September 25, 2008


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 9/25/2008 10:38:00 AM
No. my hair is not naturally curly or whatever. I perm it and turn out to look great. so, I Loved it !

now, its raya, so I perm it again. My hair tersangat lah lebat yang hamat, so, rebonding ke ape ke, tapayah la. rimas sbb dia akan kembang. So, my perming, tade la kembang sgt. so, I can freehair. kalau tak. heh. mmg ponytail sahaje taw. and, Chin pun ada jugak. She cut her hair too. huwm. no big dfference I think.

but sadly, I told the lady to cut off my hair a bit lah, yg dkt hujung2. mane la taw, ade breakage or whatsoever. but she end up, cutting my hair quite alot.
and after perming, the lenght of my hair, still same mcm last year. waaaa :(

dah pendek. penat tunggu dia panjang ;(

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