September 14, 2008

bowling ; at last

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 9/14/2008 01:36:00 AM
Yes. I've done so many things, good or bad. But one thing that is very common that I never ever do in my entire life is, Bowling. haha. I'VE NEVER EVER BOWL :D

until, last Thursday, I've decided to bowl. I dont know why. Dh sampai seru kott. And luckily, class was cancelled on the that, so we head on to Alamanda, the nearest shopping complex from my college, and bowl there. And luckily, 2 of my great friends, willingly *chee..sanggup ke? hahaha* to help with it. We reached there aroun 12-ish noon, tade orang babe. haha. bagusss. perasaan malu ku berkurang. ehhe.

Luqman and Fatin. huwm. She's better than him. hehe. *larik !shoes? SET.ball? SET.lane. SET.
lets BOWL !

haha. at first, sumpah kaku giler okay. nk bengkok kaki cmno, nak hayun camno. jari mane nk masuk lubang kt bola tu pon, mak tataw nyah. haha. gelak la korang mcm syaitooon, korang reti bake mcm mak keee? hahaha. ade je modal nk gado. haha. dgn nk jalan je lgi, smpai ade at ths one point, I dont know how to walk dh taw. haih. sabau je lah. haha. tp takpeee, we learned from mistake, so, orang pon tade en, main yooooo :D

aksi aksi si amateur, eh. ada strike okayy. longkang takyah cite dh. bukan stakat masuk longkang, lombong teros kott :D

Thanx guys for making my dayy, lets do this again, shall we? Invite the others, the more, the merrier, the more gossipers. eh. oopsie :P

e'eh. sesat sekeping gambar lah,

HA HA HA HA *gelak syaitooon guling guling :D*

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dann on September 14, 2008 at 1:02 PM said...

gelak syaiton guling2?

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