September 27, 2008

still standing

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 9/27/2008 08:09:00 AM
first thing first, I dont actually know how to do the sticky mode. so. please, ignore the dates in my blog for these few entries taw. hehe.

anyway, lepak lepak with Chin. yea, we always lepak together, but not until Friday, she came and we lepak-ed in my room. huwm. lotsa things was said and talked about.

we talked and talked and talked. I was like "huwm. when was our last sleepover. oh. baru lagi". but Chin said, "No. that one dkt bwh. its been soo long tak tido in your room."
yea. my room is mesyy, super mesyy. but, they like it. kan? and I was like, huwm. Biha.
and all of a sudden, we talked about Pole, and Chin confessed something, kinda shock, for me.
"Aku rindu Pole dow". I respond by saying, "duuh. mesti lah." and we talked about something. off the blog. sorry.
and as I was packing my stuff, thing bout Qayyum came up. sorry. off the blog jugak. its not that we talked about bad stuff, NO. we talked bout memories, bout everything except for bad stuff.
so, whats the point of me telling you what we talked about cause in the end, its worthless. Orang dah tak appreciate, dah tak suke, tagune cakap apa2 pun kan.
hey, Raya is coming up.
and to them, I'm sorry for everything and yes, your apologised are accepted :)

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ML Amnesia on September 27, 2008 at 10:14 AM said...

Parti Liar.?
Suka. Suka. Suka.
&& I knew that blanket.

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