September 21, 2008

collegemate :)

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 9/21/2008 08:49:00 PM
yeay. Saturday was fun. I went to college at 12noon, konon nak study for my Accounting test at 2pm. I did, a bit of studying. hehe. The day turn up to be so so hoooot. Our test was held in the hall, daaamn. panas sioot. peluh2 nak buat test. and as usual, my Trial Balance has never been balance. haha. whatever. I hate it. I really thought that I'm done with Account but hell no, I had to study it again, wadefak. hehhe.

anyway, few days before, I did planned with my collegemate to breakfasting together. So, right after the test, all of them hurried back to hostel, except for me and Luqman we hurried back home. As I reached home, I told Mak I'm going out and she said okay, and then I told Baba. He, as usual, msti buat muke kejam-tak-kasi-aku-kuar la en, haha. tp biler aku ckp, aku nak suro dia hntar, waaah. dan dan okayy. gheee. dia suka okay kalau dia kene hantar aku, sbb cnfrm2 aku balik awal and on time. Grr. whateever. We planned nak pgi MidValley sajee sbb senang for those yg stay dkt hostel, they just need to get on the KTM and straight smpai MdVly, tapayah nak tuka train or whatsoever. and as for me, super duper giler malaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas nak bawak kete. ahaha. MidValley okay. Parking nye mcm hareeeeeeeem. I rather vallet parking taw. haha. so tapayah, Baba hantar je. settle :D

I was the one that arrived first, and bout 15mins later, Luqman sampai. hehe. you know what, skrang kn tgh Raya Sale en, so its like, SALES EVERYWHERE. demit. Aku jalan straight je, punye la tanak spend ape2 langsung kan, so I went to the IT Centre yg kt sblah Machine tu. haha. jalan2 kt stu, tgk gadget. heee, lgi lame aku jalan2 sorang2 kat luar tu, mmg la purse jadi kering kontang teros taw. haha. anyway, lepas Luqman smpai je, teros jalan2 cri tmpt nak buka, but as usual, FULL HOUSE. deemit. habis2 round, Wawa, Oya, Fatin and Tok Kadi smpai. So, we end up jalan2 and stop kejap dkt Starbuck MidValley, sbb Oya tgk aku mcm nak pitam. hehe. sorry nyah. Mak mmg gini doow, senang benau nak pitam nyee. and as usual *wadefak. byk nye as usual. haha* sesi bergambar itu haruuuus. and and and, I liiiike sbb Wawa rajin okay snap picture, so, muke aku pon harus adeee. *weeeee

oh. maybe picture quality kureng sikit yee, my 'baby' camera salah setting, tu yang kuning semacam and the other one pulak, henfon Wawa :)
Me and Oya, haha. Our first picture together okayy :D

anyway, at first, we thought we just gonna hang out there, but its still early to start ordering because its Starbuck, you can start order 5mins before Azan right. So, we end up walking to the Gardens, and lepak Starbuck sane pulak. Lagi chill doww. haha. oh, why Starbuck? because, time Maghrib la Starbuck kosong okayy. haha. lain2 kedai sume fulll. hareeeeeeeeeem betol.

somehow, I loove this picture :D
look at Oya, can you imagine how hungry is she? haha

then, lepak2, borak, taw2 orng Starbuck kate dh Azan, sume tekejot giler. then ape lagi, bedesup la masing2 minum en. *slllrrrppp ssslllrrrpppp* haha. I had Choc Cream Chip, my supeeeer fav and choc eclair, saje beli, so that everyone had something in their tummy, while waiting for the right time to eat. then, after everyone dh minum air and stuff, so, wht do you expect, camwhoring of course! :DDD

seee, everyones is busy. phone phone phone everywhere. WiFi jom. haha
the not-so-twins. haha. but believe, we wore the same color, and our shoe size is the same. hahaWawa and Kadi. fullstop :Dkantoi baaaaik punyeee. hahahaha
its US :)

after we had done with our drinks, we head on back to MidValley. hey. I said, we only done with our drinks, not camwhoring :P
Kadi kate ini "Ponggong Wayang". baaahahaha :D
tin and Oya, both are from Terengganu. Fatin tu dah tak sesabau nak balik Raya tawww. haha
daaaamn. I dunno why I look like a fat ass in this pic. haha :D
As we reached MidValley, STILL FULL HOUSE. demmmit. so, we end up jalan jalan jalan jalan jalan, smpai sume dah lapa gilooooos. My temperature had rising high okayy, mmg sape buat lawak bodo, confirm kene sepak laju laju. haha. and my feet hurt, due to the sandals that I wore. but luckily, me and Wawa exchange sandals. haha. I wore her's and she wore mine, told you we're twins :D
and, Alhamdulillah, at aroung 8.30-8.45pm. Burger King is done with people that dont know how to get up when they finish eating. haha. hamek kauuu. We ordered like plenty of burgers and we end up have 6 large french fries, all in one trays, plus 2 free ice creams, weeehooo. I'm starving. I ate quite a lot, but as usual *hehe* I've never finish my burger, so Kadi, jalan kan tugas anda. haha. I love eating with Kadi, ape2 yg tak habis, bagi je kat dia, confirm licin. well, Luqman tapayah cakap la kan. tapayah bagi, dia sendiri volunteer. waaaahahaha :D

Kadi dh mcm bapak hayam, bule gang dengan you Dann :P

so, around 9.30 ish, I went back with Luqman, while the other pgi Gardens balik, nk bli J.Co pulak, bdk2 dkt hostel tu kirim. Luqman went back to Ampang by cab, and I went back with Baba.

overall, it was super duper fun went out with them. I truly had fun okayy.

at last, after one year of suffering, I got this.
I have them.
Thank you God.
Its all worth it

as for now lah. hahaha

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ML Amnesia on September 21, 2008 at 10:20 PM said...

I agree with you bebeh!
We had a lot of fun.
Thanks to you bcoz invite me.
A'ah. I je la yg volunteer.
Like you don't know me.

Amira Zafirah on September 21, 2008 at 10:28 PM said...

haha. hello, i bukan takat invite you, pakse you okayy,
kalo tak pakse, mmg dduk rumah melantak spaghetti ah. haha

Syaa on September 22, 2008 at 8:53 PM said...

kadi tersebut spt sy kenal laa..
fikri firazan ?! -___-

fikri frantic on September 22, 2008 at 10:06 PM said...

yerp that's me. fikri firazan

aMy SiDeK on September 26, 2008 at 7:40 PM said...

2 keww yang mcm lola 2..

jangan marah buat dia...

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