August 4, 2009

too random

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 8/04/2009 11:33:00 PM
menarilah dan teros ketawa, walau dunia tak seindah surga
- Laskar Pelangi, Nidji

Location ; padang KPTM, Bangi.
subject ; HSK *bola baling doww. haha*

situation ;
the coach, mr Fazley had just done with some briefing about whats gonna happen for this whole 10weeks. kitorang pon dah buat la sesi suai kenal, ucheyyy. just ckp la name and asal dari mane. coach noticed that kitorang suke buat lawak bodo. everythings went well, until he said this

coach : kamu bule bergurau dgn saya. saya ni tade la STRAIGHT mane.
*supposedly dia ckp STRICT, tp dia ckp STRAIGHT. ngooong*
Mira ; *muka pandang Oya* OMG *tahan gelak*
Oya ; oyyyh!
coach ; sy ni bengkok bengkok jgk la

and the other whole student,
look at me and smiled widely. the coach looked at me, sarcastically.

=)) =)) =))

situation ; still dekat padang. mase ni dh nak habis. the coach was holding 2 handball ball at his hand, which are slighty different.

sambil angkat bola and tunjuk kat sume student

coach ; ape beza 2 bola ni?
students ; yg tu laki, yg tu pompuan *while pointing at the balls*
coach ; haaa. yg ni BOLA LELAKI *raised the ball* yang ni BOLA POMPUAN *raised the other ball*
students ; HA HA HA HA HA HA
coach ; hoyh. yang ni BOLA UTK LELAKI, yg ni BOLA UTK PEREMPUAN.
students ; hahahahahhaah

=)) =)) =)) =))

random, too random.

p/s ; papi, get well soon okay. everythings gonna be fine. the doctor jst crap the bullshit of it. you will be fine. okay *hugss

everythings alright, when you right here by my side
- When You Look Me In The Eyes, Adlie Adzmi

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