January 14, 2010

Day 6 - The Pre- Wedding Photoshoot

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 1/14/2010 01:19:00 AM
this will be the last post for Singapore holiday.
yes, I know. lets hooraaayy togethaah. haha.
finally, its the end of it.

so its Day 6, the last day for me. head back to KL the day after.

Day 6 ni lah its like the most tiring day ever, especially for abg Azeem. on this day, we did a pre-wedding photoshoot for Mariah and Bill. will explain more about this couple on other other, next next entry. hehhe.

still remember, I woke up kinda early on that. kan aku tido rumah kak Mariah kan. at 8-ish am gitu aku dh berjaga. tade buat ape pon, just termenung sane sini, tgk view kt laut tu, tgk Apple TV jap, pstu online. browsing ape yg ptot.
lameee sikit lepas tu, baru kak Mariah bangun, then kitorang sembang sembang sume. kak Mariah pon nk siap ape sume kan.

around 3-ish gitu, Ady, abg Azeem, Anis and boyf nye pon sampai la kat apartment kak Mariah. abg Azeem was the official photographer for kak Mariah's wedding. will tell you guys more about that later.
so, basically our day was about the pre wedding shoot. kitorang start shoot area apartment kak Mariah. kt pool side la, lounge area la. mane mane yg cantik la.

then, from the house, we walked around until Raffles City. kitorang bkan la jalaaaaaaan je. we stop like kat banyak gile tempat, memane yg cantik, ade la shot nye nnt.
it was soo tiring. abg Azeem dgn camera bagak nye, Ady tukang bwk barang, Anis tukang jaga barang while me handling the couple. I had to make sure theyre comfortable with everything. pose sume sume la. tanak la diaonrg kaku membisu gitu je kan.

can only give you one picture of them. gambar lain lain, will upload later. MAYBE :D
ya rabbi?!

the couple sibok dgn shoot, kitorang buat shoot sendiri je. haha
around 7pm gitu, we stopped for a few hours. kak Mariah and Bill got yoga class until 9pm. so, kitorang pon jenjalan la kat Raffles tu. tengok tengok ape yg ptut.
then we took a train back to the apartment and chill for a while. and mase ni Idul pon datang join kitorang skali. lame jgk la lepak kt apartment kak Mariah.

and, while in the train
I was too tired, so I deserved the priority :D
malam gitu, bru kitorng sume gerak pgi Orchard Road pulak, another photoshoot lagi.

beautiful ION at night. canggih seyy
everythings all set while waiting the couple to arrivedomg. pervert sangat kan??
and its a wrapped !

sumpah penat nak mati. kaki rase nak putus dh.
konon I was feeding the burung, padahal gambar jeh. haha

when everythings done, Bill treated us with dinner. but our dinner was like at around 12am gitu. lambat gile en. mase ni dh lapaaaaau yang hamat dah memasing. hahaha.
had dinner at this one nice place, forgot what its called, but its damn nice taw. sokkee sgt.
my all time favourite, Aglio Olio. yummayh !

disebabkan dh midnight, train service pon dh takde. we decided to take a cab back home. instead of goin back to Woodland, we head on the Spring Hill, Sembawang. Idul's mansion. rumah yg cantik giloooo.
since they were 6 of us, we refused to take 2 cabs. mahal seyy. tetapi, thanks to Idul nego's with uncle cab, he willingly to take 6 of us in his cab. haha. siap taw lagi jalan mane yg tade road block. its illegal okay for a cab to take 6 passenger at once.

tapi, takpe la. we savely arrived home.
oh. cab rate? freaking SG$22. sila convert ke RM, bape ratenye. pengsan hakuuuuuuuu.
but takpe la, its my last day pon kan :)

the next day, kitorang pon gerak balik KL. left Singapore around 1pm gitu, then smpai Johor nak dkt pukol 3pm. lepak lepak lagi, singgah Danga Bay ape sume, around 9pm gitu, gerak balik KL.
12.30 am, sampai la rumaaah.


it was a great holiday spend with Ady and his family.
mase ni lah kite boleh tengok the real them okay. tengok mcm mane Ady mingle with his cousins, tgk abg Azeem borak borak dgn pak cik pak cik dia, aunty gossip gossip dgn mak cik mak cik sume, tgk Aimi yg asik kene kacau dgn cousin dia. haha. funnayh.
and mase ni jugak la I had to call Ady, ADLI instead of papi, and he called me MIRA instead of mami. it was super awkward at first, but we're used to it. haha
it was really really awesume. despite of everything that happened, I had total fun.

to Ady and his family. it was a great times spending with your family. I'm sorry for everything that happen, that offended anytime, sorry if menyusah kan, sorry la for segala nya.
Thank you so so so much sbb willingly drag me together with your family with this trip, I had so much fun.
eh. found this at Orchard, 24hr Starbucks. oyy, how come we dont have this in KL??? grrr


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YnaaOhYnaa on January 14, 2010 at 9:15 AM said...

nice those pictures =)

Amira Zafirah on January 14, 2010 at 11:16 PM said...

thank youu :)

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