September 1, 2008

Penang day 1

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 9/01/2008 09:59:00 PM
yup, went to Penang on Saturday. but I went straight from Sitiawan, my kampung. went back on Friday evening, and the next morning, straight to Penang with Memy's in law family. it was fuuun !

all of us met up at, urm. huwm. alamak. some RnR, which I cant remeber where it is. konvoi 4 kete. weeee. syok je taw. everything went well until, one of thecar got lost or something, owh. they went to the wrong direction, so, the other 3 car had to wait.
the famous Penang bridge was are under constructionpatiently waiting for the last car to arrived and here they are. joom !

so, we stayed at the Tabung Haji Complex, why? because, Memy's mom-in-law is one of the TH staff, so she get half price for the room. but seriously, demit. haha. masuk2 je, Terima Kasih Kerana Menutup Aurat. aduhaaaaaaaaaaaaai. my parents was like, critizing about wht I wore, and they like, ashamed to admit I'm their daughter. ah. whatever. ye, I'm the fat with long curly hair girl that wear bright red skinny and doesnt care if she looks hideous in it. heh. then, mak ckp tade ke bwk bju pnjng, I was like. hm. ade. sweater ade ni haaa. sabau je la. bkn nye ade orng kt stu pon. stakat pak guard nun jauh kt gate sne tu. heh. whatever! aku pkai sluar pnjang pon dh kire okay taw. Its not like, if I dont cover my body, I'm a very bad bad bad person, shitto. I didnt do BJ at the back of the car okay. ahahaha. whatever.

anyway, we get into our room. the frst room was actually quite far from the rest of the room, so, my mom insist nk tuka jgk, and at last, we managed to get a room right next to Memy's. Yeeey !

alternative door :)
oh. salin bju ye. pkai long sleeve sikit :P

then, our next stop is, ahha. sapedek laa. ape lg. haha. We tried to find some restaurant on the way to Bukit Bendera and we did find one and is was grrrrreeeeeaaaaattttt nasi kandaq okayy. sangat la heaven kami menikmatinyaa. haha. but the sad thing, Bukit Bendera tutop. There's some construction or something something they did up there. so, tak jadik leeerw.

heeee. dh skrang tgh bulan pose en, bg pulak korang tgk gmbr nasi kandaq, tapi takpa, che' baik naaaa. che tak letak gambaq gambaq lauk :D
pinggan plng licin kott. haha. mami lapaaaaaaaq !

Next, since Bkt Bendera tutop, then we head on to Gurney Drive. waaah. bessst. super breezy taaaw. melepak2 jap di situu :)
Oni yang sangat la baik. langsung tak meragam taw :D
later on, we went to Padang Kota. nothing much bout it sbb siang kan, a bit panas but sokay, the angin was till breeeeezy taaaw. then, makan lagik. sumpah tanak dtg mkn sini dh taw. dia mcm medan selera lah, but then, orng2 kat situ mcm ape je. very pushy taw. pakse2 dtg gerai dia. thn, tmpt dduk sume ade limit2. if dduk belah sane, gerai sne je bule order, dduk belah sni, gerai sni je bule order. ade ke patut. wadefak. sukatik la en nk dduk mane, mkn ape. haaaih. thn stu lg, I noticed that kt Penang, super duper byk orng mintk sedekah. mse kitorng dduk mkn kt sni, nk dkt 5-6 kids jgk taw dtg, bkn la cheapskate tanak bg, tp, dh rmai2, thn nmpk la all the kids kumpul2 en, nmpk sgt tu msti ade sindicate or something. super annoying ! rosak mood je taaaw.

seriously, ni Saiful Apek punye stall eh? sbb noticed ade Giti Gitu Production taw

then, balik sume kekenyangan. jalan jalan jalan, mlm ade pasar mlm. haha. beli beli beli, thn sume kumpul satu bilik, makaaaaaaan. gambaq che takda naaaa. pasai camera battery charge. haha.

next entry, Penang day 2 :)

2 extra blabbing on "Penang day 1"

mohdloqman// on September 2, 2008 at 10:23 PM said...

nakal sungguh ayat yg tang suruh tutup aurat tu.
siap mentionkn BJ lg tuh.
Apa nk jd dgn bdk zaman skrg ni.

Amira Zafirah on September 4, 2008 at 8:10 PM said...

haha. sshhh. diam nyah diam :D

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