August 18, 2009

greaaaaat evening ;p

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 8/18/2009 11:37:00 PM

thats what you get when you let your heart win
- Thats What You Get, Paramore

*tutop mate*
*cari mood nak blogging*

ffuuuuuuuyyyyhh !

heeeeeyyyyyy. hahahaha. ngenggg.

hampooooon nok, mak tak hapdate blog today. mak busy la semalaam, mood kedaung bak kate kak Red. hehhe. adda fahhaaam? ammak !
okay, now I'm trying my best to actually remember what happen based on the pictures that I took. hehe.
okay, here it goes.

Oya and Luqman came over to my house, for nothing. haha. saje saje datang, borak borak, online for free, tgk tv freee. hahaha. okay, kejam :DD
datang datang boraaak memanjang, ceritakan perihal college, perihal kami dgn college, segala perihal la yg diceritakan. Luqman thought of staying until evening but he rushed back to college sbb ade quiz puleee. he left Oya at my house.
borak borak borak, Dann said he's at Jusco Balakong with Ady, wanted to come over too, with tako balls. owwww yeh !

so, they came together, and here goes the funny shit. hahaha. my parents was there too. Dann got into like an interview session with my mom. she asked random questions like, 'kenapa nama Danang? pelik nyee', 'ayah keje ape?', 'orang mane?', 'warganegara ke tak ni?', 'college kat mne?', 'Taylor's mahal kan?', and many other mooooooore.
pooor Danang, he had to answer all those in front of us. hahah. soorry nok, my parents is just curious bout you, dont be afraid wth them, they're good people, ask Oya and Ady, they're my alibi :)

evrything was okay, fine, normal, until Yana wakes up. haha. Yana was obsessed with Oya, she loooove kakak Oya so much, and thank god Oya mmg rajin sgt layan Yana. thanks Oyaaa sbb bertahan dgn ank sedara botak aku yg annoying tp comel nak matik tuuu. haha.

oh. kt Astro ade GuGu GaGa Erra kan?

now, I present you,
Gugug Gagap Ady.
pictures worth a thousands word ;p

LOL, I dont know why and I dont know whats got into him but he is like obsessed with that baby toy. hahahah. he's like saying, I'm gonna be a father soon, bla bla bla, merapu meraban berangan tahengat hengat. it was soooo dem funny. everybody was laughing non stop until me and Oya was like, fuyh. penaaaaaat. hahaha.

Luqman came back later on, he couldnt resist that all of us was having a superb time here in my home. after he's done wth the quiz, he rushed back to lepak with us.

this time, Yana was the spotlight. she was singing and dancing and everything. the konon father, Ady, was giving her a full support and Yana's favourite victim or should I say her favourite fans,Oya, was the one that get bullied most by her.

oooh, what a great time, wish I could record all of it in a video, it'll be hilarious to watch it back 20years from now :)

Ady and Dann left few hours later, hujan dh turun makin lebat, Dann nak balik Maluri, mase tu pon dh ptg sgt. mesti jam gilooo pulak nnt.
thanks Dann for coming, and thanks for the takos. nnt datang lagi taaaw !

Oya and Luqman was still there. soon after that, kak Leen balik with Aiman, Oni and abg Anip. and now, the spotlight switched over to Oni. Oya and Luqman geraaaaaaaaaam gilo dgn si Oni.
Oni is a very very very very, did I say very? haha. a veryyy shy little girl. she may look cute but dont ever think to ever look at her. she's the one that takes time to mingle with new people, unlike Yana. she's very opposite of Yana.
very very very shy 'lil kid ;p

Luqman and Oya tried their very best to persuade Oni. well, they kinda did it. even though they didnt get the chance to actually pegang Oni, like really dukong her, but Oni actually smile and laughed at them.
so, thats consider as a great start.

yeeeaaay !
yeeeeey, again !

enough bout Oni, lets talk bout Luqman. hahaha. poor him, he was bullied by us, as in me and kak Leen, mak tried her best to back up for Luqman, but, thats not gonna happen. hahaha.
I think he really had enough with my sharp sarcasm before that, but with kak Leen, you gonna get just a little bit mooore. hahaha.
he was eating and eating non-stop. hujan lebat dh berenti pon, tak henti henti juge makan nyeee. hahaha. aiyooo. adeee je lah yg kitorng bahan dia. oh Luqman, nnt jgn dtg lagi ye. hahah. jokiiing silly ;p

they both left after maghrib. ooooh. what a great day.
I loooove having my friends coming over to my house, I feel so pampered. hiks. they know I couldnt come to them, so they come to me instead.
veryuinderstanding kan !

friendssssss, nanti nanti datang lagi taw.
Oya, tidooo sini lagi taw. aku suke kau tido rumah aku, best sgt2. tak sunyi.
Papi, sehari you tak dtg rumah, mak dh sibok tanye taw. remember, you are part of my family now
yes Chin, you tooo. you're always part of my family. I think my mom's kinda miss you. lol
Poleee, mak have been talking bout youuu, nnt dtg keh, borak borak, I bet Aiman and Yana miss you and Malik too.
Luqman and Dann, do come again. taw taw taw !
lastly, SYASYA and ALIA !
dua orang perempuan yang paling aku rinduuuuuuuuuuu sangat sangat sangat. Syaaaaa, we gonna meet up lagi okay, sooon. very sooon. promise.
and Alia, I cant wait until November, you're coming back kaaaaan? yeaaaay. and London together visit Sarah? wooppssieee ! thats a big plaaaaan. hahah.

ooooh. I never knew I have sooo many friends. no wonder my lives is a always full of laughter and cries too. hiks ;p

p/s : people, think I'm goona write more in english now. I think my english is getting bad, I hardly make great essays nowadays and with mini thesis and bizz comm project, my english need to be superb. lets blog moore in english, okay?

I'm sick of your shit, dont deny, you're a waste of time
- I Can Do Better, Avril Lavigne

4 extra blabbing on "greaaaaat evening ;p"

its phesza, awrytte? on August 20, 2009 at 1:17 AM said...

zomggg. nages2 gelak tgk pic ady. roflmao.

Amira Zafirah on August 20, 2009 at 1:18 AM said...

haha. tu baru tengok gambar. blom tgk depan2 lagi. hahaha

Syaa on August 21, 2009 at 1:45 AM said...

i lg rinduuuuu uuuuuuu yeahh will meet will of course :)

Amira Zafirah on August 21, 2009 at 3:58 AM said...

for suuureee syaa !

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