August 17, 2009

talentime dayy

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 8/17/2009 10:21:00 PM

it's been waiting for someone like you, but theres really really none of you
- Just One Boy, Aizat

I didnt go to my Arabic class, again and again and again. shiznit. I was sooo tired. I slept almost 5am to finish up my cupcakes. how can I ever manage to wake up at least at 7am. thats why I overslept.
woke up at around 10am, Oya called me and forced me to come to college as soon as possible. we both have work to finish together and needed to submit before 1pm. woke up, rushed myself to college and finish up our work.
after long and hard thinking, a super brainstorming, we managed to finish our work and went to the office to submit. but too bad, the lecturer wasnt there so we need to wait for her.
from only 4 people waited for her, until the whole class came to the office, she's still didnt show. it was almost 1.30pm at that time.
in the end, other lecturer came and handle us instead. I dont know where the hell that she goes. goooosh. she always made us waiting and waiting and waiting like a retard for her. demit.

rushed back home. I have a movie date with Ady. He already arrived when I was still on the way back. as I reached home at around 2pm something, Ady was patiently waiting for me. hehe. sorryyy. It was totally not my fault okay.
masuk rumah, jumpe mak and Baba. I promised them that I'll be back before 6pm. Baba seem to have no problem with that. salin baju ape sume and we're off to Jusco Balakong sajooork.

bought ourselves the ticket as the movie start at 2.45. ooh. we watched,

this is a MUST-WATCH-MOVIE guyss. like seriouslyyy. you guys should watch it !
I know we're a bit lame because we should have watch it when it was first released, but I guess we still didnt know how good the movie really is.

movie ni actually mmg nak sampai kan mesej yg agak berat to the audience, but arwah Yasmin cube sampai kan through the simplest form.

its hard for me to really explained it, you guys just should go and watch it. and yes, this movie was very emotional. it plays with your feelings and emotion.
oooh. I cried. hahaha. I really tried not too cry but towards the end, nothing can ever stop me. hahaha.

after done with movie, Dann told us that he and Rio is on their way to BRJ. We leave immediately. Ady send me home first, I didnt joined them cause I promised Baba that I'll be back before 6pm, remembeeeer?

at night, as I was browing Facebook, I found this one picture of Naan. hahah, tawwww. roti naaan. and I was like super craving for it ! tetibe jeeee. hahaha.
pujok pujok Memy, ajak pgi mamak but dia malas. he said dh kenyang, ajak la Ady. and I was like, Ady lagiiii. Ya nak pgi dgn Memy. no response, kalau nak jugak, ajak Ady.

and at that very moment, Ady buzz me on YM. hahaha. so, I was like told him I want naan cheese and stuff. Ady said jom la pgi. but it was already 1030pm, nak kuar mmg bule, but malas nak mintak permission. malas nak menjawab dgn baba.
so, there goes my whining of cheesee naaan.

suddenly, Ady said takpe la. he go and buy it for me, pastu nak hantar kt my house. and I was like, halooooooooorrrwww. you dont have tooo. sumpa aku tak pakse dia, and sumpa mmg lansung tade niat nak suro dia hantar pon okay. like, no wayyy.
I told Ady nevermind, I can go tomorrow or whenever but he insist. lg pon dia nak amik handphone dia. he left his handphone at my house sbb nak suro charge. charger kt rumah dia dh sewel.
jadi datang lah dia to my house, together with cheeseee naaaaan :DD

cadang nye nak lepak kejap je. hantar food, amik handphone and balik. but then, nan adoooo lah. hahah.
we online and online and online, tengok sini sane, sesi curahan dan luahan perasaan. we even made a v-log okayy. hahaha. will post here lateeer.
done with v-log, done with foods, done with everything. we end up browsing youtube. and the last thing was both of us was actually dancing to Cupid Shuffle and Crank Dat Soulja Boy. hahaha.
Papi, you gotta moooove, you gotta loosen those arse, loosen those body. come here every night and we do a dance session together okayy. haha
it was hilarious, as we learned the dance moved via tutorial on youtube. hahaha. lame lame penat, bepeloh peloh sumee. hahaha.

he finally left at around 2.45am.
thanks papi !

ooh. our v-log will be in the next entryy :)

you say aku, seperti barbie. you look so pretty, menarik hati
- You Say Aku, Cinta Laura

6 extra blabbing on "talentime dayy"

Ady Adzmi on August 18, 2009 at 3:43 AM said...

flat chested ,and u look as kepeng as paris hilton, whatheheck man.

yeah , A MUST WATCH MOVIE, trust me. its worth it.

Amira Zafirah on August 18, 2009 at 3:57 AM said...

hahha. tu ar shite die :)

Azleen on August 18, 2009 at 8:01 AM said...

waa... baik nyer ady... klu k.leen nk aper2 leh tolong anta kan tak?

Amira Zafirah on August 18, 2009 at 2:04 PM said...

jawab papi jawaaaab ! haha

Syaa on August 18, 2009 at 10:25 PM said...

thanks enchek ady fr looking overr mira kite ne. hiks.. aygg miraa lots

so cuuteee ya'll


maakkkk cnnot online ym... T___T

Amira Zafirah on August 18, 2009 at 11:44 PM said...

oowwww. ayg you jugaaaaak. gheeee ;D

i've been waitin for you since yesterday taw nak. cheh.

syaaa, i've been dying to meet youuu. when can we meet up ni?

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