September 19, 2008

tiap hari sayang

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 9/19/2008 11:28:00 PM
yup, couple of hours ago, the cake that Chin brought was finally been cut.
I took the cake from the fridge.
I place it on the box.
I placed the candle, I lighted it.
I blowed it.

thanx to kak Leen, I forced her to snap some photos.

yup, unlike my last 2 years birthday, I had been surprised by them. They brought the cakes, they payed for what I ordered, they forced me to blow the candles, they busy snapping the photos.
Mereka suap saya makan :]

eh. kan dh promised myself jangan ingat semua tu, nanti emosi
* cracked smile *

blow Mira blow * God, bless me more with your blesssing *

Aiman ade, dia teman kan. yeay :))siapa kate kalau sedih mesti kene nangis, tade la. jadi gile mcm tu pun bule taaw :PLilyLotus, suke word ni kan, I captured this for you :)

Betul lah kate orang, everything mesti ade Pros and Cons.
for this year, I have everyTHING that I wanted.
but, I dont have everyPEOPLE that I wanted.

*senyum lagi*

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