 at 11:17 AM said...

bst kowt ada geng2 cmni.
ak bilo lah nk kuo2 enjoy cmni.
sweet nice hips, LOL'

yeh, it;s kinda pelik sikit, bkos its new. but u look gojess..
no werries.OK

Amira Zafirah on January 10, 2010 at 12:59 AM said...

nice fake hips. haha.
kening looks pelik ; agree with that
look gorges ; NOT.


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